Cardigan Donuts Menu With Prices **May 2023 Updated**

Cardigan Donuts Menu With Prices are a small chain of donut shops in the Midwest. They serve classic donuts and other baked goods, as well as a selection of coffee drinks and iced tea.

Cardigan Donuts Menu With Prices is pretty straightforward and simple, but still offers a little something for everyone. They offer a wide variety of donuts and pastries that are made fresh every day. Their donuts include glazed, cake-style, chocolate-frosted, cream-filled varieties that come in different sizes: 3 oz., 4 oz., 5 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz., 12 oz., 14 oz.

The price list below shows the cost per ounce per item:

Glazed Donuts (3-ounce) – $0.75

Cake-style Donuts (3-ounce) – $0.75

Chocolate Frosted Donuts (4-ounce) – $1


Donut Boxes Menu With Prices

Assorted Dozen $26.95
Gift Box $24.95
Half Dozen $16.95
Donut Hole Box $16.95
Coffee Carafe To Go $29.95

Inspired Donuts Menu With Prices

Peanut Butter Cup $4.45
Birthday Brownie $4.45

Classic Donuts Menu With Prices

Old Fashioned Glazed $2.65
Old Fashioned Choc. Iced $2.65
Old Fashioned Plain $2.65
Raised Choc. Iced $2.65
Raised Choc. Sprinkles $2.65
Raised Van. Iced $2.65
Raised Van. Sprinkles $2.65
Glazed Cake $2.65
Cinnamon Sugar Cake $2.65
Powdered Sugar Cake $2.65
Choc. Iced Cake $2.65
Choc. Iced Cake Sprinkles $2.65
Van. Iced Cake $2.65
Van. Iced Cake Sprinkles $2.65
Maple Bar $2.65
Plain Cake $2.65
Blueberry Cake $2.65
Raised Glazed Ring $2.65
6 Donut Holes (Glazed) $2.65
6 Donut Holes (Cinnamon Sugar) $2.65
Raised Glazed Sprinkles $2.65
Raised Bar Van. Sprinkles $2.65

Premium Donuts Menu With Prices

Apple Fritter Glazed $3.65
Apple Fritter Cinnamon Sugar $3.65
Coffee Cake $3.65
Van. Caramel Coconut Bar $3.65
Boston Cream $3.65
Birthday Bar $3.65
Jam Filled Van. Iced $3.65
Jam Filled Powdered $3.65
Yay Bar $3.65

Yogurt Bowls Menu With Prices

Banana Caramel $6.95
Berries & Cream $6.95
Honey Nut $6.95
Chocolate Sundae $6.95

Brewed Coffee Menu With Prices

Donut Blend $3.05
Cafe Au lait $3.65
Decaf Coffee $3.05

Flash Brewed + On-Tap Menu With Prices

Nitro Flash Brewed Coffee $4.95
Flash Brewed Iced Tea $3.95
Northstar Kombucha – Cherry Elderberry $4.25
Still Flash Brewed Coffee $4.25
Northstar Kombucha – White Peach $4.65

Espresso Drinks Menu With Prices

Americano $3.45
Cappuccino $4.55
Cortado $4.25
Butterscotch Latte $5.95
Latte $4.55
Macchiato $3.95
Mocha $5.25
Double Charge $4.35
Espresso $3.65
Miel $5.25

Tea Lattes + Loose Leaf Teas Menu With Prices

Tea Latte $4.55
Matcha Latte $5.25
Dirty Chai Latte $5.95
Golden Milk Latte $5.25
Masala Chai Latte $4.55
Red Pearl Oolong $4.45
Peppermint Herbal $4.45
Spirit White $4.45
Sunstone Black $4.45
Rosella Herbal Tonic $4.45
Crescent Green $4.45
Malabar Herbal Tonic $4.45

Craft Drinks Menu With Prices

Matcha Lemonade $4.25
Arnold Palmer $4.25
Hot Chocolate $4.25
Sweet Tea $4.25
Steamer $3.25
Lemonade $3.55

Plant-Based Smoothies Menu With Prices

Mixed Berry Smoothie $7.25
Hibiscus Berry Smoothie $7.25
Tropical Matcha Smoothie $7.25

Handmade Ice Cream Menu With Prices

Vanilla Pint $11.95
Chocolate Pint $11.95
1 Scoop $3.45
2 Scoop $6.45
Irish Cream Brownie Pint $13.25
Birthday Cake $13.25

Shakes + Malts Menu With Prices

Mocha Shake $9.45
Chai Shake $9.45
Vanilla Bean Shake $8.45
Chocolate Shake $8.45
Chocolate Malt $8.45
Vanilla Bean Malt $8.45
Nitro float $5.95
Root Beer Float $5.95

Ice Cream + Donut Menu With Prices

Donut Blendee $9.45
Donut Sandwich Van. $6.95
Donut Sandwich Choc. $6.95

Wafel Sundae Menu With Prices

Cookie Dough $7.95
Brownie Blitz $7.95
Berries & Cream $7.95
Banana Split $7.95
Cardigan Donuts Menu With PricesPin
Cardigan Donuts Menu With Prices

Cardigan Donuts Menu With Prices

Cardigan Donuts Menu With Prices is a donut shop located in the heart of downtown Cardigan, New Jersey. We offer a variety of donuts including:

-Vietnamese Coffee Donuts (1 for $2.50 or 3 for $6.00)

-S’mores Donuts (1 for $2.50 or 3 for $6.00)

-Raspberry Lemonade Donuts (1 for $3.00 or 2 for $5.00)

-Chocolate Glazed Donuts (1 for $2.50 or 3 for $6.00)

Cardigan Donuts Menu With Prices is full of delicious treats that you can’t find anywhere else. From the classic donuts to their famous donut holes, you’ll never be bored with the choices on their menu. We’ve rounded up all of their offerings so you can get a good idea of what’s available, and what it will cost you.

For a classic donut, try the chocolate glazed or cinnamon sugar donut. They’re both $1.25 each! For something more unique, try one of their seasonal flavors: chocolate orange, apple cider glaze, or pumpkin spice latte. These are all $2 each! If you want to go simple but still get a little bit fancy, try one of their maple bacon bars ($3). Or if you want to get creative with some homemade sprinkles like rainbow sprinkles or jimmies ($2), they have those too!

But what about those donut holes? Well Cardigan Donuts Menu With Prices has those too! You can grab them in regular size or mini for $0.75 each or $1 for a dozen respectively (regular/mini).

You can also grab some coffee from Cardigan Donuts if

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