Cicis Menu With Prices **April 2023 Updated**

Cicis Menu With Prices is a restaurant that specializes in pizza. It has a variety of different pizzas with different toppings and crusts. Their menu has many different choices for food and drinks that come at different prices based on the amount of food ordered.

Cicis Menu With Prices has many different options for pizza, wings, drinks, and desserts. You can choose from a variety of crusts and toppings for your pizza including Chicago style deep-dish crust, thin crust, or gluten-free pizza crusts. They also offer chicken wings with several different sauces such as buffalo sauce or garlic parmesan sauce. There are also many other choices for sides including French fries, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked potatoes, Caesar salad or Italian garden salad with Italian dressing on it. If you want something sweet after eating all this delicious food then they have desserts like brownies or cinnamon sticks that come with ice cream on top!

Cicis Menu With Prices are based on how much food you order so there won’t be any confusion about how much each item costs when ordering off their menu online or by phone during business hours Monday through Friday from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm EST (or until 10:00 pm EST if you live in Florida). All orders


Create Your Own Menu Prices

Create Your Own Medium $3.99
Create Your Own Large $5.74
Cheese Medium $3.99
Cheese Large $5.74
Pepperoni Medium $3.99
Pepperoni Large $5.74

Specialty Pizzas Menu Prices

Meat Eater Medium $3.99
Meat Eater Large $5.74
Supreme Medium $3.99
Supreme Large $5.74
Veggie Medium $3.99
Veggie Large $5.74
Hawaiian Medium $3.99
Hawaiian Large $5.74
Buffalo Chicken Medium $3.99
Buffalo Chicken Large $5.74
Spinach Alfredo Medium $3.99
Spinach Alfredo Large $5.74
Mac & Cheese Medium $3.99
Mac & Cheese Large $5.74
Classic Chicken Medium $3.99
Classic Chicken Large $5.74
Alfredo Medium $3.99
Alfredo Large $5.74
Zesty Ham & Cheddar Medium $3.99
Zesty Ham & Cheddar Large $5.74
Zesty Pepperoni Medium $3.99
Zesty Pepperoni Large $5.74
Zesty Veggie Medium $3.99
Zesty Veggie Large $5.74

Cicis Favorites Menu Prices

Spinach Alfredo Medium $3.99
Spinach Alfredo Large $5.74
Alfredo Medium $3.99
Alfredo Large $5.74
Mac & Cheese Medium $3.99
Mac & Cheese Large $5.74
Zesty Ham & Cheddar Medium $3.99
Zesty Ham & Cheddar Large $5.74
Zesty Pepperoni Medium $3.99
Zesty Pepperoni Large $5.74
Zesty Veggie Medium $3.99
Zesty Veggie Large $5.74

Pan Pizzas Menu Prices

Cheese Pan $5.74
Pepperoni Pan $5.74
Meat Eater Pan $5.74
Supreme Pan $5.74

Stuffed Crust Menu Prices

Cheese Stuffed Crust $5.74
Pepperoni Stuffed Crust $5.74

Wings Menu Prices

Hot Buffalo Wings 5 Wings $4.99
Hot Buffalo Wings 10 Wings $8.99
Hot Buffalo Wings 20 Wings $17.99
Hot Buffalo Wings 50 Wings $41.99
Mild Buffalo Wings 5 Wings $4.99
Mild Buffalo Wings 10 Wings $8.99
Mild Buffalo Wings 20 Wings $17.99
Mild Buffalo Wings 50 Wings $41.99
Bbq Wings 5 Wings $4.99
Bbq Wings 10 Wings $8.99
Bbq Wings 20 Wings $17.99
Bbq Wings 50 Wings $41.99
Garlic Parmesan Wings 5 Wings $4.99
Garlic Parmesan Wings 10 Wings $8.99
Garlic Parmesan Wings 20 Wings $17.99
Garlic Parmesan Wings 50 Wings $41.99
Naked Wings 5 Wings $4.99
Naked Wings 10 Wings $8.99
Naked Wings 20 Wings $17.99
Naked Wings 20 Wings $41.99

Sides And Desserts Menu Prices

Cinnamon Rolls $4.99
Fudge Brownies $5.99
Cheesy Bread $4.99
Dipping sauce(Ranch) 2 Oz $0.50
Dipping sauce(Blue Cheese) 2 Oz $0.50
Dipping sauce(Marinara) 2 Oz $0.50
Cicis Menu With PricesPin
Cicis Menu With Prices

Cicis Menu With Prices

Cicis Menu With Prices is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in America. Their menu has a variety of pizzas and pasta dishes. This article will discuss the prices on the Cici’s Pizza menu with prices.

Cicis Menu With Prices has a variety of pizzas, pasta, sandwiches and desserts to choose from. They also have specials that change daily. The Cici’s Pizza menu does not have an online ordering option, but it does have a catering option for those who would like to order their food ahead of time. If you are interested in ordering from Cici’s Pizza, you can do so by calling 1-877-724-7746 or visiting their website at

Cicis Menu With Prices has over 20 different types of pizza on it ranging in price from $8-$20 depending on what toppings are added on to your pizza crusts or breadsticks (breadsticks are $5 apiece). They also offer pasta dishes ranging between $6-$12 per dish as well as sandwiches ranging between $6-$10 per sandwich depending on what kind of bread they use for each sandwich type that day (for example: wheat bread costs.

At Cicis, we believe that pizza should be made with the best ingredients, and we’re committed to using nothing but the freshest ingredients in our pizzas. We also believe that when you’re eating at home, you should be able to enjoy a delicious meal without feeling like it’s going to cost your entire paycheck. That’s why we’ve put together a menu with prices that will make your wallet happy—and your stomach even happier!

Cicis Menu With Prices will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the pizzeria of your dreams: fresh dough made from scratch, flavorful marinara sauce made with vine-ripened tomatoes, mozzarella cheese imported from Italy, and plenty of toppings to satisfy any craving. We offer full-size pizzas as well as personal pan pizzas so everyone can enjoy their favorite flavors at home (or on-the-go).

It doesn’t stop there! Cicis Menu With Prices also includes salads and pastas for those who are looking for something different than pizza. If you’re in the mood for something sweet after dinner, our dessert menu has delicious options that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

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