Farmer Boys Against Burgerville: The Battle for the Freshest

With all this hype about healthy eating and natural alternatives, it’s no wonder that restaurants are now in a hurry to become “greener” to attract the health-conscious consumer.

In that line of thought, two burger joints have already jumped on the bandwagon and are battling it out for the driver’s seat: Farmer Boys and Burgerville.

Burgerville had an earlier start in the race, being as it was founded in 1961. Farmer Boys started out at a later time in 1981. And even though both have been in the business for years, they have both earned reputations in the fresh food business.

And because both joints were built on the premise of providing the freshest food, it’s time to find out which one of them is the “freshest” in their field.


Fresh Pride

Both joints have something to offer when it comes to placing fresh food on the table. Farmer Boys burgers are said to come straight from the farms and right to their tables with their “farm to table” philosophy. Meanwhile, Burgerville prides itself as one of the few establishments that use local and vegetarian meat that hasn’t been treated. They both work in close partnerships with farms and other local organizations to use the freshest food.

And although it is true that both places guarantee fresh food, the better selection comes from Farmer Boys. They host three best-sellers in their signature burgers known as The Natural, The Natural Bacon Cheeseburger and The Natural Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger, all of which use the same fresh meat and ingredients. This is similar to Burgerville’s three main burgers: The Pepper Bacon Cheeseburger, the Tillamook Cheeseburger and the Colossal Cheeseburger. The difference here is that the natural burgers from Farmer Boys all come in standard 1/3 pound patties. There’s nothing like a heavy, all-natural and juicy burger coupled with the freshest greens and buns.

What also sets Farmer Boys a step higher is the notion that Farmer Boys also have other popular (yet still fresh) burgers for those who want more than just The Natural. They’ve got The Farmer’s Burger (full of vegetables), The Bacon Boy, The Barn Burner (their spicy variant) as well as The Big Cheese (their deluxe cheeseburger), all of which are still prepared with their farm to table philosophy.


Although only by a small margin, Burgerville gets the upper hand in this case. Their meal packages are pegged at roughly $6 to include a standard burger, fries and a drink. You would have to carry at least $10 to get their bigger meals and some drinks to go with them. The same thing can be said about Farmer Boys. But this round falls to Burgerville on account of their budget meals.

The Sides

Surprisingly, both joints offer smiliar sides and extra options. They both have breakfast menus, salads, kid’s meals and even shakes. Both Burgerville and Farmer Boys also use real ice cream in their shakes to make sure that their semi-frozen delights carry the best flavours to wash down their juicy burgers.

But what gives Burgerville a slight advantage here is the fact that they have seasonal items that highlight the freshness of their food. A good example would be their Pickled Cheeseburger that only comes around at certain points of the year. They make it a point to promote their seasonal items whenever they become available. This brings something new that customers could look forward to at certain points of the year.

The Deciding Factor

If all other things were to be considered, it would have been a close stalemate between the two. Both joints offer the freshest foods and the best variety found at reasonable prices. But in terms of awards won, Farmer Boys clearly takes home the bacon.

Farmer Boys have won various awards such as being voted the “best burger in the Inland Empire” as well as “The Best Burger in Southern California by the networking company CBS 2. It takes a lot of satisfied customers and really great food to break the stalemate, but if you’re thinking about going out for some fresh burgers that have been grilled right along with fresh potatoes and salads, your best bet would be with the more popular brand.

But if you’re really looking for a solid reason to choose one over the other, look at their onion rings. It is true that both establishments use the best onions and natural oils to fry them. But even with that being said, they’ll still fall in favour of Farmer Boys. This is because they have the largest onion rings so far. In fact, they have been called the “monster truck wheels” of onion rings. A title like that is sure to make you want to come and see what all the fuss is about.

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