Delifrance Singapore Menu Prices **April 2023 Updated**

Delifrance Singapore Menu Prices are updated daily. The prices for a lunch and dinner meal at Delifrance Singapore can be found below.

Delifrance Singapore Menu Prices are a bit on the high side. A cafe in Singapore that serves a variety of French pastries as well as sandwiches, salads and soup. They also offer a wide range of drinks including tea, coffee and other beverages.



Ciabatta SGD 7.50
Baguette SGD 3.60

All Day Breakfast

Mega Hearty Platter SGD 16.20
Hearty Platter SGD 13.20
Toasty Baguette / Croissant SGD 7.20
Savoury Pancakes Platter SGD 14.20
Strawberries & Cream Pancakes SGD 12.20
Fluffy Pancakes SGD 9.20
Chicken Bacon / Ham & Egg Panwich SGD 10.20

Soup of the Day

Soup of the Day SGD 4.00


2 Pcs Chicken Feuillete SGD 7.40
2 Pcs Tuna Feuillete SGD 7.40
2 Pcs Chicken Curry Feuillete SGD 7.40


Deli Potato SGD 7.80


Egg Sandwich SGD 7.20
Tuna Sandwich SGD 7.80
Chicken Sandwich SGD 7.80
Seafood Sandwich SGD 8.20
Ham Sandwich SGD 7.50
Ham and Cheese Sandwich SGD 8.50
Cheese Sandwich SGD 7.50
Smoked Salmon Sandwich SGD 8.00
Herb Poulet & Cheese SGD 8.80


Vegetable Pizza SGD 5.90
Tahiti Pizza SGD 5.90
Spicy Chicken Pizza Baguette SGD 5.90

Hot Meals

Beef Stew SGD 13.80
Chic and Shrooms Baked Ice SGD 13.80
Beef Lasagne SGD 13.80
Salmon Lasagne SGD 13.80
Vegetable Lasagne SGD 13.80


4 Pcs French Butter Croissant SGD 10.50


2 Pieces of Strawberry Tarts SGD 9.20
2 Pieces of Mixed Fruit Tarts SGD 9.20
2 Pieces of Peach Tarts SGD 8.00
Strawberry Tart and Mixed Fruit Tart SGD 9.20
Strawberry Tart and Peach Tart SGD 8.60
Mixed Fruit Tart and Peach Tart SGD 8.60
Blueberry Tart SGD 4.60

Eclairs And Macarons

2 Pcs Mini Chocolate Eclair SGD 4.40

Cakes & Muffins

Milk Chocolate Crumble Muffin SGD 3.90
Caramel Crumble Muffin SGD 3.90
Fusion Berry Muffin SGD 3.90


Perrier SGD 4.20
Evian SGD 3.20
Triple Berry Vitamin Drink SGD 3.90
Fruit Punch Vitamin Drink SGD 3.90
Iced Lemon Tea SGD 4.80
Coffee SGD 4.50
Cappucino SGD 5.50
Café Latte SGD 5.50
Café Mocha SGD 6.00
English Breakfast Tea SGD 4.50
Chamomile Tea SGD 4.50
Jasmine Green Tea SGD 4.50
Peppermint Tea SGD 4.50
Lemon Tea SGD 4.80
Honey Lemon SGD 4.50
Iced Café Latte SGD 6.00
Iced Lychee Strawberry Fruit Tea SGD 4.80
Iced Cucumber Peach Fruit Tea SGD 4.80
Iced Strawberry Peach Fruit Tea SGD 4.80
Delifrance Singapore Menu Prices Pin
Delifrance Singapore Menu Prices

Delifrance Singapore Menu Prices

Delifrance Singapore Menu Prices, we believe that food should be recognized as art. That’s why our menus include only the best ingredients, prepared by our expert chefs, who have trained at the most prestigious culinary schools around the world.

We offer everything from light salads to decadent desserts—everything you need for a delicious meal you’ll never forget. From our famous croque monsieur sandwiches to our savory quiches, there’s something for everyone at Delifrance!

Delifrance Singapore Menu Prices is ever-evolving so we can bring you new and exciting items every day! Come visit us today to see what new creations are waiting for you!

Delifrance Singapore Menu Prices is a French bakery and patisserie chain with stores in many countries, including the United States. The company was founded in France in 1984 by four partners who had previously worked together at a Parisian restaurant. The first Delifrance store opened on Rue de Grenelle, and since then, there have been more than 1,000 stores opened across the world.

Delifrance Singapore Menu Prices includes baked goods such as cakes, pastries, and breads; sandwiches made with their own breads; salads; soups; hot beverages; ice cream cones; and more. They also have a catering service for events such as weddings or parties at home. Prices vary based on location but are generally around $15 for an entrée and $4-$5 for desserts like macarons or tarts (depending on size).

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