Becks Prime Menu Prices **April 2023 Updated**

Becks Prime Menu Prices are a little higher than you might expect. The food is still affordable, but if you’re looking for something cheap and quick, this isn’t the place for you. However, if you’re looking for quality food at a reasonable price, then it’s definitely worth checking out!


Fresh Salads Menu Prices

Mediterranean Salad $8.65
Queen of Hearts Salad $8.65
Garden Salad $7.65
Caesar Salad $7.65
Kirby Salad $8.65

Mesquite Grilled Sandwiches Menu Prices

Grilled Chicken $11.25
California Chicken $12.95
Alpine Chicken $13.25
Ahi Tuna $12.25
Veggie Burger $10.75
B.P. BLT $9.25
Rib Eye $13.25
Centre Cut Tenderloin $15.25
Pork Bahn Mi $11.25
Hickory Prime Pork $11.25

Hamburgers & Hot Dogs Menu Prices

Hamburger $10.25
Cheeseburger $11.25
Bacon Cheeseburger $12.25
B.P. Burger $10.25
Hickory Cheeseburger $11.25
Chili Cheeseburger $12.25
Blue Cheeseburger $11.75
Bill’s Burger $12.25
Bubba Burger $11.25
California Burger $12.25
Old Fashioned Hot Dog $9.25
Chili Cheese Dog $11.25

Plated Classics Menu Prices

The Kitchen Sink $11.75
The Volcano $8.75
Beckitas – 6 oz. Rib Eye $13.75
Beckitas – 4 oz. Tenderloin $18.25
Beckitas – Chicken Breast or Prime Pork $11.75
The Dreamland $10.75
Fowl Ball $10.75
Chicken Stuffed Potato $9.25
Baked Potato $5.45
Bowl of Chili $6.25
Roberts Chicken & Veggies $11.75
Julie’s Tuna & Veggies $12.75

Prime Time Dinners Menu Prices

16-ounce Texas Rib Eye $31.95
14-Ounce NY Sirloin Strip $30.95
8-ounce Center Cut Filet $31.95
Grilled Double Chicken Breast $20.95
8-Ounce Seared Ahi Tuna $25.95
14-Ounce Pork Sirloin $24.95

Fries & Sides Menu Prices

Hand-cut Idaho Fries $2.65 – $5.25
Sweet Potato Fries $3.65 – $6.75
Tostadas & Fresh Picante $2.50
Tostadas, Guacamole & Fresh Picante $4.95
Wood-Fired Queso – Tostadas & Fresh Picante $4.95
Side of Rice $2.95
Side of Veggies $5.25
Parmesan Crisps $3.25
Fresh Cut Fruit $2.65
Broccoli Coleslaw $2.65
Southwestern Black Beans $2.65

Kids Prime Meals Menu Prices

Build Me a Burger $7.65
Make Mine a Cheeseburger $8.45
Groovy, Grilled Chicken Strips $6.75
Cool, a Hot Dog $6.45
Kiddy Comfort Food $4.95

Shakes & Drinks Menu Prices

Shakes or Malts $3.95 – $4.95
Shakes or Malts $2.75
BP Homemade Lemonade $2.50 – $3.25
Fountain Drinks $2.25 – $2.95
Tea $2.25 – $2.95
Coffee $1.75
Becks Prime Menu PricesPin
Becks Prime Menu Prices

Becks Prime Menu Prices

The best part of being a business owner is being able to offer your customers the best product possible. For us, that means that we are constantly working on new and innovative ways to bring you the perfect burger. We have spent years testing different types of meat and making sure that every bite you take is like nothing else you’ve ever tasted. With our new menu, we want to give you just that—a unique experience. When you come into Becks Prime Menu Prices Steakhouse & Bar, you are going to be blown away by how much we have grown as a company and how far we’ve come since we first opened our doors. Becks Prime Menu Prices is designed with one thing in mind: giving you the best possible experience with every single bite!

In the great grand scheme of things, $17 for a burger and fries is not that much money.

And when you consider what you’re getting—a juicy, hand-formed patty topped with aged white cheddar cheese and bacon jam, served on a brioche bun with lettuce and tomato—it’s a downright steal.

At Becks Prime Menu Prices in San Francisco, you’ll find a menu full of options that are as good as they are affordable. With burgers like the Prime Burger at just $16, and fries at $6, it’s easy to have your wallet and your stomach happy at the same time.

Source: T. V. Blake

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