Gates BBQ Menu With Prices **April 2023 Updated**

Gates BBQ Menu With Prices is a restaurant with a wide variety of food options. It has been around for years and is popular among local residents. The restaurant’s menu consists of ribs, chicken, and many other types of meat. The prices range from $10 to $30 depending on what you order.

Ribs are usually the most expensive item on any menu. For example, a full slab of ribs at Gates BBQ costs $30 per serving while a half slab costs $20 per serving. A rack of baby back ribs costs $15 per serving while a half rack costs $10 per serving. Rib tips cost $8 per serving while pulled pork costs $7 per serving.


Sandwiches Menu Prices

Bun w/ Fries $9.95
 Single $6.25
Double-decker $9.25
Double-decker and Half $10.25
 Combo Double-decker $9.50
Combo Double-decker and Half $10.50
 Burnt Ends $8.50

Entrees Menu Prices

Long-end $13.25
Short-end $13.75
Center-cut $13.95
Slab $23.95
Chicken $8.95
Sausage $10.95
 Mixed Plate $23.00
 4 Boner $39.00

Trays/Sliced Meats Menu Prices

Small Party $52.00
 Large Party $79.95
 Presidents Choice $82.00
Sliced Meat (1/2 lb.) $9.25
Sliced Meat (1 lb.) $17.20

Sides Menu Prices

Gates Fries $4.95
Onion Rings $4.85
 BBQ Beans $4.75
Cole Slaw $3.95
 Potato Salad $9.75
 Pasta Salad $19.99

Gates BBQ Sauces Menu Prices

Gates BBQ Sauce $0.60
Hot Sauce $3.95

Desserts Menu Prices

Gates Pies $4.25

Drinks Menu Prices

Soda $1.79
Gates BBQ Menu With PricesPin
Gates BBQ Menu With Prices

Gates BBQ Menu With Prices

Gates BBQ Menu With Prices, with its iconic white and red logo and its history of serving up delicious barbecue in the Texan town of Austin, is a local favorite. This legendary spot has been around since 1957 and is still going strong today. It’s one of the oldest restaurants in the city, and it has become a staple of the community—a place where locals go to hang out, relax on picnic tables outside, and enjoy some good food.

Gates BBQ Menu With Prices is full of classic barbecue dishes that have been prepared by generations of Texans. You’ll find all kinds of sandwiches here: The Texas Hot Link Sandwich is made with smoked sausage links marinated in their own sauce while the Brisket Sandwich is topped with smoked beef brisket that’s been cooked low and slow until tender.

If you don’t want a sandwich, then why not try one of their sides? Their classic baked potato fries are always good for dipping into barbecue sauce or for eating alongside your meat (and if you’re feeling adventurous), you can even try their sweet potato fries! If those aren’t enough for you then there are also options like fried okra and jalapeno poppers!

Gates BBQ Menu With Prices is a family-owned restaurant located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. They serve up some of the best barbecue you can find in the city, with everything from ribs to chicken to pulled pork sandwiches. But what’s even better is that they have a huge selection of sides to go along with your meal, including macaroni and cheese, collard greens, baked beans, cornbread, and more. Gates BBQ also serves a variety of desserts, including banana pudding and peach cobbler.

If you’re looking for something on the lighter side at Gates BBQ, try their salads or burgers. For example, the Garden Salad is made with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots—and it’s only $3! You can also get a grilled chicken breast burger for just $5.50 or a charbroiled steak burger for $6.50.

If you’re looking for something sweet after dinner at Gates BBQ Menu With Prices then try their caramelized apples ($5) or their pecan pie ($5).

Source: Iowa’s News Now

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