Blue House Korean BBQ Menu & Prices – All The Info You’ll Need

Food Price



Kimchi Pancake

Savory pan-fried flour batter with vegetables and house-made kimchi

$14.00 Carpaccio 

Slices of raw fish or beef with delicious-tasting sauce

$21.00 Seafood Pancake

Golden pan-fried flour with simple vegetable batter and an assortment of seafood

$14.00 Japchae

Stir-fried potato with onion, julienned carrots, mushroom, and beef

$12.00 New Age Dduk Bokki

Soft bar rice cake, seasoned with spicy red pepper sauce 

$10.00 Fried Shrimp $11.00 Fried Dumplings  $7.00 Cajun Tuna $15.00

Blue House BBQ (A La Carte)

Blue House Galbi 

Marinated prime beef short rib

$32.00 Kot Sal

Prime beef with high-quality marbling

$40.00 Spicy Grilled Chicken

Marinated chicken thigh with spicy sauce

$19.00 Saeng Galbi

Non-marinated prime beef short ribs

$40.00 Spicy Pork Bulgogi

Thinly sliced marinated spicy pork (a non-spicy option also available)

$22.00 Beef Bulgogi

Thinly sliced beef marinated in-house

$22.00 Black Angus Brisket 

Non-marinated thinly sliced beef

$25.00 Galbi Jumulluk

Prime boneless beef finger short ribs marinated in-house

$32.00 Soy-Marinated Pork Belly

Pork belly marinated using in-house soy-based sauce

$23.00 Rib Eye Steak

Prime beef

$38.00 Special Pork Belly $25.00 Prime Beef Tongue $25.00 Salmon, Lobster Tail, Scallop, Black Tiger Shrimp, and Squid  $40.00

Grilled Fish 

Salmon Steak

Tasty Korean char-broiled salmon

$18.00 Char-Broiled Mackerel $17.00

Soup & Stew

Galbi Tang

Traditional slow braised beef short ribs and noodles made in beef broth soup 

$16.00 Spicy Cod Stew

Specially seasons cod stew with tofu and veggies 

$18.00 Soft Tofu Stew

Korean silken tofu stew prepared in a hot savory beef broth with vegetables, mushroom, dumplings, and seafood

$13.00 Sun-Dried Cabbage Galbi Tang

Slow braised beef short ribs with chopped garlic, green onions, and dried cabbage in a beef bone broth soybean soup 

$15.00 Miso Stew

Tofu and vegetables with soybean paste stew

$13.00 Kimchi Stew

Traditional Korean kimchi stew with beef, onion, and tofu

$12.00 Pollock Stew

Pollock with vegetables prepared in a hot stone pot

$12.00 Soft Tofu Stew and Mackerel $18.00 Stuffed Tofu Soup with Seafood $14.00

Blue House Specials

Stone Pot Octopus

Spicy octopus stir-fried with vegetables 

$26.00 Dongani Jjim

Beef knuckle with red chili dressing and mixed greens

$18.00 Chilean Sea Bass

Perfectly broiled Chilean sea bass steak and teriyaki sauce 

$37.00 Braised Cod

A thick slice of Korean radish with well-steamed sea bass prepared in a warm sauce of spicy red pepper 

$30.00 Braised Short Ribs

Simmered short ribs and veggies in sweet soy

$30.00 Braised Black Cod

Simmered black cod with veggies in sweet soy sauce

$30.00 Braised Spicy Monkfish $35.00

Lunch Specials


Steaming white rice with sauteed bean sprouts, black mushroom, various vegetables, and traditionally fried egg using red pepper paste 

$13.00 Stone Pot Bibimbap

Crispy golden-white rice topped with sauteed zucchini, shredded carrots, kale, black mushroom, bean sprouts, and traditionally fried egg using red pepper paste and served in a hot stone pot 

$13.00 Chicken Bulgogi 

Marinated chicken thigh with salad

$12.00 Sweet Bulgogi Soup

Marinated tender beef (thinly sliced) with salad

$15.00 Pollock Stew

Fish roe with slated shrimp, vegetable, and tofu

$12.00 Ugoji Galbi Tang

Cabbage and prime short rib in soybean soup

$12.00 Soft Tofu Stew

Korean comfort stew in a hot savory beef broth with vegetables, silken tofu, and choice of dumpling, seafood, or tuna

$10.00 Soft Tofu Stew Combo

Hot savory stew made with beef broth, silken tofu, and vegetables with a serving of beef short ribs on the side

$18.00 Shrimp Fried Rice $11.00 Deep Fried Pork Cutlet $12.00 Banto Box $12.00

Rice & Noodle

Ojinguh Bokkum

Sauteed squid with spicy chili pepper sauce and garlic 

$17.00 Bibimbap 

A bed of julienned carrots, spinach, bean sprout, and mushroom served over white rice and sesame oil topped with traditionally fried egg and choice squid, vegetable, or beef

$13.00 Bibim – Naengmyun 

Homemade noodle made using starch from sweet potato and served in a traditional sauce of chili pepper paste

$13.00 Mool – Naengmeyun and La Galbi

Homemade cold noodles with boiled beef, sliced cucumbers pickled radish served in chilled broth topped, and hard-boiled egg on top with choice of marinated beef or beef short ribs or on the side

$20.00 Bibim – Naengmyun and La Galbi

Marinated bone-in beef short rib with Bibim – naengmgyun

$20.00 Stone Pot Bibimbap

A bed of shredded carrots, black mushroom, kale, bean sprouts served over crispy golden-white rice topped with sauteed zucchini and fried egg in a hot stone pot and choice of squid, vegetable, or squid

$15.00 Mul Naengmyeon $13.00 Stir Fry Kimchi Pork $14.00


Green Tea Ice Cream

Creamy, sweet, and rich ice cream made from green tea and several flavored creams and milk products stirred to a smooth consistency

$4.00 Mille-Feuille $8.00 Bean Ice Cream $4.00 Vanilla Red Ice Cream $4.00 Red Bean Ice Cream $4.00

Soft Drinks

Non-Bottomless  $2.00

Hot Pot 

(One pot is big enough for two persons)

Beef Intestine Hot Pot

Specially prepared beef intestine with udon

$35.00 Seafood Hot Pot

A choice selection of seafood

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