Grilled ling fish with buttermilk, mustard and dill sauce & cabbage

Grilled ling fish & cabbage with buttermilk-mustard-dill sauce (LeMax table grill recipe)Pin

A grilled ling fish with buttermilk mustard dill sauce is the easiest and fastest way to prepare a delicious fish dish in less than 30 minutes. And if your ling fish fillets on an electronic Table grill with glass ceramic plate grills, then they always turn out perfectly. I also cut up a white cabbage and put it on the electric grill together with vine tomatoes. Cooking couldn’t be easier! And I’ve refined the simple fish recipe with my new favorite sauce for fish: a delicious dill sauce with buttermilk and Dijon mustard. That’s insane! I’m still very excited :-).


How does ling taste taste?

If you have no experience with Lengfisch then I recommend that you do it quickly. Especially if you are not a big fish fan. I would call this fish the “chicken of the sea”. Because the meat is firm and still sufficiently tender. I would even compare it to lobster meat. In addition, the bony fish contains very few bones and has a mild and aromatic taste that tastes similar to cod. These are all good reasons why I would recommend ling fish for children too. And since the meat is rather firm, as I said, the fish is perfect for grilling, roasting or steaming.

LeMax table grill with fish, cabbage and tomatoesPin

Simply grill fish with the LeMax® electric grill

Not only the ling fish is perfect for grilling. I also have very good experiences with that LeMax Elektrogrill made by ELAG. ELAG has been my permanent partner and sponsor for some time. I’m particularly pleased about that, as the German company manufactures fantastic hobs in Germany. A new cosmos has opened up for me and this recipe is a delicious result of this collaboration.

The LeMax electric grill offers many advantages. To grill on the glass ceramic hob of the table grill you only need very little fat in contrast to fish that is fried in the pan. The surface of the table grill is so smooth that the fish won’t stick. And if the fish also contains a lot of fat, such as salmon, then you don’t need any additional fat for grilling. In this recipe for grilled ling fish, I smeared the fillets (and the grill) with a little oil and added salt and pepper to them. And then you can put it on the LeMax electric grill.

LeMax table grill with fish, cabbage and tomatoesPin

Grilled ling fish & cabbage with buttermilk-mustard-dill sauce (LeMax table grill recipe)Pin

Why a table grill with a glass ceramic surface is recommended

One benefit is low-fat cooking, which is very healthy. In addition, the large surface of the grill allows you to grill the entire dish at once. So I not only put the fish fillets on top, but also the vegetables. If the vegetables are on the edge, they will stay nice and warm until the fish is grilled. So you can finish the cabbage first and then move it to the side so that it stays warm while you grill the 4 or 6 fillets.

And if you have a lot of guests, you can finish the side dish in the oven or on the stove while the fish is being cooked on the table grill. So you can cook everything at once for many guests. And grilling the fish only takes 3-4 minutes per side. This is how you get restaurant quality for your home. Because restaurant chefs swear by the LeMax electric grill. You can even grill directly on the table for guests. Then you have the perfect show.

Grilled ling fish & cabbage with buttermilk-mustard-dill sauce with LeMax grill platePin

Grilling vegetables is very easy

Have you ever grilled a cabbage? If not, then you shouldn’t miss this experience either. A grilled white cabbage tastes sensational and can be enjoyed as a main course or as a side dish. You can cut it into eight equal cuts or grill it as slices like a steak. And it tastes very good warm or at room temperature.

I recommend you to buy a small white cabbage head. If you cut it into 8 parts, the pieces are just the right size to serve directly as a side dish.

In order to cut the white cabbage you have to make sure that the pieces are still held together at the roots. Because then it won’t disintegrate on the grill. Grilling takes about 6 minutes per side until the cabbage is tender and lightly browned but not burnt.


Grilled ling fish & cabbage with buttermilk-mustard-dill sauce (LeMax table grill recipe)Pin

Grilled ling fish with buttermilk, mustard and dill sauce & fried cabbage

Recipe for grilled ling fish with grilled white cabbage and a delicious buttermilk and dill sauce. Prepared in a few minutes. With an electric table grill you can grill indoors all year round.

For the fish and vegetables:

  • 1
    Small white cabbage
  • 2
    Lengfisch-Fillets (i 200 g)
    (alternatively cod or saithe is also possible)
  • 200
    Rice tomatoes Cherry tomatoes
  • 1
    Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper,
    to taste
  • Heat-resistant oil for the grill

For the buttermilk and dill sauce:

  • 100
    Organic buttermilk
  • 1
  • 1
    Japanese rice vinegar
  • 4
    Extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2
    Bunch of fresh dill,
    finely chopped (3 tbsp)

  1. Take the fish out of the refrigerator and bring it to room temperature (between 15 and 30 minutes). This guarantees that the fish is grilled evenly. Brush each side of the fillets with a little oil and season with salt and pepper. Put aside.

  2. Peel off the outer, not so beautiful leaves of the white cabbage and cut the cabbage into 8 equal parts. Do not remove the stem or the inner core (it is important that the stem is preserved, as it holds the leaves of the cabbage pieces together). Brush the cabbage wedges with oil and season with salt and pepper.

  3. For the sauce, mix the sauce ingredients (buttermilk, mustard, vinegar, oil and dill) well in a small bowl or carafe. Put aside.

  4. Heat the table grill on a medium to high level (set the LeMax electric grill to level 10 and, as soon as it is hot, to level 9). Brush the grill with a little heat-resistant oil.

  5. Place the cabbage slices on the grill and grill each side until they are lightly brown and the cabbage starts to soften (approx. 6 minutes per side). The cabbage is grilled when it starts to wilt but is still firm in the middle (I like the cabbage crispy, but if you want it soft you just leave it on the grill longer).

  6. After you have turned the cabbage, put the fish fillets and cherry tomatoes on the grill. Grill the fish on each side until it is easy to pierce with a fork (approx. 3 minutes per side). The exact grill time depends on the thickness of the fish.

  7. Arrange the fish, the cabbage slices and the cherry tomatoes on plates. Pour some sauce over the fish and cabbage and serve immediately.

  8. Enjoy!

  • Depending on how soft you want the cabbage to be, you can grill it longer. If you want the tomatoes to be very soft, put them on the grill shortly after the cabbage. As soon as they have the desired consistency you can put them on the edge of the grill so that they stay warm until everything is ready.
  • I take unseasoned Japanese Rice vinegar from OTAFUKU (no paid advertising).

For a relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen, I recommend my personal Elle Republic: Chilled Out Kitchen Tunes Playlist on Spotify.

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How did it taste?

I would be happy if you tell me how you liked the recipe for grilled ling fish and cabbage with buttermilk-mustard-dill sauce. The easiest way is to rate the recipe below with stars ⭐ or write me a comment. Especially if you have more tips for all readers.

Have you changed anything in the recipe?

I am always happy to receive tips and suggestions from you. Leave a comment so everyone can see what ideas you’ve come up with. Sharing is caring :-).

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