Bunk Sandwiches Menu With Prices **May 2023 Updated**

Bunk Sandwiches Menu With Prices is a new restaurant in town that serves sandwiches. It was founded by two college students who wanted to create a place where they could come eat their favorite foods. They also wanted to make sure that the food was affordable and easy to get to so they decided on having it be located right off campus.

Bunk Sandwiches Menu With Prices has a wide variety of sandwiches that can be made with either chicken or beef. All of the sandwiches come with lettuce, tomato and pickles on them as well as your choice of cheese and mayonnaise (or mustard) available for an extra charge if desired. You can also add bacon if you want for an additional cost as well. The prices for these items range from $2-$4 each depending on what type you would like ordered along with any toppings included inside it such as cheese or bacon pieces added onto it since those items cost extra money too but not necessarily when buying them separately from purchasing any other item off their menu instead; however most people don’t really mind paying more money when adding those extra items onto their meal anyway since they taste delicious anyway even though they are more expensive than usual


Sandwiches Menu With Prices

The Bunk Cubano $13
Italian Cured Meats $13
Meatball Parmigiano $13
Mushroom & Mozzarella Melt $12
Roasted Turkey Club $12
BLT $11
Bacon, Egg and Cheese $9.50
Grilled Cheese $8 add tomato soup $2

Burgers and Fried Chicken Menu With Prices

The Bunk Burger $11 add bacon $2.50
Bunk Impossible Burger $12 sub vegan sauce and cheese $0.50
Fried Chicken Sandwich $12
Buttermilk Fried Chicken Strips $8.50

Salads & Soup Menu With Prices

Ranch Salad SM – $5.50
LG – $10
Greek Salad SM – $5.50
LG – $10
Caesar Salad SM – $5.50
LG – $10
Creamy Tomato Soup (small or large) $4/$7

Fries, Tots & Sides Menu With Prices

Tater Tots $3.75
Loaded Tots $6.50
Mac & Cheese $5.50
Loaded Mac & Cheese $6.50
Creole Cole Slaw $3.25
Sour Pickle (1 whole 1/2 sour pickle) $1.50/$3
Zapps Potato Chips $2.00
Kettle Chips $1.50
“Sack Lunch” $3.00

Desserts Menu With Prices

Chocolate Chip Cookie $2
Ruby Jewel Ice Cream Sandwiches $5.25

Kids Menu With Prices

Kids Burger
w/ American Cheese
Mac & Cheese
baked w/ three cheeses
Grilled PB&J
(or PB & Nutella)
Grilled Cheese $8
Chicken Strips
w/ ranch
Tater Tots $3.75

Drinks Menu With Prices

Iceberg $7
Bunk Frozen Margarita Small – $8
Large – $11
Ciderberg $9
Typhoon Shandy $7
Matt Brown Red Beer $6
Nick Wood $9
Laura Palmer Slushy Small – $7
Large – $10
Besitos de Ory $10
Black Manhattan $11

Draft Beer Menu With Prices

Prhiem Pilsner $6
Von Ebert Volitile Substance IPA $7
Everybody’s Foggy Goggles Hazy IPA $7
Pfriem Mosaic Pale $6
Double Mountain Dry Cider $6
Rainier Beer $3.50

Beer Menu With Prices

PBR tall boy $3
Tecate tall boy $3.50
Montucky Cold Snack tall boy $3
Prhiem $5
Guinness tall boy $5.50
Ching Ching Sour Ale $6
Boneyard Diablo Rojo $5
Modelo $3
Old German $2.50
Black Butte porter $5
Stiegl Radler tall boy $6
White Claw $5
Maui Hard Seltzer $4
Athletic (no alchoholic) $5

Wine Menu With Prices

House Red $7
House White $7
House Rose $7
Cava Brut $7/$15
Bunk Sandwiches Menu With PricesPin
Bunk Sandwiches Menu With Prices

Bunk Sandwiches Menu With Prices

Bunk Sandwiches Menu With Prices is a thing of beauty.

Bunk Sandwiches Menu With Prices is designed to be simple, with just a few options, but each sandwich has its own unique flavor and texture. The prices are set in such a way that you’ll want to try them all!

Here’s a look at Bunk Sandwiches Menu With Prices:

Hangover Melt: $10.00

This sandwich is made up of bacon and eggs served between two slices of bread. It’s hearty, filling, and packed with protein—the perfect hangover cure.

Cheese Melt: $8.00

This sandwich is made up of melted cheese served between two slices of bread. It’s simple, but delicious!

Turkey Melt: $9.00

This sandwich is made up of turkey served between two slices of bread. It’s healthy (because it has turkey), but still tasty!

Source: MarshallsHauteSauce

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