Bok a Bok Menu With Prices **May 2023 Updated**

Bok a Bok Menu With Prices, which is available online and in-store, includes everything from boba, smoothies and frappes, to salads and sandwiches. The prices range from $4.50 for a boba drink to $12 for a sandwich.

Bok a Bok Menu With Prices also offers several vegetarian options including the Tofu Salad Wrap and Vegan Sushi Roll. Non-vegetarian options include the BBQ Chicken Salad Wrap, Korean BBQ Sandwich and Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich. All of the traditional boba drinks are also available in vegan versions as well as dairy-free toppings for customers who are lactose intolerant or have allergies to dairy products.


Sandwiches Menu With Prices

New Classic
sweet pickles + shaved romaine + green onion remoulade
Umami BBQ
umami bbq sauce + ginger cabbage slaw + mint + cilantro
red chile aioli + pickled serrano chiles
kimchi (contains anchovy) (7/10 spiciness)
Yuzu Green Chile
charred pasilla peppers + dill pickles + pea sprouts + yuzu aioli
Dirty Bird
dill pickles + ketchup + spicy seasoning+ side cheese sauce
Sesame Soy Garlic
crispy onions + kale + lemon aioli

Sides Menu With Prices

Kimchi Mac n’ Cheese
shell pasta + cheese sauce + kimchi (contains anchovy)
fried shallots & garlic + green onion
Biscuit w/spiced honey $3
Cabbage Kimchi (GF) $4.5
Ginger Cabbage Slaw (GF) $4.5
Cheese Sauce (GF)
fried shallots & garlic + green onion
Steamed Rice (GF)
sesame seed + green onion
Dirty Rice* (GF)
rice + cheese sauce + ranch + fried shallots & garlic
green onion + spicy seasoning + soft poached egg
Fries (GF)
salt & pepper + chili flake
Tots (GF)
salt & pepper + chili flake
Dirty Tots / Fries* (GF)
tots or fries + cheese sauce + ranch + fried shallots & garlic
green onion + spicy seasoning + soft poached egg*
Choco Pie $

Bok a Bok Chicken Menu With Prices


1 Pc $6.25
2 Pc $10.95


3 Pc $9.25
6 Pc $16.25


5 Pc $7.95
10 Pc $14.95
15 Pc $21.95
20 Pc $26.75

Dry Rubs

tossed in chile flake with choice of dipping sauce (GF)
smokey bbq seasoning (GF)
spice mix 2.0 + carolina reaper chile powder + 8oz carton of milk (GF)
Sea Salt & Vinegar
sea salt & malted vinegar powder + sweet pickles
Coconut Brown Butter
brown butter powder + toasted coconut + murray river sea salt

Wet Rubs

Fish Sauce Caramel
fish sauce caramel + mint + cilantro + fresno chile
lime (GF)
Chinese Honey Mustard
spicy chinese honey mustard sauce + sesame seed + green
onion (GF)
Spiced Honey & Garlic
spiced honey garlic sauce + fried garlic + green onion (GF)
Jalapeno Cheddar Wings
white and yellow cheese powder + jalapeno powder + cheese
sauce (GF)

Dipping Sauces Menu With Prices

4-Chile Hot Sauce
smokey, 6/10 heat, notes of citrus (GF)
Sesame Soy Garlic Sauce
salty & sweet, our most popular sauce (GF)
Bok A Bok Ranch Sauce
creamy & herbaceous, touch of spice (GF)
Umami BBQ Sauce
sweet, tangy, bite of chile spice (GF)
Sweet Ginger Drizzle
sweet & savory ginger aioli (GF)
Spiced Honey
it’s crazy good with the chicken (GF)

Bowls & Stuff Menu With Prices

Rice Bowl*
steamed rice + kimchi (contains anchovy) + pickled daikon
radish + side sesame soy garlic sauce + soft poached egg* (GF)
Hearty Green Salad
baby kale + sesame vinaigrette + pickled daikon radish
fuji apple + tempura crispies (GF)
Bonito Caesar Salad
chopped romaine hearts + tempura crispies + fresh shaved
parm + bonito caesar salad dressing (contains anchovy/GF)
Bowl O’ Shame*
kimchi mac n’ cheese (contains anchovy) + tots + diced fried
chicken thigh + 4-chile hot sauce + cheese sauce
fried shallots & garlic + green onion + soft poached egg*
Bulgogi Chicken Tacos (3)
marinated bulgogi chicken thigh + flour tortillas + ginger slaw +
kimchi (contains anchovy) + spicy lime crema + cilantro
sub diced bulgogi fried tofu +0

Beverages Menu With Prices

Jones Soda
Cola + Diet Cola + Rootbeer + Lemon Lime + Berry Lemonade
Cream Soda + Orange Cream + Green Apple $3
Bubly Seltzer Water $2
Bok a Bok Menu With PricesPin
Bok a Bok Menu With Prices

Bok a Bok Menu With Prices

Bok a Bok Menu With Prices is a quick, healthy and delicious meal. It is also available in all the major supermarkets and convenience stores. You can find it in the frozen food section.

Bok a Bok Menu With Prices includes four meals: chicken, beef and vegetable stew, lamb stew and salmon stew. The food has been prepared using only quality ingredients such as brown rice, veggies, spices and herbs.

Each meal contains about 400 calories, which is perfect for those looking to lose weight or just improve their health by eating healthy foods. The meals are also easy to make; you just need to add water and cook them in the microwave (or on a stovetop).

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