Forget the Pizza Dough with Domino’s New Breaded Chicken Crust

Domino’s Pizza, from the name alone, is known worldwide for its delicious pizzas. Domino’s is actually the second largest pizza chain in the United States, but when you look at its international branches, both corporate and franchised, it is easily the largest pizza chain worldwide. It is also the world leader in pizza deliveries, giving you freshly baked and hot pizzas at your doorstep, as soon as you want it.

At Domino’s, you can have the exact kind of pizza that you want, because they offer a variety of crusts and toppings that cater to many tastes. Domino’s is so popular for its pizzas that it has truly caught the world’s attention when it recently introduced its new product, swapping the usual pizza dough with a crust made of breaded chicken. Domino’s calls it the ‘Specialty Chicken,’ and it’s literally replacing the pizza dough with breaded chicken, then adding all the toppings as you would in normal pizza.


Specialty Chicken Options

The idea of replacing pizza dough with chicken is in itself enough to cause curiosity among pizza lovers. After all, the pizza dough is a big part of what makes pizza delicious. But the Specialty Chicken is a different kind of ‘pizza’ offering in itself, and it’s loaded with so many flavors and packed with a lot of protein. Imagine boneless breaded chicken breasts that are cut up into bite-friendly sizes, and topped with the usual pizza sauce, meats, veggies, and melted cheese. Oh yes, the carb-conscious can now rejoice. For those who want to try this new product out, here are the 4 delightful options:


So you already get the chicken, but what pizza is complete without bacon? Imagine a flavorful pizza sauce placed on top of the chicken, together with crispy bits of juicy bacon, tomato slices, and of course the cheese.


Another variation to the bacon topping is the sweet BBQ bacon concoction, which tops chicken with pizza sauce and a mouthwatering mix of the flavors of sweet barbecue and bacon. And to make this an even more mouthwatering experience, don’t forget the melted cheese!


Spicy pizzas abound, because a lot of people enjoy getting the kick out of those exotic and spicy flavors. So imagine mixing spicy Jalapeno together with sweet pineapples, and placing this on top of breaded chicken crust together with pizza sauce and cheese. Now that’s all the sweet and spicy that you need!


There’s nothing like the taste of classic hot buffalo, which blends the taste of chicken with that unique barbecue-buffalo flavor you can’t seem to put your finger on. It also has that special kick in there somewhere, for those who appreciate a unique blend of flavors.

Reinventing pizza, over and over again

The carb-conscious may rejoice, but not everyone may be too receptive when it comes to Domino’s new offering. After all, pizza is a pretty popular food item, and people are used to the normal types of pizza that they get in a box and that they have known for years. The naysayers may relax of course, because this new offering doesn’t mean that Domino’s has run out of pizza dough. It’s merely a new offering in the menu that doesn’t necessarily replace pizza as everyone knows it. But at the same, it reinvents the pizza market and the fast food landscape, forever reinventing the way people look at pizza.

Through all the years that Domino’s has remained the world leader in pizza deliveries, it has done its share of reinventions. Domino’s has kept its menu relatively simple, to focus on the efficiency and speed of pizza deliveries, but of course it comes up with something new every now and then.

From a single pizza with 11 toppings in 12-inch and 16-inch sizes, Domino’s changed its menu in 1989 by adding the Domino’s pan pizza, which offers a deep dish dough. It also introduced ‘The Dominator’ in 1993, providing the market with an extra large pizza option. The Philly Cheese Steak Pizza and Brooklyn Style Pizza were introduced in 2003 and 2006 respectively, and many other product innovations followed. Domino’s has also ventured into non-pizza items, coming up with items like the BreadBowl Pasta entrée, the Buffalo Chicken Kickers, and now the Specialty Chicken.

When it celebrated its 50th anniversary back in 2010, Domino’s also made significant changes in its pizza recipe, reinventing their pizza once again “from the crust up,” catering to the changing taste of the market and of course to provide better quality pizza offerings.

The Specialty Chicken is just Domino’s newest way of reinventing the pizza, and while you shouldn’t really ‘forget’ the pizza dough per se, you can at least rethink it.

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