Chuck E Cheese’s Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Chuck E Cheese’s Menu Prices

Chuck E. Cheese’s ist eine in den Vereinigten Staaten beheimatete und dort sehr bekannte Restaurant- und Fastfoodkette. Chuck E. Cheese’s was founded in 1977 by Nolan Bushnell, founder and inventor of the Atari Video Game Company. The idea for this gave him the then very popular themed restaurant Pizza Time Theater in San José, California, which at the time still belonged to Warner Communications. Bushnell bought the restaurant and adopted its concept. As early as 1983, there were over 200 sister restaurants.

However, due to poor service quality and poor hygiene, the number of visitors dropped very soon. In 1984, Bushnell went bankrupt and sold Chuck E. Cheese’s to competitor Robert L. Brock. Brock initially founded his own chain called ShowBiz together with Bushnell and operated it side by side for a few years. Brock combined the concepts of both companies into the entertainment chain that exists today. In June 2020, parent company CEC Entertainment filed for Chapter 11 because it had gone bankrupt due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chuck E. Cheese’s branches are designed as a mixture of restaurant, stage show and amusement arcade, with the aim of primarily entertaining children and young people and providing them with food and drink. The first branches therefore had – in addition to their actual pizzeria – an integrated toys “R” -Us store and an arcade play hall. Chuck E. Cheese’s became famous for its stage shows, which are manned by animatronics and intended to entertain children. The main characters of the animatronic bands include “Chuck E. Cheese” (mouse), “Jasper T. Jowls” (dog), “Helen Henny” (chicken), “Crusty the Cat” (cat; later replaced by ” Mr. Munch ”, a fantasy creature) and“ Pasqually E. Pieplate ”(human). Some branches rent out their facilities for special birthday parties and public events.

The mascot of the same name is a mouse with a green and purple cap, a usually purple T-shirt with a green cross tie in the stomach area and a yellow “C” on the chest, and green sports pants. In newer versions, Chuck wears jeans and is not always seen with a cap. Chuck E. Cheese’s may have been the inspiration for the survival horror game series Five Nights at Freddy’s.

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Chuck E Cheese’s Menu Prices
Buffalo Wings $7.49
Mozzarella Sticks $4.99
Italian Breadsticks $4.49
Large French Fries $1.99
Salad Bar
All You Can Eat $5.99
Small Salad $4.99
Oven Toasted Sandwiches
with fruit & your choice of french fries or pasta salad
Chicken Ciabatta $6.49 roasted chicken with melted cheese
Ham & Cheese Ciabatta $6.49 on a toasted ciabatta roll
Italian Sub $6.49 ham, pepperoni & melted cheese
Hot Dog $3.49 – $3.79 with mandarin oranges & choice of french fries or carrot slims
Apple Dessert Pizza $2.99
Cinnamon Sticks $2.99
Oven Fresh Pizzas
Cheese $5.49 – $14.99
Each Extra Topping $0.89 – $1.99
Toppings pepperoni, bacon, jalapenos, chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage, pineapple, black olives, red onions, canadian bacon, green peppers, beef
Specialty Pizzas
Super Combo $11.99 – $18.99
All Meat Combo $11.99 – $18.99
Bbq Chicken $11.99 – $18.99
Vegetarian $11.99 – $18.99
Soft Drinks, Iced Tea $1.99
Kids Cup $1.79
Bottled Water $1.99
Milk, Apple Juice $1.39
Coffee, Hot Tea $1.39
Munch N’ Play Saver $26.99 save up to $2.00
Fun Saver $33.99 save up to $5.00
Family Saver $39.99 save up to $11.50
Token Savers $10.00 buy 40 tokens, get 10 free (save $2.50)
Token Savers $20.00 buy 80 tokens, get 25 free (save $6.25)
Token Savers $30.00 buy 120 tokens, get 40 free (save $10.00)
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