Flame Broiler Menu Prices **April 2023 Updated**

Flame Broiler Menu Prices has a wide variety of food options, from their classic flame-grilled burgers to their spicy chicken wings.

We have put together this list of Flame Broiler menu prices so you can see the costs of all their delicious items before you go:

– $10.99 – Flame Broiler Signature Burger with fries and drink

– $9.99 – Flame Broiler Signature Burger without fries or drink

– $8.99 – Spicy Chicken Sandwich with fries and drink

– $7.99 – Spicy Chicken Sandwich without fries or drink


Regular Bowls Menu Prices

Regular NAE Chicken Bowl $7.40
Regular Half & Half $9.15
Regular Angus Beef Bowl $9.65
Regular Organic Tofu Bowl $7.95

Plates Menu Prices

NAE Chicken Plate $9.35
Half & Half Plate $11.85
Angus Beef Plate $12.45
Organic Tofu Plate $10.30

Mini Bowls Menu Prices

Mini NAE Chicken $5.65
Mini Half & Half $6.75
Mini Angus Beef $7.00
Mini Organic Tofu $5.80

Beverages Menu Prices

Regular Drink $2.10
Large Drink $2.35
Bottled Water $1.70

Add-Ons Menu Prices

Simply Magic Sauce Bottle® $5.95
Side of Avocado $1.85

Sides & Extras Menu Prices

Simply Magic Sauce Bottle $5.95
Side of Avocado $1.85
Side of NAE Chicken $4.00
Side of Angus Beef $4.85
Side of Half & Half $4.25
Side of Organic Tofu $4.25
Side of White Meat Chicken $4.25
Side of White Rice $3.45
Side of Brown Rice $3.45
Side of Veggies $3.45
Flame Broiler Menu PricesPin
Flame Broiler Menu Prices

Flame Broiler Menu Prices

Flame Broiler Menu Prices is a restaurant specializing in flame-grilled burgers, chicken, and seafood. It’s got a great atmosphere and is the perfect place to take your friends or family for a delicious meal.

Flame Broiler Menu Prices has a wide range of options, from affordable appetizers like chips and salsa to more expensive entrees like steak and lobster.

Flame Broiler Menu Prices is a popular restaurant chain that specializes in flame-broiled steaks, chicken, and seafood. The menu includes appetizers like onion rings and mozzarella sticks, as well as salads, sandwiches, and dinners that come with sides of fries or veggies. For dessert, try the signature chocolate chip cookie or apple pie à la mode.

Flame Broiler Menu Prices are very affordable compared to other restaurants in the same category. For example, at Flame Broiler you can get a small hamburger meal for less than $10 which includes fries and drink while most other fast food restaurants will charge you more than $10 for just a burger without any sides or drinks.

Source: Two Cooks in a Nook

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