Culver’s, Freddy’s or Steak N’ Shake?

The all-American steak burger is undeniably king of all burgers. There might be slight variations of the burger, in all types of restaurants and kitchens, but the steak burger still is the best, and definitely the epitome of the United States, because it’s huge, loaded, and overpowering. In America, almost nothing is served half-fast or half-portioned, and we have high expectations with our burgers, fries and milk shakes.

Steak burger restaurants definitely do not have diet in the menu. Outlets like Culver’s, Freddy’s and Steak n’ Shake are not for the weight and calorie conscious. These classic establishments are going for the all-out, greased-on and fully-packed meal. Most items in the menu are designed to fill you up and fatten you. But which of these are the best?

Culver’s is a steak burger restaurant that started in 1954. The Culver’s had no format restaurant experience but created a restaurant from their own home-grown recipes for butter burgers and frozen custard. Culver’s the restaurant claims that they only use 100% fresh Midwest beef, with buns that are lightly toasted with butter. Their signature combination is the butter burger and the frozen custard, or known to be similar to premium ice cream. Many still rave about the delicious burgers, fries and shakes. Their good selections like the Culver’s Deluxe and the Cheddar Butter Burger, the chili cheese fries and even the chicken salad sandwich received excellent reviews.
There were extensive reviews on the delicious taste of their tenders and cheese curds. The service is always warm and hospitable, faithful to the homegrown beginnings of the restaurant. It is great to know that they are still sticking to these important values up to now, and friendly service always is good to the entire fast dining experience.

Freddy’s is another frozen custard and steak burger place that boasts of history and family values. They started in the 50s and is one of the prominent steak burger restaurants in the country. Their famous combo meals are what makes people to come back. They also have an impressive vegetable burger, a signature item at Freddy’s. Unfortunately for Culver’s, many of their patrons converted to Freddy’s because of their items are more affordable and is tastier. Freddy’s Original Double already comes with a drink and a heap of shoestring fries. The burgers are made of prime steak and butter seared buns. The Chicago Dog – Freddy’s Style is an all-beef hotdog with pickles, onions, celery, diced onion and sport pepper stacked inside a butter toasted bun and a generous lather of mustard. This also comes with fries and a drink. Another hot seller is the Single Steak Burger and Hotdog which is a single patty steak burger and the all-beef hotdog in a bun. All-in-all, there were only few complaints with orders but generally is more famous than Culver’s.

Steak N’ Shake is another burger joint that started in the 30s. Its signature steak, meaning the burger steak, and the shake, meaning the milkshake, are the icons of this restaurant. Classic options are included in the menu, such as burgers and milkshake are the bestsellers, as well as other items like grilled cheese and the mint Oreo slush. However, compared to the raves that Culver’s and Freddy’s got, Steak N’ Shake seem to be lagging in the race. They are so behind their competitors because their food quality is getting so far behind in terms of quality and taste. There have been reviews of burned buns and bad service as well as long waiting times in cues. There had been experiences of undercooked burgers. Some even say that their burgers are worse than McDonald’s, which is pretty bad. For an establishment that has been selling burgers for the past 80 years, you would expect more from them. The only saving grace would be the milkshake, which have received zero bad reviews and which drives people for a return purchase.

To sum it up, Freddy’s is the steak burger place that keeps the people happy. In terms of quality of food and service, it is Freddy’s that seem to make the customers for more. Freddy’s show commitment to their food and after all these years, they still are keeping it up. Another noteworthy item in their menu is the vegetable burger. This shows that they have readied options for those who don’t like beef, or the cholesterol conscious.

In going to a steak burger restaurant, we all have our standards. The restaurateur’s job is to keep up with people’s changing tastes in food, as well as constantly changing lifestyle choices. If Freddy’s can keep up with what people want, then that is a true mark of craftsmanship on its own.

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