Atlanta Bread Company Menu With Prices **May 2023 Updated**

Atlanta Bread Company Menu With Prices is a restaurant franchise that serves sandwiches, salads, soups, and pastries. The company was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1982 by Tom Chappell. The first bakery opened in Buckhead Village, followed by the second location at Lenox Square Mall in 1983. It has since expanded to more than 100 locations across the United States and Canada.

Atlanta Bread Company Menu With Prices includes breakfast items such as eggs benedict, pancakes, waffles and omelets. Other available items include salads such as Cobb salad or chicken Caesar salad; sandwiches such as Philly cheese steak sandwich or grilled chicken sandwich; soups such as tomato basil soup or French onion soup; and baked goods such as chocolate chip cookies or blueberry muffins.


Sandwiches Menu Prices

Roasted Turkey Breast $5.79
Whole Grain Turkey Select $5.99
Honey Maple Ham $5.79
Tuna Salad $5.79
Chicken Salad $5.79
Veggie $5.59
Half Sandwich $3.79

Sandwiches – Additional Bread Choices Menu Prices

Thin Sliced Thick Sliced
Specialty Breads Savory Breads & Strips

Beverages Menu Prices

Regular Soft Drinks / Iced Tea $1.39
Large Soft Drink / Iced Tea $1.49
IBC Products $1.79
Bottle Water $0.99
Assorted Bottled Teas And Juices $1.79
Milk Or Chocolate Milk $1.39

Kid’s Menu Prices

Kid’s Sandwich $3.59
Peanut Butter & Jelly $3.59
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $4.39
Cheese Pizza $4.39
Kid’s Pasta $4.39

Half & Half Menu Prices

Half & Half Combo $6.49

Specialty Sandwiches Menu Prices

Panini Milano $6.49
ABC Special $6.49
Bella Basil Chicken Sandwich $6.39
Tangy Roast Beef $6.39
California Avocado $6.39
Hot Pastrami $6.39

Salads Menu Prices

Chopstix Chicken Salad $6.49
Balsamic Blue Salad $6.49
Greek Salad $5.29
Caesar Salad $5.29
House Salad $4.69
Fruit Salad $3.69
Half Salad $3.39

Gourmet Pizzas Menu Prices

White Pizza $6.09
Chicken Mushroom $6.39
BBQ Chicken $6.39
Four Cheese $6.09
Italian Sausage $6.39
Pepperoni $6.09
Chicken Pesto Calzone $6.79

Pasta Entrees Menu Prices

Pasta Puttanesca $6.59
Basil Pesto $6.59
Chicken Parmesan $8.19
Asiago Cream $6.59
Penne Pomodoro $6.59

Omelettes Menu Prices

Ham And Swiss $4.49
Spanish $4.49
Greek $4.49
Florentine $4.49
Tomato Bacon $0.99+

Soup & Chili Menu Prices

Loaf Of Soup $4.69
Loaf Of Chili $5.19
Bowl Of Soup $3.29
Bowl Of Chili $3.89

Bagels Menu Prices

Fresh Baked Bagels $0.69
Bagel With Cream Cheese $1.89
Baker’s Dozen $6.99

Gourmet Breakfast Menu Prices

French Toast $3.19
Belgian Waffle $3.19
Scrambled Eggs $2.19
Morning Classic $5.49
Hot Breakfast Sandwich $3.19+
Breakfast Combo $4.19
Atlanta Bread Company Menu With PricesPin
Atlanta Bread Company Menu With Prices

Atlanta Bread Company Menu With Prices

If you’re looking for a place to go with your family, Atlanta Bread Company Menu With Prices has everything you need. They have a menu that’s full of delicious food that is sure to please everyone in your group—and they also have some great options for kids!

Here’s what you should try:

-The Soup of the Day: This soup changes daily, but it’s always fresh and delicious. You can ask them about their vegetarian options, too!

-The Salad Bar: This salad bar has tons of options—from greens to pasta to meatballs, there’s something here for everyone!

-The Grilled Cheese Sandwich: This sandwich is made with three different kinds of cheese, so if you’re looking for something extra cheesy, this one is sure to satisfy your cravings!

-The Focaccia Pizza: This pizza is made with fresh toppings like pepperoni or sausage and comes in multiple sizes—you’ll never leave hungry!

Atlanta Bread Company Menu With Prices has a wide range of sandwiches, salads, and soups to choose from. They also have a special lunch menu that includes some of their most popular items.

If you want to try something new, consider the Chicken Salad Sandwich ($7.99). It comes with grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and mayo on whole wheat bread. The Chicken Caesar Salad ($7.99) features romaine lettuce with roasted chicken breast strips and parmesan cheese tossed in our tangy caesar dressing. You can get this salad in a wrap or sandwich form if you prefer.

A classic choice is the Egg Salad Sandwich ($5.99). This sandwich comes with hard boiled eggs, celery, mayonnaise and spices on whole wheat bread. If you’re looking for something more filling then try the Meatloaf Sandwich ($6.99). This sandwich has sliced meatloaf served on a hoagie roll with mashed potatoes and gravy on top!

There are plenty of other choices including vegetarian options like the Black Bean Wrap ($5.99) which comes with black beans mixed with corn salsa and cilantro lime rice wrapped up in a flour tortilla shell along with avocado slices sprinkled

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