Auntie Anne’s Menu With Prices

Auntie Anne’s Menu With Prices -There are restaurants that are just out to sell and there are those who are there on a mission. Auntie Anne’s is a food establishment that’s out to promote and sell the most simple of things, for very deep and comprehensive intentions. Auntie Anne’s specializes in pretzels.


Auntie Anne’s Menu With Prices

Auntie Anne’s started in 1988 when Anne Beiler discovered that she had made a masterpiece of a pretzel in her pretzel stand at Pennsylvania Farmers market. With such a magnificent discover on how to present the simplest thing like a pretzel, there’s nothing much to do but continue and ensure that the same quality is applied in all locations, at all times.

Is it so unfair that Auntie Anne’s so lucky to have stumbled upon the secret to a masterpiece?

No, Auntie Anne’s has put its blessings to good use by being a successful company that truly gives back and cares for the community. Auntie Anne’s has contributed over $1.8 million to Alex Lemonade Stand Foundation that helps in the fight against childhood cancer. Auntie Anne’s continues to support other helpful organizations. But, let’s get back to pretzels.



Includes Dipping Sauce

Pretzel Nuggets & Soda Combo $6.37
Pretzel Nuggets & Lemonade Combo $6.97
Mini Pretzel Dogs & Soda Combo $7.25
Mini Pretzel Dogs & Lemonade Combo $7.85
Pretzel Dogs 2 Pc. $6.00

Specialty Pretzels

Pretzel Dog $3.59
Mini Pretzel Dog $4.99
Pepperoni Pretzel $3.59
Original Pretzel Nuggets $3.79
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Nuggets $3.79
Cheddar Stuffed Pretzel Nuggets (Limited Time) $4.99

Signature Pretzels

Original Pretzel $3.29
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel $3.29
Jalapeno Pretzel $3.29
Sweet Almond Pretzel $3.29
Sour Cream & Onion Pretzel $3.29
Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Pretzel $3.29
Raisin Pretzel $3.29


Melted Cheese Dip $0.89
Caramel Dip $0.79
Cheese Dip $0.79
Hot Salsa Cheese Dip $0.79
Light Cream Cheese Dip $0.79
Marinara Dip $0.79
Sweet Glaze Dip $0.79
Sweet Mustard Dip $0.79


Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango, Strawberry or Peach) Regular $2.69
Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango, Strawberry or Peach) Large $2.89
Frozen Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango or Strawberry) Regular $2.99
Frozen Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango or Strawberry) Large $3.09
Old Fashioned Lemonade Regular $2.39
Old Fashioned Lemonade Large $2.59
Coca-Cola Products Regular $1.79
Coca-Cola Products Large $1.99
Coca-Cola Products Bottle $1.89
Water Bottle $1.19
Coffee $1.19
Sugar Plum Lemonade Mixer (Limited Time) $2.69

Soft Pretzel

Auntie Anne’s has raised the standard of snacking with their fresh soft pretzels.

While other food establishments harp and bank on complicated sources of ingredients and food processing, Auntie Anne’s prides itself with simplicity. The total ingredients they are using to make their tasty fresh pretzels can be counted with the fingers of one hand and, they are so proud to declare it.

Through the years they have added 8 other pretzel presentations to their original pretzel that has established itself as the perfect pretzel from delicious dough, hand-rolled, twisted and baked to golden brown.

They have added Cinnamon Sugar, Sweet Almond, Sour Cream and Onion, Roasted Garlic and Parmesan, Pepperoni, Jalapeno and Raisin.

Their pretzels come in the traditional heart twisted shape, stix and nuggets that will fit everyone’s convenience and style of enjoying their pretzel.

Auntie Anne’s realized that they were not just in the pretzel business but in a larger industry. They belong to an industry that focuses on the convenience of mobile food; foods on the go.

Pretzels are not only meant to be tasty and delicious, they have to be easy to eat on the move, with the use of only one hand, if possible. Therefore, there was no logic in stopping after the discovery of the perfect dough and pretzel baking process. Auntie Anne’s had to create even smaller versions of the heart shaped pretzel to make their tasty creations the “first thing that comes into mind” snacking option for the busiest mobile consumer.

This led Auntie Anne’s to the creation of the “stix” presentation of the same successful pretzel flavors for those who find it in convent to bite around the shape of the twisted heart pretzel and then; their “nuggets” for those who simply like to eat their pretzels like chips.

Pretzel Dog

There are 2 popular snack stands; hotdogs and pretzels. The consumers who regularly take their snacks on the move are not exclusive to either one, but patronize these 2 snack stands depending on what they feel like eating. Sharing the same mobile customers with the hotdog stands, Auntie Anne’s anticipated the public’s curiosity on how the hotdog will taste with Auntie Anne’s signature pretzel.

So for those who like some meat to go along with pretzels, Auntie Anne’s has combined the pleasures of the all American hotdog and their signature pretzel dough to come up with 3 variations of the Pretzel Dog.

They have the Original Pretzel Dog, the Cheese Pretzel Dog for the cheese lovers and, the Jalapeno Cheese Dog for those who prefer it a little spicy.

For those who have big appetites, Auntie Anne’s has Jumbo Pretzel Dogs that are enough for lunch or dinner

For those who feel awkward in taking big bites, Auntie Anne’s also has Mini Pretzel Dogs.


To put additional flavor and bite to your soft pretzels and pretzel dogs, Auntie Anne’s gives you 8 dips to choose from.

You can choose between, Caramel Dip, Cheese Dip, Hot Salsa Cheese Dip, Melted Cheese Dip, Light Cream Cheese Dip, Marinara Dip, Sweet Glaze Dip and Sweet Mustard Dip.


Auntie Anne’s promotes the simplest but, most American of thirst quenchers; lemonade.

Auntie Anne’s serves the basic Lemonade; the Lemonade Mixers, Frozen Lemonade Mixers and Coca Cola products.

The Lemonade Mixers and Frozen Lemonade Mixers can come in flavors of Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango, Strawberry and Peach.

My Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perks Card

Anyone can register for Auntie Anne’s Privilege Card online to avail of freebees through points you earn from each purchase.

For your Pretzel Fan Welcome privilege, you get a free pretzel on your birthday and any on-going discounts and promos for card holders.

Your freebees and special priveleges increase as you accumulate more bonus points. This includes an Auntie Anne’s T-shirt on your first 1,000 points.

Auntie Anne’s story and business profile is best representative of an American business establishment. Auntie Anne’s is based on simplicity, hard work, strong belief and the sense of responsibility in giving back to the community.

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