America’s Top 7 Food Trucks for 2022!

Americas Top 7 Food Trucks for 2022; Americans love food trucks. They are more than just fast food on wheels and although their popularity has somehow cooled down a little, these mobile eateries is proof that good food need not be limited to restaurants that have to be booked a month in advance. The Daily Meal has just revealed its list of the best food trucks in America and we’re pretty sure all food connoisseurs out there are dying to see which ones made it to the list.

Please take note that the site decided its ranking based on numerous factors. In the past, they combined factors such as Yelp reviews, number of Twitter followers, etc along with menu innovation, concept and location. But this year it’s a bit different. They conducted a survey and let everyone vote for their favorite food truck. They were able to acquire more than 2500 responses and over 5,600 votes.

There are talks about food trucks being a declining trend but this is not really the case. Even though they are no longer as popular in New York as they were before, most places in the US such as Philadelphia and Los Angeles are still very much fond of food trucks. In fact, last year Los Angeles led the way with the highest number of food trucks included in the Daily Meal’s list (16) followed by New York and San Francisco. This year, 11 food trucks from LA made it to their list and even surprised fans with the entries from Boston (which numbered 12) and Philadelphia (which totaled 8).

The most popular food truck cuisines this year included lobster rolls, tacos and Korean fusion. Let’s also not forget barbecue, grilled cheese, and vegan food. Surprising trucks that made it to the list include Boston’s Sheherazad (#90) and Phoenix’s Emerson Fry Bread (#9) have created a frenzy, and they serve Iraqi cuisine and Southwest Native American cuisine respectively.

We know you can’t hold your excitement for much longer so without further ado, here are the 10 best food trucks in the US for 2022.

America’s Top 7 Food Trucks for 2022!Pin
America’s Top 7 Food Trucks for 2022!


1. Ms Cheezious Fresh Made Grilled Cheese in Miami

This food truck serves the classic American grilled cheese and includes 17 standard styles as well as an option to build your own sandwich. They have 8 cheeses for your to choose from, 5 breads and 6 fixings. This truck has been a mainstay in the Daily Meal’s list since 2012.

2. Two for the Road in San Diego

This truck jumped from #98 in 2014 to #2 this year, a huge feat by anyone’s standards! They specialize in American comfort food serving burgers and hotdogs along with lobster rolls and grilled cheese. They also change their menus every week.

3. Cousins Maine Lobster in Los Angeles

The city of Angeles has a couple of food trucks serving deliciously fresh Maine lobster but this one is the most famous here. It’s owned by cousins Sabin Lomac and Jim Tselikis and they serve classic Maine and Connecticut style lobster rolls, along with crab rolls, lobster tacos, lobster tots, shrimp rolls and others.

4. The Cinnamon Snail in Red Bank and NYC

This beloved truck has won the hearts of vegans and meat eaters alike, and it was second on their list last year. They serve fig pancakes, lemon grass 5 spice seitan and so many other mouth watering foods.

5. Rickshaw Stop in San Antonio

Owners of the Rickshaw Stop say their kebabs are unlike anything you’ve ever eaten unless you belong to a Pakistani family or have friends who are Pakistani. Sameer and Meagan along with Sameer’s mom Gety, uncle Shabbir and aunt Bina marinate their chicken and beef for at least 48 hours and serve them in taco style.

6. Oink and Moo in N.J. and Philly

This food truck has been in operation in NJ since 2012 in towns like Asbury Park and Hoboken. They expanded in Philadelphia in 2021 and earned a Rookie of the Year award from Vendy. They serve some of the best pork or beef BBQ sandwiches around.

7. The Grilled Cheeserie in Nashville

When Crystal De Luna-Bogan, a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef and husband Joseph decided to open the Grilled Cheeserie in Nashville, they made one of the best decisions of their life. Now they have 32,000 followers on Twitter and all because they make some of the tastiest food around. They have specialty melts like the grilled pimento mac and cheese as well as the famous Buffalo chicken melt.

The Daily Meal’s list includes a total of 101 of the country’s best food trucks so you might want to check out their site to get the rest of the trucks that made it to their list. On the other hand, if you’re craving for some real fast food menu, Chik-Fil-A’s currently the #1 on the list, followed by Chipotle, Panera Bread, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, and Dunkin’ Donuts in that order.

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