Carl’s Jr. Introduces Made-From-Scratch Strawberry Biscuits and Salted Caramel Shakes

People go to fast food restaurants for the convenience and quick service, so it’s always refreshing when you hear of something that’s totally out of the ordinary fast food fare. When Carl’s Jr. recently came out with its strawberry biscuits, it didn’t just please the ones who like sweet desserts. The buttery, icing-drizzled, strawberry-topped offering is being marketed as “made from scratch,” and when you hear that from a fast food, it will surely draw a lot of curiosity.

And to the delight of even more sugar-loving customers, Carl’s Jr. also introduced the salted caramel shake, which is a sinfully rich vanilla ice cream blend (hand-scooped, too!) drizzled with caramel syrup. Then imagine topping that creamy concoction with sea salt toffee crumbles and of course, finishing it off with whipped cream.


The Carl’s Jr. Story

Carl’s Jr. is one of Western America’s more popular fast food chains, founded in 1941 and now operating all over the country but still predominantly in the West and Southwest. It has also expanded globally, and now has more than 1,300 locations worldwide.

The restaurant was founded by Carl N. Karcher and his wife Margaret, and began as Carl’s Drive-In barbecue, offering mainly hamburgers in their menu. They opened a quick service version a couple of years later, and this is how Carl’s Jr. (smaller than the original drive-in) was born. Over the years, Carl’s Jr. has mixed up many different items in its menu, but it is still mainly known for its juicy and delicious charbroiled burgers.

Delicious Charbroiled Burgers and More

Anyone who goes to a Carl’s Jr. will expect their famous delicious charbroiled burgers, especially cult favorites like the Western Bacon Cheeseburger and The Six Dollar Burger, which is legendary for being the first fast food burger that’s made in the style of sit-down restaurants. But Carl’s Jr. is known for more than just burgers, even before it introduced the recent strawberry biscuits and salted caramel shakes. In a nutshell, here’s what you can expect from Carl’s Jr.:

Charbroiled Burgers

You can’t go to Carl’s Jr. without trying their charbroiled burgers, because this is what they’re really known for. Here are some popular choices:

• Western Bacon Cheeseburger – This burger has made waves since it was introduced in the 1980s, and it consists of a juicy charbroiled all-beef patty, two succulent strips of bacon, two pieces of crispy onion rings, wonderfully melted American cheese, and a tangy barbecue sauce, all placed together in between a seeded bun. Just double the bacon and you get the Single Western X-tra Bacon Cheeseburger. If you double the patty as well, you get the Double Western X-tra Bacon Cheeseburger.

• Western Bacon Thickburger – Similar to the Bacon Cheeseburger but using a charbroiled 100% Black Angus Beef Patty, this comes with the same 2-piece bacon, 2-piece onion rings, tangy BBQ sauce, and this time, two pieces of melted American cheese. If you want four pieces of bacon, you can get the Western X-tra Bacon Thickburger.

• Philly Cheesesteak Burger (Single, Double, and Thickburger) – Take the classic cheeseburger but top it with thinly sliced Steak, together with melted Swiss cheese and grilled peppers and onions.


With all of these delicious burgers, you’ll need to balance things with something sweet, and this is where Carl’s Jr. desserts come in. Here are some popular options:

• Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwich – In between two Snickerdoodle cookies dusted with cinnamon sugar, you get hand-scooped vanilla ice cream.
• Chocolate Cake – You can also opt for a single serving of classic chocolate cake topped with delectable whipped cream.
• Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake – In this dessert, you get your normal cheesecake but with that special strawberry swirl.


Carl’s Jr. has a range of biscuit offerings, which are perfect for breakfast and now even for dessert. These include the Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit, the Loaded Omelet Biscuit, the Bacon Biscuit, and now the Strawberry Biscuits, all made from scratch.

Offering Something Sweet

The recent sweet offerings of Carl’s Jr. is like a mini escape from all of the charbroiled burgers, but it’s also actually the perfect complement that will make your meal even more complete. The made-from-scratch strawberry biscuit is perfect as dessert, and the salted caramel shake is perfect to drink with your tasty charbroiled burger.

When you eat breakfast at Carl’s Jr. these days, you can even take advantage of the current promos. One offers you a free strawberry biscuit with the purchase of any breakfast combo. There’s also a coupon that give you $1 off every Sea Salt & Caramel Ice Cream Shake, which makes it even more worth trying. Other sweet beverage options include the Oreo cookie hand-scooped ice cream milk shake and the chocolate hand-scooped ice cream shake.

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