5 Healthy Fast Food Sandwiches for the Calorie Conscious

Eating lunch on the go usually means opting for a quick sandwich, however, some sandwiches can be packed full of saturated fat and calories, not to mention high levels of salt and preservatives. When choosing a sandwich for your next lunch break, give some thought to some of the ingredients that may contain a lot of unnecessary calories. Try avoiding adding cheeses, sauces which can be high in sugar, as well as opting for whole grain rather than plain bread. In order to get feel fuller, you can pack the sandwich with as many vegetables as you like. In this article, we take a closer look at the 5 healthiest sandwich options from various fast food outlets.

Quiznos – Small Honey Bourbon Chicken on Wheat Bread – 310 calories
Quiznos have been in the sandwich making business for over 30 years now, and they are currently the second largest fast food sandwich chain in North America behind Subway. Quiznos offer one of the healthiest toasted subs on the market, with the small Honey Bourbon Chicken on Wheat offering a meager 310 calories and a mere 1g of saturated fat. Quiznos also offer the small Tuscan Turkey sandwich, which contains only 390 calories and 3g of saturated fat, so long as you resist the temptation to have cheese added to it.

Subway – 6 Inch Roast Beef Sub – 360 calories

The world’s number one fast food sandwich shop offers their 6 inch Roast Beef Sub as one of its more low calorie options. The sub weighs in with only 360 calories and 3.5g of saturated fat, although if you are trying to stick to a low sodium diet, you may want to skip this one, as this sub will pump you full of 1,300 mg of sodium. To keep the calories down, opt for mustard, rather than mayo or sauce, and back it full of your favorite salad ingredients.

Jimmy John’s – Turkey Breast Slim Sub – 410 calories

Another specialist sandwich restaurant is Jimmy John’s and they try to distinguish themselves from Quiznos and Subway by offering completely fresh and local ingredients. The bread for their subs is made fresh in-store every day, and the meat is 100% real meat, with no additives and no fillers, and nothing is delivered to their stores pre-sliced. They also do not sell salads and soups, leaving them to solely concentrate on making some of the finest sandwiches there is. One of their best ones is the Turkey Breast Slim Sub, which only contains 410 calories and 1g of saturated fat, so long as you steer clear of the mayo and cheese. As an alternative, you should try adding mustard, avocado spread, cucumbers and tomato.

Wendy’s – Ultimate Chicken Grill – 430 Calories

Even though Wendy’s is famous for its burgers, and the fact that they have brought a lot of new and innovative products to their menu, they are still offering a number of sandwiches. One of their healthier sandwiches is the Ultimate Chicken Grill, which has 430 calories, 1.5g of saturated fat, and only 880mg of sodium.

Einsteins Bros – Albacore Tuna Sandwich – 460 calories

Although, primarily a bagel shop, Einsteins Bros also offers a range of lunchtime sandwiches and one of their healthiest is the Albacore Tuna Sandwich. Not only does it contain less than 500 calories, but there is only 1g of saturated fat, and it is also very low in sodium, making it an all round healthy sandwich.

Obviously, in order to stick to a healthy diet it makes more sense to prepare your own sandwiches for lunch, however, if you are unable to do this on a regular basis, or you just fancy a change, then the options listed above are a good low calorie substitute. Although low in calories and saturated fat, the sodium content can still be on the high side, so it is a good idea to avoid eating them on a daily basis if you are looking to lose weight. In order to help your body to flush out the sodium, make sure that you drink plenty of still mineral water, and if you do not want to add loads of unnecessary calories, then avoid ordering potato chips on the side. For a healthier option, order a side salad, but make sure that you steer clear of adding dressings which can be high in sugar and sodium too.

These are just some of the healthier options when it comes to eating a sandwich at lunchtime, and there are many more out there, however, you need to realize the importance of not cranking up the calories, with such things as cheese, dressings and sauces, sugary carbonated drinks and potato chips. Otherwise, you may as well just head for the nearest burger joint.

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