Bartaco Menu With Prices **May 2023 Updated**

Bartaco Menu With Prices is a Latin American restaurant chain that offers burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. The company was founded in 2012 by John Bushnell, who had previously worked in the food industry. The first location opened in 2012 on Walnut Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since then, it has expanded to include over 20 locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Bartaco Menu With Prices varies according to location but most locations offer burritos, tacos, quesadillas, guacamole and chips with optional add-ons like chicken or steak; salads such as shrimp Caesar salad or mushroom salad; rice bowls; soups; drinks like margaritas and mojitos; and desserts like churros


Tacos Menu With Prices

Crispy Rock Shrimp $3.50
Falafel $2.50
Duck $3.50
Baja Fish $2.50
Mojo Pork Carnitas $2.50
Cauliflower (Contains almonds) $2.50
Pork Belly $3.50
Portobello with Queso Fresco $3.50

Not Tacos Menu With Prices

Salsa Roja with Chips $3.00
Chicken Soup $5.00
Pork Tamale $5.00
Guac with Chips $9.00
Bartaco Chopped Salad $6.50
Mushroom Mole Tamale $5.00
Tuna Poke $8.50
Guac + Roja + Verde with Chips $11.00
Plantains $4.00
Rotisserie Half Chicken $9.50
Salsa Verde with Chips $3.00
Pork Posole $6.00

Rice Bowls Menu With Prices

Cauliflower $8.50
Chicken $8.50
Ahi Tuna $8.50
Portobello $8.50
Pork Belly $8.50
Duck $8.50
Crispy Rock Shrimp $8.50
Mojo Pork Carnitas $8.50

For Kids Menu With Prices

Small Tray for 1 Kid $6.50
Quesadilla $3.00
Roasted Chicken $3.50
Chicken Taco with Cheese $2.00
Guacamole + Chips $6.00
Oaxaca Cheese Snack $1.50
Cucumbers $1.50
Steamed Broccoli $2.00
Fruit Skewers $2.50
Large Tray for 3 Kids $14.00
Sesame Beef Taco with Cheese $2.00
Crispy Fish Taco $2.00
Corn Wheels $2.00

Sides Menu With Prices

Chipotle Slaw $2.50
Grilled Corn on the cob $2.50
Fresh Pineapple with Lime $2.50
Stewed Beans Prepared with Pork $2.50
Spicy Cucumber Salad $2.50
Steamed Brown Rice $2.50

Postres Menu With Prices

Key Lime Pie in a Jar $6.00
Churros with Chocolate Sauce $7.00
Gelato (Cup) $3.50
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Bartaco Menu With Prices

Bartaco Menu With Prices

Whether you’re looking for a place to eat with your friends, or a place to bring your family, Bartaco has got you covered. This restaurant is excellent for having fun and enjoying good food at a reasonable price.

Bartaco Menu With Prices offers a variety of different items including tacos, salads, burritos and more. They have both vegetarian and vegan options available as well as gluten-free options for those who need them.

Bartaco Menu With Prices are extremely reasonable considering the quality of food that you receive. You can easily get full off of one dish here without spending too much money!

Bartaco Menu With Prices is a Mexican restaurant with locations in several major cities, including Boston and New York. The menu includes tacos, burritos, salads and other Mexican dishes.

Bartaco Menu With Prices includes a variety of options for vegetarians and vegans. All of the ingredients are fresh, locally sourced, and sustainably grown or raised whenever possible.

Bartaco has two locations in Boston: one in the Back Bay at 61 Exeter Street and the other in Cambridge at 1 Kendall Square. There are also locations in New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Miami Beach and Los Angeles.

Bartaco Menu With Prices features several types of tacos such as ceviche (fish), pork belly adobo (pork) and carne asada (beef). They also have a number of burritos that come with rice beans pinto beans black beans queso fresco guacamole sour cream cilantro lime crema cotija cheese cilantro onions pickled red onions jalapenos avocado tomatillo-avocado salsa roja tomatillo-habanero salsa verde arbol salsa chipotle salsa tomato-chipotle salsa charred tomatoes

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