Healthy vegan zoodles salad with peanut coriander pesto


Green bowl for warm summer days

When you think of pasta with pesto, do you think of a zero-eight fifteen dish that has to hold out when the cooking inspiration isn’t that great again? When we hear the keywords noodles and pesto, we think of our fresh zoodles salad with peanut-coriander pesto with a Thai touch. Because what could be better on the first days of spring than a crunchy pasta salad. And because we love our pasta in the color green, we have ours Spiralizer unpacked and conjured up a delicious, simple and vegan recipe with pasta made from zucchini for you. For us, a homemade pesto is a real mood-enhancer and when coriander, lemon and peanut butter meet, it can only mean that you are using your new favorite recipe for the summer with unSerem Zoodles Salad!


  • Ingredients:

    1 THE

    Peanut butter, 30 g Coriander, 1  Clove of garlic, 1 TL Soy sauce, Juice of half a lemon, Salt pepper

    Put all ingredients for the pesto in a bowl and puree with a (stick) mixer. If you prefer a finer pesto, add a dash of water.

  • Ingredients:

    30 g sugar snap

    Put the snow peas in the boiling and salted water and blanch for approx. 3 minutes.

  • Ingredients:

    300 g Zucchini

    Cut the zucchini into fine spaghetti with a spiral cutter (if there is no spiralizer, the zucchini can also be cut with a vegetable peeler).

  • Add the oil to the pan and heat it over medium heat. Add the zoodles and heat for 2-3 minutes, stirring regularly.

  • Ingredients:

    40 g Edamame,

    Then add edamame to the pan and fry briefly until they take on a little color.

  • Meanwhile, chop walnuts. Put the chopped nuts and the protein flakes in a pan and briefly toast them over medium heat until they are nice and crispy.

  • Cut the sugar snap peas into pieces.

  • Now add ¾ of the coriander and peanut pesto to the zoodles and edamame and mix everything together.

  • Place the noodle pan in a bowl and serve with the rocket and sugar snap peas.

  • Ingredients:

    0,5  Spring onion, Cress, salt, pepper

    Serve the dish with protein flakes, walnuts, spring onions and cress, if you like. Drizzle the rest of the pesto over the zoodles salad and top it off with a splash of lemon juice.

  • Good Appetite!

Which vegetables can I still use for my zoodles?

There are no limits to your creativity. From carrots to sweet potatoesn to beetroot, you can conjure up zoodles from quite a few types of vegetables. A fresh zoodles rainbow salad is made from various vegetables in no time at all. Of course you can also use zoodles for your next spaghetti bolognese evening, to replace traditional spaghetti. For the vegan version, please have a look at ours Zucchini pasta with lentil bolognese recipe past.

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