Berthillon Menu With Prices **April 2022 Updated**

Berthillon Menu With Prices offers a range of ice cream flavors and toppings, including chocolate, raspberry, mint, pistachio and passion fruit. The restaurant also serves special seasonal flavors such as chestnut and peach. Berthillon’s menu includes sandwiches, cakes and other desserts. The restaurant also serves coffee and tea.

Berthillon is a popular ice cream parlor in Paris, France. It’s known for its high-quality gelato and sorbets, which can be purchased by the scoop or by the cone. The menu at Berthillon is simple and straightforward: there are only three kinds of cones available (waffle, sugar, or chocolate), and five flavors of ice cream, including vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, pistachio, and rum raisin.

The prices for the cones range from 3.50€ to 5.25€ depending on which type you choose; the prices for each flavor of ice cream are as follows: vanilla at 1€ per scoop; hazelnut at 1€ per scoop; chocolate at 1.75€ per scoop; pistachio at 2€ per scoop; and rum raisin at 2.50€ per scoop.


Berthillon Menu With Prices

Ice Creams & Sorbets

Lemon Sorbet (Lemon) Pear/Caramel Blend Sorbet (Pear, Caramel)
Wild Strawberry/Hazelnut Miz Sorbet (Wild strawberry, Hazelnut) Apricot/Raspberry Blend Sorbet (Apricot, Raspberry)
Gianduja Ice Cream (Gianduja) Vanilla Ice Cream(Vanilla)
Blackcurrant Sorbet (Cassis) Mango Sorbet (Mango)
Tiramisu Ice Cream (Tiramisu)

Ice cream cake (Specialties)

Tatin Ice Cream Frozen Nougat Bar
Iced VacherIn Exotic Frozen VacherIn
The Plna Colada Beautiful Helen
Berthillon Menu With PricesPin
Berthillon Menu With Prices

Berthillon Menu With Prices

Berthillon Menu With Prices is a famous ice cream shop in Paris, France. It’s been around for over 100 years, and it has a huge following. The shop makes its own ice cream from scratch using high-quality ingredients, and it also serves some of the best hot chocolates you’ll ever have.

The menu at Berthillon Menu With Prices is simple but delicious, with only two kinds of ice cream—vanilla and chocolate—and three kinds of sorbet: raspberry, lemon and strawberry. You can get your ice cream in a cone or cup with whipped cream on top, or in a waffle cone or cup covered with melted chocolate. You can also opt for an ice cream sandwich made with two cookies sandwiched together with your choice of filling (chocolate chip cookies are recommended).

The prices at this popular French ice cream shop are very reasonable considering how much you’ll walk away feeling satisfied!

Berthillon is one of the most famous ice cream shops in Paris, which makes it a must-visit for anyone visiting the city. The ice cream shop has been open since 1932 and is known for its traditional French flavor combinations, as well as its limited-edition flavors that are available only for a short time.

Berthillon Menu Prices

Here’s how much you’ll pay to try some of those famous flavors:

Single scoop: €4.50 (~$5)

Double scoop: €6 (~$7)

Triple scoop: €7 (~$8)

Source: Louis Houng

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