Are Herbal Fast Food Options Really Healthy?

The fact is that the plant-based lifestyle is firmly established in Germany. As more and more Germans are becoming flexitarians who prefer to eat more fruit and vegetables than meat, and especially vegetarians and vegans, meat consumption is declining and vegetable alternatives are in greater demand.

This became all the more apparent as more restaurants started adding vegetarian options to their menus. It is currently reaching an all-time high as international fast food chains are also joining the trend.

Burger King’s latest efforts can best prove this. It was only in June that they opened their chain’s first plant-based location in Cologne. They have also increased their range of plant-based foods and have their latest dish certified vegan. You have made great strides in providing alternative options for those who do not want to eat meat.

Other chains also follow suit. Nordsee already offers vegetable fish meat, the so-called Visch. Vapiano was also hailed as the most vegan-friendly chain in 2020.

While these are all great, the question is, are their offerings healthy?


Eating healthy

Research has repeatedly shown that eating meat carries the risk of developing diabetes, as well as heart and high blood pressure disorders. On the other hand, eating more fruits and vegetables lowers the risk of these diseases. From this it can be deduced that a diet high in fruits and vegetables has many health benefits.

Many people switch for this very reason, while others consider other factors. Because livestock and poultry farming has a major impact on the environment, others are also avoiding meat consumption in order to reduce the demand for meat. This, in turn, can reduce the production of meat products, which in turn can reduce the harm to Mother Nature.

Whatever your reason for choosing a plant-based diet, it is usually for a good cause.

Fast food, on the other hand, is always associated with an unhealthy diet. Technically, they’re not necessarily bad. Instead of “what” it’s about “how much”, because fast food only becomes really dangerous in large quantities.

If consumed very frequently and in large quantities, fast food meals have a negative effect on the body. But if it’s only occasional use, it shouldn’t be too much to worry about.

Given the high levels of sodium, sugar, and fat, a great deal of moderation is required when consuming fast food. Your meals are high in calories so a little helps a lot.

Are Fast Food Options Healthy?

So are plant-based fast food dishes healthy? You’re not made of meat so that should mean something, right?

As you’d expect, there is still a good amount of fat, sodium, and sugar in plant-based fast food dishes. As these items continue to be made to appeal to the taste buds of their target audience, it is to be expected that the recipe will be similar.

If you look at the numbers, meat options tend to have almost the same number of calories as meat-free options. This is the case with Burger King’s first plant-based burger, as the regular Whopper has 660 calories while the meatless version has 630 calories.

In this regard, fast food options shouldn’t be expected to be the healthiest choice out there. At the end of the day, they are still fast food and should be consumed in moderation. However, they can still offer an alternative to those looking for one.

Why Plant-Based Fast Foods Are Still a Solid Option

While not necessarily the healthiest options out there, plant-based fast food picks are still worth trying for many reasons. It still has a number of benefits that will make it worth your while.

What exactly are they? Let’s start with the satisfaction of being able to eat fast food. Those who have made the switch may long for the food they used to enjoy. With these alternatives, you can enjoy fast food meals without too much fuss and breaking your dietary commitment.

While there are vegan and vegetarian restaurants that offer similar things to fast food chains, they are not always the same. If you loved Burger King before then sticking to your vegetarian diet and eating there will be a whole new experience.

Another benefit for those on a plant-based diet is that these supplements offer options. Vegans and vegetarians in the big cities already have plenty of choice when choosing a restaurant, but it doesn’t hurt to add a few more. This can make modern life a bit easier and more enjoyable for some.

And finally, it’s convenience. Fast food chains are about convenience, something that people on a plant-based diet don’t always get to enjoy. As fast food chains start offering more vegetable options, they can make quick bites a lot easier for those on restrictive diets.

This can also give others quick access to meatless foods, which makes “eating vegetables” a lot easier for some people. This will give an easier way for those who are unable to cut back on their processed foods and meats to look for alternatives.

Again, if you’re worried that the plant-based options from fast food chains are still bad for you, you aren’t necessarily wrong. However, if consumed in moderation, they should not do much harm to your health. As experts say, eating a well-balanced diet is still more helpful than cutting out certain foods altogether when you are looking to get in shape. So, if you don’t want to eat fast food every day, it shouldn’t be a huge problem.

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