Amorino Menu With Prices **April 2022 Updated**

Amorino Menu With Prices is a chain of gelato shops that originated in Paris, France. The company’s main claim to fame is its unique way of serving gelato: in a cone that resembles a flower.

The Amorino menu has been written in both English and French for customers who may not be able to speak Italian. The prices are listed below.


Amorino Menu With Prices

Top Menu Items

Hot Chocolate $5.20
Gelato and Sorbet $5.50


Bottled Water $2.00
Bottle of Pellegrino Water $2.50
Can of Pellegrino $2.50

Gelato Drinks

12 oz. Sorbet Drink $6.50
12 oz. Frappe $6.50
12 oz. Espresso Frappe $7.50
Affogato al Caffe $5.80
Hot Chocolate Affogato $7.75

Coffee and Other Drinks

Espresso Italiano $2.50
Regular Coffee $1.75
Cappuccino $3.45
Latte $4.30
Herbal Teas $3.30

Waffles and Crepes

Sugar $4.20
Crepe $5.60
Waffle $5.60
Waffle Sticks $5.60

Gelato Macaroons To Go

Gelato Macaroons To Go $26.00

The Taste of Italy

Hot Chocolate (The Taste of Italy) $5.20


French Croissant $2.75
Pan Au Chocolate $2.75

Gelati and Sorbetti

Gelato and Sorbet (Gelati and Sorbetti) $5.50

For Home

Wafers $2.30
Wafer Can $8.00
Amorino Menu With PricesPin
Amorino Menu With Prices

Amorino Menu With Prices

Amorino Menu With Prices is a French gelato chain that opened its first store in Paris in 2009. The company has since grown to over 100 stores across the world. The menu at Amorino is simple: it offers only two flavors of gelato, along with a few toppings and a variety of cake slices. The prices are also simple: they range from $3.25 to $5 per serving, depending on what you choose to order.

If you’re looking for a dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the bank, Amorino Menu With Prices may be worth checking out.

Amorino is a family-owned gelato chain that’s spreading a sweet sensation across the world.

Amorino Menu With Prices is a popular gelato spot that’s based in Paris, France. You can find many different flavors of their gelato, but the most popular is a macaron shell filled with vanilla or chocolate gelato. They also have other types of desserts including cakes and crepes.

Here are the prices for all of their items:

-Macaron Shells (Vanilla or Chocolate) = $2.25 each

-Cakes = $9-$14 each

-Crepes = $6-$8 each

Source: What’s Cooking America

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