Grilled Caesar salad with crispy protein croutons


A vegetarian recipe for warm summer evenings

It is the all-time classic par excellence: the Caesar Salad. The classic among salads often has a bad reputation when it comes to a healthy and balanced diet. We love the different taste components of the Caesar salad and especially its dressing, but since we like to forego oil and useless calories, we took on the challenge and put together a higher protein, lower calorie and vegetarian summer salad. The highlight: We put the romaine lettuce on the grill, here it absorbs a few toasted aromas before it ends up on your plate. Because who says there always has to be meat on the grill? And our Caesar Salad 2.0 supports the croutons from our protein bread. you with your muscle building.


  • Prepare and bake protein bread according to the instructions on the packet (or reuse leftovers from the day before).

  • Ingredients:

    150 g

    Proteinbrot, 1 THE Olive oil, 2  Garlic cloves, salt

    Cut the bread into 2 cm cubes. Finely chop garlic cloves or treat with a garlic press. Fry the croutons and garlic with a little oil over medium heat for approx. 5-6 minutes until crispy. Season with salt.

  • Ingredients:

    300 g Mushrooms, 1 TL

    Coconut oil, Salt pepper

    Roughly pluck the oyster mushrooms (or cut them into slices) and roast them in a pan over high heat with a little coconut oil. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

  • Ingredients:

    1 TL Capers, 2 TL Mustard, 0,5  Clove of garlic, 2 THE Quark, 1 TL Lemon juice, 1 THE Parmesan, Salt pepper

    For the Caesar Salad Dressing: Cut the capers into small pieces and mix with the other ingredients to a creamy mass.

  • Ingredients:

    3  Romanasalatherzen

    Wash the romaine lettuce and cut in half. Then pat dry and roast them in a (grill) pan or on the grill over high heat for 2-3 minutes.

  • Place the grilled romaine lettuce hearts on a plate and decorate with the roasted mushrooms and croutons.

  • Finely slice a piece of parmesan.

  • Serve the Caesar Salad with the dressing and the parmesan pieces.

  • Good Appetite!

Vegan Caesar Salad

Our Caesar Salad can also be easily turned into a vegan salad if you like. With our vegan protein bread, the croutons get a nice green color and spice up your salad. Then replace the parmesan with yeast flakes and the quark with a vegetable quark alternative and you have a vegan salad with a bite. Do you want us to tell you another secret? Roast a few chickpeas and give them a nice, spicy coat and you have a crispy and protein-rich topping for your vegan Caesar salad. It will be the highlight of the next barbecue evening – we promise!

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