California Fish Grill Menu With Prices **May 2023 Updated**

California Fish Grill Menu With Prices is a restaurant that serves up fresh fish and other seafood, as well as some of the best burgers you can find in San Diego. The menu offers a wide variety of choices, so whether you’re looking for something light or something heavy, you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for at California Fish Grill.

California Fish Grill Menu With Prices listed below are for one person and include your choice of side dish and drink. Prices may vary based on additional toppings or toppings not listed here.


Popular Items Menu With Prices

Cilantro Lime Salmon $11.65
Dynamite Shrimp $13.19
Cajun Salmon $14.47

Starters Menu With Prices

Breaded Shrimp $8.39
Breaded Calamari $7.34
Parmesan String Beans $6.70

We Love Salads Menu With Prices

Cajun Steelhead $14.97
Cajun Salmon Salad $14.44
Asian Shrimp $12.57
Grilled Chicken Breast Salad $11.63
Grilled Chicken Breast $11.57
Asian Shrimp Salad $13.07
Cajun Steelhead Salad $14.79

Chowder Menu With Prices

New England Clam Chowder $6.62

Grilled Specialties Menu With Prices

Choice of sauce and two house sides

Salmon & Swai Combo $13.99
Atlantic Salmon $14.59
Louisiana Delta Catfish $12.57
Steelhead $14.99
Shrimp Skewers $13.33
Branzino $13.49
Mahi Mahi $13.98
Steelhead Trout $14.99
Giant Shrimp $15.99
Shrimp & Swai Combo $13.57
Rockfish $13.99
Tilapia $11.96
Chicken Breast $11.78
Seared Scallop $16.37
Rainbow Trout $13.78

California Bowls Menu With Prices

Served over White Rice Sub Brown Rice Make it a Grain Bowl Served over Quinoa, Brown Rice, Kale & Corn

Dynamite Shrimp Bowl $13.15
Cilantro Lime Salm $11.65
Coconut Curry Shrimp Bowl $14.48

Classics Menu With Prices

Breaded Shrimp Plate $11.10
Breaded Calamari Plate $10.83
Calamari & Battered Fish $11.44
Shrimp & Battered Fish $11.40
Battered Fish & Chips $11.10
Dynamite Rockfish $13.99
Breaded Scallops $16.35
Calamari & Shrimp $11.44
Dynamite Fried Rockfish $13.99
Fried Catfish $12.56

Scallops Menu With Prices

Breaded Scallop Salad $15.71

Coastal Tacos Menu With Prices

Tacos come with – Cabbage, Cilantro & Tomato mix, & Pickled Onions

Battered Shrimp Taco $4.36
Grilled Chicken Taco $4.17
Battered Fish Taco $4.16
Cajun Shrimp Taco $4.36
Cajun Salmon Taco $4.36
Cajun Swai Taco $4.16
Chimichurri Chicken Taco $4.17

Kid-Approved Menu With Prices

All Kid’s meals include one side and a bottled water

Kids Breaded Shrimp $6.60
Grilled Shrimp $6.70
Kids Chicken Strips $6.60
Grilled Chicken $6.70
Kids Battered Fish $6.66
Grilled Salmon $7.50
Kids Grilled Swai $6.63
Grilled Swai $6.61
Chicken Strips $6.70
Battered Fish $6.75

Coastal Taco Combos Menu With Prices

Combos – Two Tacos, Rice & Beans, Soft Drink Served over Cabbage, Cilantro & Tomato mix, & Pickled Onions All tacos are prepared with corn tortillas, if you would like flour tortillas instead, please select the flour tortilla option.

Battered Shrimp Taco Combo $10.60
Grilled Chicken Taco Combo $9.38
Cajun Swai Taco Combo $9.37
Cajun Shrimp Taco Combo $10.60
Battered Fish Taco Combo $8.78
Cajun Salmon Taco Combo $10.60
Chimichurri Chicken Taco Combo $9.35

House Sides Menu With Prices

Tortillas $3.50
Fire Roasted Street Corn $6.20
Green Salad $5.04
Flour Tortilla $3.73
French Fries $4.04
Sweet Potato Fries $6.24
Dynamite Fries $6.23
Kaleslaw $3.90
Grilled Zucchini $3.99
Brown Rice $4.54
Beans $3.77
White Rice $4.04
Corn Tortilla $3.73
Grilled Asparagus $6.23

Desserts Menu With Prices

Chewy Marshmallow Bar $2.99

Sweet Treats Menu With Prices

Chocolate Brownie $2.99
Chewy Marshmallow Treat $2.99

Beverages Menu With Prices

Badoit Sparkling Water $3.55
Kevita Pineapple Peach Kombucha $4.50
Bottle Water $4.05
Bottled Water $3.30
Pure Leaf Lemon Tea $3.75
Pure Leaf Green Tea $3.75
Tropicana Watermelon $3.50
Zola Coconut Water $3.75

Wine Menu With Prices

Kendall Jackson Chardonay Bottle $16.00
Kendall Jackson Sauvignon Blanc Bottle $16.00
Benvolio Pinot Grigio Bottle $16.00
Murphy Goode Red Blend Bottle $16.00
California Fish Grill Menu With PricesPin
California Fish Grill Menu With Prices

California Fish Grill Menu With Prices

California Fish Grill Menu With Prices is a great place to have a meal. You can order from the California Fish Grill Menu With Prices and enjoy a delicious meal. The California Fish Grill menu has many different items that you can choose from. Some of these items include burgers, sandwiches, salads, and chicken dishes.

If you are looking for something that is on the lighter side, then you should try their grilled salmon salad. This salad consists of grilled salmon and mixed greens with avocado slices and Asian dressing. It also comes with a side of corn-on-the-cob.

Another option is their grilled southwest chicken wrap which consists of grilled chicken breast topped with fresh guacamole, roasted corn salsa, chipotle mayonnaise, cheddar cheese blend, romaine lettuce and tortilla strips served with your choice of fries or chips.

If you are looking for a burger, then try their Santa Fe Burger which consists of an Angus beef patty topped with sliced avocado, tomato slices, caramelized onions and Pepper Jack cheese served with french fries or chips.

If you want something more hearty then try their seafood pasta dish which consists of shrimp sautéed in olive oil garlic sauce served over angel hair pasta. California Fish Grill Menu With Prices is a great place to go for fish and chips, as well as other delicious seafood dishes.

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