Have you already tried the North Sea “Visch”?

For many of us, North Sea is already the healthy alternative to other fast food brands. Admittedly, it is not healthy in the narrower sense of the word, because there are still fried foods. However, the fact that they offer seafood makes guests feel a little better about their choices.

But now more people can hold on to their claim that North Sea is the healthier option when it comes to fast food chains in Europe. With the latest addition to their menu, diners have more options if they skip pork, chicken, or beef.


that fish

With the name “visch”, Nordsee has introduced a plant-based fish alternative to expand its portfolio and appeal to a wider audience. At the beginning of 2021 they announced the inclusion of the “Bachvisch Baguette” and the “Visch & Chips” on their menu.

Both items contain a herbal seafood alternative called a “visch”. As it sounds, it may have got its name from the combination of vegetables and fish. And since it is a fish alternative made from vegetable protein, the name perfectly expresses what it is.

Nordsee has teamed up with the Dutch startup Novish, a manufacturer of vegan fish nuggets, fillets, sticks and burgers. Novish has been trying to break into the market for a while and this partnership has certainly helped them reach a wider audience. In addition, access to vegetable fish alternatives has been made much easier, as Nordsee has already made these two new menu items available in all branches in Germany and Austria.

Is it any good?

An important consideration with plant-based meat is whether it is good. Vegetable proteins are not always known to taste similar to meat, so this is already out of the question. But the flavor can always be adjusted by seasoning, so it shouldn’t be a big problem. However, it’s texture that makes a lot of people special.

So does the vish have the same texture as fish? Many guests say yes. It’s quite flaky, so you’ll experience the same sensations as when you eat real fish. Many also liked the way it tasted as it is subtle and resembles the real fish.

What many diners like to point out, however, is that the sauces can be quite limited for vegans. The same sauce options are available for plant-based fish dishes, so not all are vegan. If you are not very familiar with the chain’s sauces, please consider.

The growing demand for vegetable meat in Germany

Nordsee’s move to add plant-based options to its menu shouldn’t come as a surprise. They have tried their portobello burger and avocado wrap before, but unfortunately not as hoped. This new offer comes at the right time, however, as more and more Germans are reducing their meat consumption.

Studies show that Germans have recently been eating less meat and are relying on alternatives. Seafood has always been an easier transition for many, but it may not be enough for some. By including plant-based alternatives to seafood in the menu, Nordsee can effectively meet the demands of its target market.

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