Denny’s Menu With Prices

Denny’s Menu With Prices – When you think of the American diner, you think of Denny’s. Quite simply, Denny’s has become synonymous to the American casual dining experience. For over 60 years now since its founding in 1953, Denny’s has made its way to the hearts of those United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the other areas in the globe that it’s present in.

It has grown to over 1,600 restaurants today, but at the heart of Denny’s is still its proposition of being ‘always open’ and always ready to serve anyone who walks in those doors. Warm, welcoming, and with an offering of delicious, hearty meals, it’s no surprise why Denny’s has gained the success that it has today.


Denny’s Menu With Prices

Build Your Own French Toast Now Available at Denny’s

Denny’s is a favorite destination for the entire family, and whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a quick midnight snack, Denny’s has a menu that’s suited for everyone. But when it comes to Denny’s it’s not just about the delicious food. It’s really the experience of going to the diner and having a warm and memorable dining experience. In the past, Denny’s has found a way to make dining a lot more fun, interactive, and memorable. Previously, they have allowed customers to build their own pancakes, omelets, burgers, and shakes. And today, Denny’s is introducing the ‘Build Your Own French Toast’ to make every visit truly memorable.

If you want it, you can have it.

While Denny’s has had many years of experience when it comes to what flavors and food items work best with their target market, they also understand that there’s nothing quite like having control over what you eat. When people go to restaurants, they know that their choices are constrained to what’s available in the menu.

When you suddenly give them the freedom to create their own French Toast and be the ones to pick the ingredients, then this gives customers a sense of freedom that’s actually kind of novel and refreshing. Imagine going to a Denny’s Diner and being able to customize your own French toast, based on your unique taste. With this product offering, you can have your French toast exactly how you want it.

How to build your own French toast

A French toast may look quite simple, but when it comes to building your own French toast, you’ll actually have so many options to choose from. This is how it works.

1. Choose your bread
First, you need to choose what bread you want to transform into a French toast. For this, you have 3 options: Original, 7 Grain, or Blueberry.

2. Choose your topping
Once you’ve decided on what bread to use, you can now choose the topping that will go with it. This includes chopped nuts, glazed pecans, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips or even fresh strawberries and fresh banana slices.

3. Choose your sauce
The third and final step is to pick your sauce of choice from cinnamon, caramel, honey, hot fudge, peanut butter, or cream cheese icing.

Denny’s superb French toast creations

A lot of people may have fun choosing their own bread, topping, and sauce from that wide variety of options, but it could also get a little overwhelming. This is why Denny’s has also prepared a few new signature creations. For those who don’t want to spend time thinking about what mixes well with what, you can try any of these super creations suggested by Denny’s:


Bread: Original
Topping: Glazed pecans
Sauce: Cream cheese icing and cinnamon


Bread: Original
Topping: Chopped nuts, fresh banana slices
Sauce: Honey


Bread: Blueberry
Topping: Fresh strawberries
Sauce: Cream cheese icing


Bread: 7 Grain
Topping: Fresh strawberries, fresh banana slices
Sauce: Honey

Whether you’re looking for something sweet, refreshing, or even a lighter option, you can choose from these signature creations and try them out. Trying out a signature creation will also give you ideas as to what flavors work best together, and once you feel like you’re in the mood to make your very own, then you can start experimenting. With these options, you’ll actually end up with 15 different items to choose from.

Having a hearty meal

French toast is already a hearty creation in itself, but you can still pair it with some of Denny’s offerings. Any flavor of French toast for instance would taste really good with either the blueberry cheesecake milkshake or the caramel coffee (you can opt for the iced version too!) if it suits your taste better.

And to complete your hearty meal, you can add bacon strips, sausage, grilled ham, sausage, hash browns, and other sides that will make your French toast even more exciting. Try it for breakfast or during any time of the day.

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