Center City’s Top Five Healthiest Fast Food Chains

When customers hear the word ‘fast food’, they are quick to associate it with something unhealthy, high in cholesterol, and fattening, However, ever since the global awareness about eating right and choosing a greener lifestyle, most of the food industry have taken into consideration adding healthier options in their menu. This move has allowed the fast food chain to save their business and the client happier because now he doesn’t have to worry about what to eat whenever he felt like eating out.

If you are living anywhere near Center City and wish to look for the best healthy options in town, then here is a list to guide you.


Number 5: HipCity Veg

Created and owned by Nicole Marquis, this plant-based fast food restaurant near the Rittenhouse Square has a limited seating capacity because the owners have intended to make customers adventurous to eat anywhere. If they wish to eat inside, there are only a few chairs and tables plus a counter with several stools for entertaining.

The restaurant’s philosophy is to provide high quality fresh and fast food that is guaranteed to be all made from plants and eco-friendly ingredients. All takeaway packages are biodegradable and can be compostable.

The menu is composed mainly of salads, burgers and sandwiches, sides like sweet potato fries, bistro like nuggets with frites, and their famous drinks. Most customers like their ‘The Groothie’ which is made from organic apples, leafy greens, banana and fruits in season.

Number 4: Honeygrow


Besides being well-known from their unlimited salad toppings and frites, this restaurant can customize your meals and uses a computer to take orders.

As the customers have the power to choose how their chosen ingredients will be cooked, it becomes an interactive experience for both the consumer and the people working in Honeygrow.

Their menu also showcases a variety of good eats like their very own stir-fry where you can make your own sauce, salads where you can choose whatever comes into contact with your plate, and their intriguing honeybar and kale’att.

Honeybar is like a protein bar but homemade, where you can add fresh fruits, toppings and honey like wildflower or clover. The Kale’atta is their take on the superfood kale in a smoothie form.

Number 3: Fuel

Consistently on the top five healthiest restaurants in town, this restaurant is the first of it’s kind to offer meals all under 500 calories. Besides using fresh, organic and healthy ingredients, all dishes can be turned to gluten-free if requested.

Their menu only consists of five category and these include starters and salads, paninis and deserts, juice and coffee bar, flatbread or rice bowls, and brunch. Best of all, if you are weight conscious, you can check all the calories that your have eaten in their site to see if you are within your daily recommended intake.

Number 2: Pure Fare

This fast food restaurants offer everything as organic and is 100 percent gluten free. Their mission is to provide fresh, healthy and delicious foods, making sure that all the ingredients they serve are available and of quality, high standards.

Furthermore, there is an online platform called My Fare which gamely makes the experience personal, interactive and informative. This is also where you can get accurate insights regarding your health.

This restaurant offers all types of food best for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus drinks. When you start ordering, you will in the site features adding the calorie of the food, how much you are spending and if the meal is suitable for your intake.

Number 1: Animo Burrito & Juice Bar

This restaurant has remained on the top of the list because of the juices, which are always made fresh from real ingredients. It’s mission is to strive to be the best deliverer of highest quality ingredient sand best food out there.

They don’t add artificial flavorings to their food, no GMOs, deep fryers and the like. All are fresh and made to suit the right nourishment of the body.

The menu is simple, with only four categories to choose from – soup, salads, juice bar and burrito bar. The juice bar is particularly exciting to think about as it offer a variety of great juice combinations of fruits and vegetables that you’ll end up wanting to try everything.

Although there are still many healthy fast food restaurant options in Center City, these five have something in common – it is the philosophy of using eco-friendly, fresh and green ingredients to make the body and the environment healthier. They could have opted to just go look for something organic and gluten-free without thinking about the environment, but instead, they went all out.

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