Beetroot carpaccio recipe with feta


Roasted nuts meet fruity dressing

How do we like our plate best? Colorful, nutritious and wholesome – and with our beetroot carpaccio we say: Goodbye greyish meat and hello purple beetroot. We revolutionize the classic and serve it with spicy feta, crunchy rocket and round it off with a fruity-fresh dressing. What shouldn’t be missing? A piece of our gluten-free protein bread. This turns an ordinary classic into a nutrient- and protein-rich dish that supports you in your fitness goals!


  • Prepare protein bread according to the instructions on the packet.

  • Ingredients:

    200 g Rote Bete

    Cut the pre-cooked beetroot into fine slices.

  • Wash and spin the rocket.

  • Ingredients:

    5 g Walnuts, 5 g Hazelnuts

    Roast walnuts and hazelnuts in a pan over medium heat. Let cool and chop.

  • Ingredients:

    10 g Cocktailtomaten

    Quarter cocktail tomatoes.

  • Ingredients:

    1 THE Olive oil, 1 THE Lemon juice, 0,5 TL Dijonsenf, 1 TL Honey, Salt pepper

    Put all ingredients for the dressing in a small bowl and puree with a (stick) mixer to a homogeneous mass. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

  • Mix half of the dressing with the rocket.

  • Lay out the beetroot slices in a circle on the plate. Spread the rocket in the middle. Drizzle the beetroot carpaccio with the dressing. Crumble the feta with your hands and spread on the carpaccio. Top it all with the roasted nuts.

  • Serve the beetroot carpaccio with freshly baked protein bread.

  • Good Appetite!

Beetroot carpaccio variations

If you don’t like feta that much, you can replace it with parmesan or conjure up a beetroot carpaccio with goat cheese. For all vegans, the feta can be replaced by a vegan feta alternative or smoked tofu and the vegan protein bread can be served as a side dish.

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