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Fatburger Inc. is a fast casual brand of American restaurants. Its slogan is The Last Great Booth of Hamburg. The food is prepared and ordered while it is a fast food restaurant. Some eateries in Fatburg have permits for liquors and fat bars. The headquarters of his franchise is located in Beverly Hills, Calif. The chain operates in 19 additional nations as well as the United States. The main focuses of the Fatburger menu are hamburgers with different sizes and number of patties, as well as add-ons like cheese, bacon and eggs.

Depending on what meal you buy, Fatburger pricing may be costly. The meal will not be cooked until you request it because it is cooked to order a restaurant. The eatery provides more healthy choices, other than the Fatburger, such grilled chicken and grilled fish sandwiches.

Lovie Yancey was a businessman from the beginning. In 1947, she established a company from the bottom up: a three-story hamburger stand utilising leftover materials from the building company of her boyfriend. They dubbed it Mr. Fatburger. … Of course, those are the burgers, but Lovie Yancey is also the burgers.




Fatburger Small $4.00
Fatburger Medium $5.50
Fatburger Large $6.50
Fatburger XXL $8.50
Fatburger 3XL $9.69
Chicken Sandwich $6.50
Turkey Burger $5.75
Veggie Burger $5.75
Western Bacon BBQ Fatburger $6.50
1000 Island Fatburger $6.00

Add Ons

Cheese (American or Swiss) $1.00
Bacon $1.00
Egg $1.00
Chili $1.00


Fat or Skinny Fries $3.00
Chili Cheese Fat Fries $5.25
Chili Cheese Skinny Fries $5.25
Homemade Onion Rings $4.00

Drinks & Shakes

Real Ice Cream Milkshakes (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Maui Banana, or Oreo) $4.50
Soda Regular $2.25

Make It A Meal

Includes Fries & Drink

Small Meal (Small Fatburger) $8.50
Medium Meal (Medium Fatburger) $10.00
Large Meal (Large Fatburger) $11.00
Chicken Meal $11.00
Veggie Meal $10.25
Turkey Meal $10.25


Fatburger’s mission, vision and values. “From the outset Lovie was a place where clients, including artists, stood… Mission Statement.More menus are available on our website, which you are welcome to share with your friends. Keep an eye on our website for more menus..

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