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I tried the recipe yesterday and have to say: The part tasted great, something like chocolate. Unfortunately, I don’t find the finished cake as tasty as the dough was promising.

What is it
In terms of taste, the finished cake was as if we were once allowed to eat oatmeal with milk and Kaba instead of sweets. When the oatmeal slowly dissolved, the whole thing tasted just like my cake now. But then I find the effort too great.

What remains?
For allergy sufferers, friends for whom certain nutritional concepts are important or people with intolerance, I would bake the cake again immediately because it combines really healthy ingredients into a cake that is convincing in terms of consistency and chocolateiness.

What’s next?
Since the dough was sooooo delicious, I think the thing with the beans is simply awesome (you can’t taste them, but the cake is very juicy despite the oatmeal) and I don’t follow a special nutritional concept, but I find the variety of food totally fascinating, I will definitely experiment with this recipe again.

Notes on the recipe:
I hate coffee, so I left it out and used the bean water as a liquid. Since the dough was a challenge for my simple hand blender, I added the whole bean water at the end, which obviously wasn’t a problem, the cake got a consistency like brownies after baking.
When it is chocolaty, I also like it sweet, so I added a little raw cane sugar to my liking (please note again: I don’t follow a nutritional concept and therefore treat myself to something where I find it used).
Since I didn’t know how high the cake was going or what diameter the shape should be, I probably chose a shape that was too large, which resulted in a rather thin cake. The consistency and this thin cake reminded – as already mentioned – a lot of brownies.
Since I don’t have a real food processor, I liquefied the chocolate beforehand. That went fine.
Maybe I will choose my chocolate (70%) a little darker, but then I will also add a little raw cane sugar.

Hence my conclusion:
I will bake the cake again with the aim of making delicious brownies out of it. I will make changes to the effect that I will sometimes use more beans and maybe replace some (or all?) Oat flakes with ground almonds, for example.
I’ll then bake the whole thing on a small sheet to make small cuts rather than real pieces. Just small brownies.
The dough tasted totally like coconut, that was awesome. I couldn’t taste coconut in the cake anymore, which was a shame. Maybe I’ll add coconut milk or something to the liquid.

So, I hope you got it right here: I say thank you for the great, experimental recipe. And even if I had to complain and add, I hope it comes across correctly. I really appreciate such recipes because they are a great and important addition to the menu even for those who are not categorically clean, vegan or whatever “eaters”. And just those sweets, which are sometimes not so very sweet and taste variations, here for example the somewhat unique and bitter taste of the oat flakes, but are still clearly “sweets”, are for children who are overwhelmed with “sweet crap” , a great alternative that will help you do without all the sweet sh *** out there.

Thank you, please keep experimenting and let everyone participate,
chocolaty greetings


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