Bonchon Chicken Menu And Prices **April 2023**

Bonchon Chicken Menu And Prices is a Korean fried chicken restaurant that has expanded to over 100 locations in 10 countries. The menu features fried chicken wings, drumsticks, and thighs, as well as boneless pieces of fried chicken breast. Bonchon also offers salads, rice bowls, and several appetizers including kimchi pancakes and spicy pork sliders.

Bonchon Chicken Menu And Prices offers an all-you-can-eat lunch special that includes your choice of 12 pieces of chicken (five wings, five drumsticks), a bowl of rice, a soda and ice cream for $12.99.


Signature Fried Chicken

Wings Small $13.95
Wings Medium $25.95
Wings Large $35.95
Drumsticks Small $13.95
Drumsticks Medium $25.95
Drumsticks Large $35.95
Strips Small $13.95
Strips Medium $25.95
Strips Large $35.95
Boneless Wings Small $14.95
Boneless Wings Medium $26.95
Boneless Wings Large $37.95
Combo Small $13.95
Combo Medium $25.95
Combo Large $35.95

Korean Traditional

Bibimbap – Plain $14.95
Bibimbap – Tofu $15.95
Bibimbap – Spicy Chicken $16.95
Bibimbap – Soy Chicken $16.95
Bibimbap – Bulgogi $16.95
Bulgogi $18.95
House Fried Chicken – Plain $11.95
House Fried Chicken – Chicken $12.95
House Fried Chicken – Bulgogi $13.95
House Fried Chicken – Kimchi Bacon $13.95
Japchae $15.95

Buns, Wraps, & Tacos

Korean Tacos – Spicy Chicken $12.95
Korean Tacos – Bulgogi $14.95
Bonchon Wrap – Crispy Chicken $11.95
Bonchon Wrap – Bulgogi $13.95
Sliders – Crispy Chicken $12.95
Sliders – Bulgogi $13.95
Pork Bun $12.95

Asian Fusion

Tteokbokki $13.95
Salmon Avocado Ball $12.95
Chicken Katsu $13.95
Calamari $14.95
Potstickers $11.95
Bull Dak $16.95
Popcorn Shrimp $13.95
Takoyaki $8.95
Shrimp Shumai $7.95
Udon Noodle Soup – Plain $11.95
Udon Noodle Soup – Fried Egg $12.95
Udon Noodle Soup – Bulgogi $14.95


Seasoned Fries $6.95
French Fries $4.95
Seasoned Zucchini Fries $9.95
Zucchini Fries $7.95
Onion Rings $7.95
Kimchi $3.50
Coleslaw $2.50
Kimchi Coleslaw $3.50
Edamame $6.95
Steamed Rice $2.50
Picked Radish $2.50
Extra Dressing $0.95


Sesame Giner Salad – Plain $9.95
Sesame Ginger Salad – Tofu $10.95
Sesame Ginger Salad – Crispy Chicken $11.95
Caesar Salad – Plain $9.95
Caesar Salad – Crispy Chicken $11.95
Bonchon Chicken Menu And PricesPin
Bonchon Chicken Menu And Prices

Bonchon Chicken Menu And Prices

Bonchon Chicken Menu And Prices is a Korean-style fried chicken restaurant chain that started in South Korea. The restaurant’s name is a combination of the Korean word for “my town” and the word for “chicken.”

The company has since grown to over 350 restaurants in 14 countries, including the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, and Russia.

Bonchon Chicken Menu And Prices includes several different types of fried chicken dishes. There is also a children’s menu available. The restaurant also serves sides such as fries and coleslaw.

Bonchon Chicken Menu And Prices are based on the type of chicken you order: dark meat or white meat. Prices range from $6 – $10 for one piece of dark meat chicken and $7 – $12 for one piece of white meat chicken depending on where you live in the United States or Canada (prices may vary).

Bonchon Chicken Menu And Prices is famous for its fried chicken, but it also offers a variety of other dishes. The restaurant’s signature dish is the Hanwoo (Korean beef) and Jeyuk bokkeum (spicy stir-fried chicken). The restaurant also serves Korean-style fried chicken wings with a variety of sauces, including spicy sauce, soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, garlic soy sauce and honey mustard sauce.

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