BurgerFi Menu With Price

BurgerFi Menu With Price – BurgerFi is a fast food restaurant chain specializing in burger and fries meals. BurgerFi is young burger franchise. Starting in just 2011, this company has grown. The chain as a tasty and refreshing menu. There beef is sourced from humanly treated cows from ranches that meld with the ideals of the chain.


BurgerFi Menu With Price


All-Natural Burgers

BurgerFi Burger $6.27
BurgerFi Cheeseburger $7.27
VegeFi Burger $7.27
Conflicted Burger $7.97
Breakfast All Day Burger $7.97
The Twenty-Eight (Brisket Burger) $10.97
Add Hickory Bacon $1.67

Build Your Better Burger

Single Stack Natural Angus $4.77
Single Stack Vegefi Burger $6.27
Single Stack 28-Day Aged Burger $6.97
Double Stack Natural Angus $5.97
Double Stack Vegefi Burger $8.27
Double Stack 28-Day Aged Burger $9.97
Triple Stack Natural Angus $7.77
Triple Stack Vegefi Burger $10.27
Triple Stack 28-Day Aged Burger $12.97
Toppings $0.77-$3.00


Chicago Style Dog (Beef) $5.47
Chicago Style Dog (Chicken Apple) $6.47
Chicago Style Dog (Wagyu + Black Angus) $7.27
New York Style Dog (Beef) $4.97
New York Style Dog (Chicken Apple) $5.97
New York Style Dog (Wagyu + Black Angus) $6.77
Texas Style Chili Cheese Dog (Beef) $5.47
Texas Style Chili Cheese Dog (Chicken Apple) $6.47
Texas Style Chili Cheese Dog (Wagyu + Black Angus) $7.27
Vienna Beef Dog $3.97
Chicken Apple Dog $4.97
100% Wagyu Kobe Beef Dog $5.77
Add Cheese or Kraut $1.00
Add BurgerFi Chili $1.00
Add Hickory Bacon $1.57


Hand-Cut Fries Regular $3.57
Hand-Cut Fries Large $4.67
Hand-Cut Fries Bucket $6.97
Crispy Onion Rings Regular $4.67
Crispy Onion Rings Large $5.37
Cry & Fries $5.77

Fry Toppings

Salt & Vinegar $0.87
Parmesan Cheese & Herbs $0.97
Hot Cajun Spices $0.77
Cheese Sauce $0.97
BurgerFi Chili $1.27
BurgerFi Chili & Cheese Sauce $1.77

Frozen Custards

Shake (Red Velvet, Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Black & White, Strawberry, or Coffee Mocha) $4.97
Malt (Red Velvet, Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Black & White, Strawberry, or Coffee Mocha) $4.97
Floats & Cows (Coke Float, Root Beer Float, Purple Cow, or Orange Cow) $4.97
Sundaes Small $3.97
Sundaes Regular $4.97
Sundaes Large $5.97

Frozen Concrete

Red Velvet Concrete $5.97
Key Lime Concrete $5.97
O.M.C. (Oh My Chocolate!) Concrete $5.97
Build Your Own Concrete $5.97


Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine $2.77
Water Bottle $1.97

BurgerFi boasts of serving only all-natural burgers in an all-natural, earth-friendly ambience. If this is true, this is the place where diners can really eat nutritious and delicious s food in a good-for-the-environment setting.

Inside a BurgerFi joint, you will not miss their brand of ‘natural’ décor. Everything inside their stores are made of recycled materials, such as tables crafted out of recycled wood, chairs made from used Coke bottles, and big fans that runs on less electricity.

In one sense, you will feel that you have been transported in a future world, perhaps a place that rightly belongs to Disney World’s Tomorrowland. So, if you are looking for natural food, this is your place to go.

A Glimpse at BurgerFi History

The success achieved by The Office in Delray Beach and the all-natural Angus “CEO Burger” were the things that influenced the creation of BurgerFi. When the “CEO Burger” was introduced, it instantly became the restaurant’s top seller and most sought item on their menu.

Due to the burger’s success, John Rosatti, owner and founder of BurgerFi thought of taking it beyond Atlantic Avenue and spreading its appeal all over the United States. He thought of creating a fast-casual concept that reminds people about the hamburger stands of the 1950s and the 1960s.

The story of BurgerFi started when a group of experienced restaurateurs which included David Manero, Lee Goldberg and John Rosatti, got together and decided to create casual meals of long ago.

The very first BurgerFi outlet was established in 2011 in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea and because of its remarkable success the three founders have opened new locations all over the United States.

Based on a Technomic study, this restaurant is the fastest growing restaurant chain in its category of less than $200 million in annual U.S. sales. Its sales grew from 2012 to 2013 by 178 per cent. At present, there are more than 45 BurgerFi outlets in the U.S. and more are set to open.

Popular Menus of BurgerFi

You will never get bored with the types of food offered at BurgerFi. Of course, their signature dishes are all-natural, nutritious, and truly delicious. Here are some of their more popular menus you may want to try.

BurgerFi serves the most delicious all-natural burgers such as their classic BurgerFi Burger, BurgerFi Cheesburger and VegeFi Burger.

This store also serves dogs, such as the Chicago Style Dog, the New York Style Dog, and the Texas Style Dog.

There are also some accessories in this fast casual restaurant that you may want to try. One is the Fresh Cut Fires, another is the Crispy Onion Rings, and then there is the Cry and Fires, and lastly, the Fry Toppings.

Of course you need to have some drinks while you’re eating. And BurgerFri has a lot to offer in this area. There is the Coke de Mexico, Fanta Orange and Sprite, another one is the Boylan Sodas, and then there is Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine, and lastly the Fresh Squeezed Lemonade.

For desserts, you may want to try the Frozen Custards, or the Frozen concretes. Each of these types has different variations in their ingredients.

Care for something that is imbued with spirit? If you are apt to it, BurgerFi also serves Beer and Wine. You just have to choose from several options on their menu list.

Innovations of BurgerFi

The greatest innovation that BurgerFi implemented in their operation is the use of 100% all-natural food items, from its choices of beef to its vegetables. This restaurant have known early in their operation the big difference between an all-natural fresh meats from meats that are infused with all kinds of hormones and antibiotics.

They are not just using Angus beef. This restaurant is using all-natural Angus beef that contains no amount of hormones and antibiotics. Very few cattle ranches can attain this quality of meat, and they are the ones where BurgerFi get their high quality meats.

You can consider this as an innovation, because most restaurants, even those who offer fine dining, often get their meats from meat suppliers who are not as stringent in meat quality, as the meat suppliers of BurgerFi.

Charitable Activities of BurgerFi

Last December 2, BurgerFi celebrated #GivingTuesday by supporting the American Red Cross. In this charity, every dollar a customer spends on a BurgerFi gift card will be matched by the company for a minimum of $10,000 donation to the American Red Cross.

The #GivingTuesday of BurgerFi is already on its third year. It provides a platform for organizations to get the support of non-profit organizations at the start of the holiday season, immediately after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Last year, there were more than 10,000 organizations in 46 countries which participated in this charitable work. The event kicked off in December 2 and will last until December 31.

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