Donatos Pizza Menu With Prices

Donatos Pizza menu with prices on the internet? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place because, in this article, I will tell you the latest Donatos menu with prices. But the menu is not the only thing I will tell you in this article.


Donatos Pizza Menu With Prices



Build Your Own Pizza Individual (7″) $4.79
Build Your Own Pizza Small (10″) $8.29
Build Your Own Pizza Medium (12″) $10.99
Build Your Own Pizza Large (14″) $13.59
Serious Cheese™ Pizza Individual (7″) $4.79
Serious Cheese™ Pizza Small (10″) $8.29
Serious Cheese™ Pizza Medium (12″) $10.99
Serious Cheese™ Pizza Large (14″) $13.59
Pepperoni Pizza Individual (7″) $4.79
Pepperoni Pizza Small (10″) $8.29
Pepperoni Pizza Medium (12″) $10.99
Pepperoni Pizza Large (14″) $13.59
The Works™ Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
The Works™ Pizza Small (10″) $10.49
The Works™ Pizza Medium (12″) $13.99
The Works™ Pizza Large (14″) $16.99
Classic Trio® Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Classic Trio® Pizza Small (10″) $10.49
Classic Trio® Pizza Medium (12″) $13.99
Classic Trio® Pizza Large (14″) $16.89
Vegy™ Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Vegy™ Pizza Small (10″) $10.49
Vegy™ Pizza Medium (12″) $13.99
Vegy™ Pizza Large (14″) $16.89
Founders Favorite® Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Founders Favorite® Pizza Small (10″) $10.49
Founders Favorite® Pizza Medium (12″) $13.99
Founders Favorite® Pizza Large (14″) $16.89
Serious Meat™ Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Serious Meat™ Pizza Medium (12″) $13.99
Serious Meat™ Pizza Large (14″) $16.89
Hawaiian™ Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Hawaiian™ Pizza Small (10″) $10.49
Hawaiian™ Pizza Medium (12″) $13.99
Hawaiian™ Pizza Large (14″) $16.89
Mariachi™ Beef Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Mariachi™ Beef Pizza Small (10″) $10.49
Mariachi™ Beef Pizza Medium (12″) $13.89
Mariachi™ Beef Pizza Large (14″) $16.79
Mariachi™ Chicken Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Mariachi™ Chicken Pizza Small (10″)
Mariachi™ Chicken Pizza Medium (12″) $13.99
Mariachi™ Chicken Pizza Large (14″) $16.89
Fresh Mozzarella Trio™ Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Fresh Mozzarella Trio™ Pizza Small (10″) $10.49
Fresh Mozzarella Trio™ Pizza Medium (12″) $13.99
Fresh Mozzarella Trio™ Pizza Large (14″) $16.89
Margherita Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Margherita Pizza Small (10″) $10.49
Margherita Pizza Medium (12″) $13.99
Margherita Pizza Large (14″) $16.89
Pepperoni Zinger™ Pizza Individual (7″) $5.39
Pepperoni Zinger™ Pizza Small (10″) $9.39
Pepperoni Zinger™ Pizza Medium (12″) $12.39
Pepperoni Zinger™ Pizza Large (14″) $15.09
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella™ Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella™ Pizza Small (10″) $10.49
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella™ Pizza Medium (12″) $13.99
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella™ Pizza Large (14″) $16.89
Serious Pork Individual (7″) $5.79
Serious Pork Small (10″) $9.29
Serious Pork Medium (12″) $11.99
Serious Pork Large (14″) $14.59
Sriracha Jack Individual (7″) $5.89
Sriracha Jack Small (10″) $10.49
Sriracha Jack Medium (12″) $13.99
Sriracha Jack Large (14″) $16.89
Hot Chicken Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Hot Chicken Pizza Small (10″) $10.49
Hot Chicken Pizza Medium (12″) $13.99
Hot Chicken Pizza Large (14″) $16.89
Chicken Bruschetta Individual (7″) $5.89
Chicken Bruschetta Small (10″) $10.49
Chicken Bruschetta Medium (12″) $13.99
Chicken Bruschetta Large (14″) $16.89
Skinny Pizza Small (10″) $10.49
Vegan It’s Greek To Me Pizza Small (10″) $10.49

Gluten Free Pizzas

Take & Bake

Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza Medium (12″) $13.59
Gluten Free Cheese Pizza Medium (12″) $13.59


Big Don Italian Sub $6.19
Big Ham and Cheese Sub $6.19
Big Don Marinara Sub $6.19
Meatball Sub $6.19
Turkey Club Sub $6.19
Chicken Bacon Cheddar Sub $6.19
Vegy Sub $6.19
Buffalo Chicken Sub $6.19
Hot Chicken Sub $6.19


Caprese Side Salad $2.99
Italian Side Salad $2.99
Italian Chef Entree Salad $6.99
Chicken Harvest Entree Salad $6.99
Chicken Caprese Entree Salad $6.99
Chicken Caprese Party Salad $23.99
Italian Chef Party Salad $19.99
Chicken Harvest Party Salad $23.99
Italian Garden Party Salad $18.99


Asiago Brick Street Bread $3.99
Garlic Brick Street Bread $3.99
Boneless Wings Side (6 Pc.) $4.29
Boneless Wings Full (12 Pc.) $7.79
Boneless Wings Party (30 Pc.) $17.89
Traditional Wings Side (5 Pc.) $4.29
Traditional Wings Full (10 Pc.) $7.79
Traditional Wings Party (25 Pc.) $17.89
3 Cheese Garlic Bread on White $3.29
3 Cheese Garlic Bread on Wheat $3.29
Italian Breadsticks Side (2 Pc.) $1.19
Italian Breadsticks Full (6 Pc.) $2.99
Family Recipe Meatballs $3.99


Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist or Dr. Pepper

Soft Drink 20 oz. Bottle $1.79
Soft Drink 2 Liter Bottle $2.89
Aquafina Water 20 oz. Bottle $1.79


Cinnamon Brick Street Bread $3.99
Cinnamon Twist 2 Pc. $1.00
Cinnamon Twist 6 Pc. $2.99
Apple Crisp Timpano $5.99
Cinnamon Crisp Timpano $5.99
Chocolate Chunk Cookie 1 Pc. $1.25
Chocolate Chunk Cookie 12 Pc. $10.00


Build Your Own Stromboli $5.99
Pepperoni Stromboli $5.99
Deluxe Stromboli $5.99
Three Meat Stromboli $5.99

Donatos Pizza Versus Peter Piper Pizza

What has been defined as a hand-tossed clod of dough that has been baked with various meats and sauces has become the battleground for two giants in the pizza industry. Many consumers who are on the look-out for the best pizza in town will most certainly have encountered Donatos and Peter Piper Pizza. And when there are two big names that specialize in the same thing, a good comparison is in order.

Their Flagships

Donatos will have you clamouring for their “edge to edge” approach when it comes to pizza. This serves as their trademark serving style which has attracted thousands of people to their brand. And when they said edge to edge to edge, they really mean it. They will make sure that each large pizza they have will have exactly 100 slices of their best pepperoni. And they’ll make sure all those slices cover every inch of the pizza. This approach, according to them, will get you to stop fighting over the “best piece” of the pizza, because every piece is the best piece!

Peter Piper Pizza is more popularly known for its lunch buffet. That’s right. For a fixed price, you can have your fill of pizza, salads, desserts or bread from 1 to 4 pm. Everything is up for grabs. If Donatos will have you enjoying every slice of pizza equally, Peter Piper will have you enjoying as much pizza as you can. Their family-oriented approach and ambience make this place the perfect area for parties and small getherings.

The Pizza

Compared to Peter Piper Pizza, Donatos has the better approach. Their dedication to serving great pizzas is embodied in their edge to edge policy. These are people who really want to stand out when it come to pizzas. On top of that, Donatos also allows their customers to create their own pizzas and choose from the variety of toppings and crusts that they have.

They also have a wide selection of other pizza variants. About 11 of them to be exact. These flavours range from the usual combinations of pepperoni and sausages to other meat-heavy preparations.

But although Peter Piper Pizza may have lagged a little in terms of creativity, they make up for it in size. Compared to Donatos, their pizzas are larger by 2 full inches in additional diameter. The largest pies from Donatos reach 14 inches while the largest from Peter Piper is at 16 inches. Compared to the 11 choices from Donatos, Peter Piper sports 9 different variants.

The Menu

In terms of variety, Peter Piper has the upper hand in this case. For a restaurant that targets families, a wide set of options for the little ones goes a long way. Besides their pizzas, they also have 6 types of salads, pasta, bread and even wings. What makes their wings different from Donatos is that they have larger servings of their wings. You can order 100 pieces of the stuff compared to the maximum 30 of Donatos.

On the other hand, Donatos prides itself for serving pizzas, subs and salads. And that is exactly what is on their menu in extensive amounts. On top of the pizza, they also have 7 kinds of sub sandwiches, 4 types of salads, 3 types of side-dishes, Stromboli and even chicken wings. And although that isn’t as much as what Peter Piper Pizza can offer, the picky eater is sure to find their fix in this quaint mix of food items.

The Price

This round also goes to Donatos on account that they have the cheaper pizzas. Since Peter Piper has the larger pizzas, their price ranges start at $11.99 for a single pie of the smallest size. Donatos on the other hand, start at $4.69 for their single-serving pizzas.

Their sides and other additions also play out to the advantage of Donatos. Because they don’t cater to the same kind of market, their packages and prices are better designed for smaller groups that just want to sit down and have dinner together and not have a party.

What keeps this win down to a slim hairline is the buffet option of Peter Piper Pizza. For about $4, a kid can eat all they want. It’s roughly $6 for adults. But because of the limited time-frame, this factor wasn’t really enough to push Peter Piper above Donatos in this sense.

The Ambiance

This is where the larger difference of these two joints come into play. Donatos, which has been known for its signature pizza, is marketed as a casual dining experience. People go there for the food and not the ambience. With that being said, they operate as a simple restaurant without anything fancy.

Peter Piper Pizza is more family-oriented with its approach. The place is perfect for children having birthday parties or small gatherings that bring several people into the restaurant. They operate within large space and wide tables that can serve plenty of people. Because of that, the joint could be bustling with activity and children at any given moment, giving Peter Piper a more “homey” touch to the pizza experience.

The Winner

It’s hard to proclaim a winner when both pizza joints battle on different playing fields. Donatos excels in the casual dining experience while Peter Piper Pizza is more of a kid’s place where the Family can go on Sundays after church.

But if you’re looking for the better Pizza, it’s most certainly with Donatos on account of their variety and flagship edge to edge policy. But if you’re more interested in bringing in plenty of people to find a place to celebrate, then you’re better off with Peter Piper Pizza. At the end of the day, it’s all about what you’re looking for as a consumer.

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