Heart Attack Grill Menu With Prices **April 2022 Updated**

The Heart Attack Grill Menu With Prices is the only fast-food restaurant in the world that serves more than 1,000 calories of artery-clogging food per meal. In fact, they serve so much fat and grease that their customers have to sign a waiver before sitting down at their tables.


Heart Attack Grill Menu With Prices


Vanilla $4.63
Strawberry $4.63
Coke Freeze $4.63
Chocolate $4.63
Maple $4.63


Chocolate Brownie $6.48
Chocolate Peanut Butter $6.48
Cheesecake $6.48
Maple Bacon $6.48


XXX Rated $9.23


Cocacola $1.85
Lime $4.63
Mango $4.63
Strawberry $4.63
Dasani $1.85
Orange $4.63
Coconut $4.63


1.00% leaf tobacco (no meat additives)

Cigarettes $2.78


Chili $8.83
Onions $8.83
Cheese $8.83


Flatliner Fries
With chili & cheese
Single Bypass Burger $8.33
Triple Bypass Burger $12.30
Quintuple Bypass Burger $15.73
Septuple Bypass Burger $18.48
Double Bypass Burger $10.18
Quadruple Bypass Burger $13.88
Sextuple Bypass Burger $17.58
Octuple Bypass Burger $21.28


Jello Shots $4.63
24 Oz Beer $4.63
Penis shaped syringes. Available in black or white
Red or White
Wine w/ iv bag & pole


Jack Daniels Jim Beam
Honey Jack Jagerneister


Jose Cuervo Captain Morgan


Patron Grey Goose

If you do not finish your meal the nurse will administer spankings!

100 Cc Pill Bottles
(That’s a 3.4 oz shot! ) Custom labeled w/ your name
Dauquiris Screwdrivers
Keep the Paddle For $6.48
Heart Attack Grill Menu With PricesPin
Heart Attack Grill Menu With Prices

Heart Attack Grill Menu With Prices

The Heart Attack Grill Menu With Prices is full of delicious burgers, fries, and milkshakes that are sure to satisfy any craving. The restaurant is known for its outrageous theme, which includes waitresses dressed as nurses who bring you your food on a gurney. The Heart Attack Grill Menu With Prices is also a bit over-the-top with its caloric content, but it doesn’t stop people from coming back for more!

The following are some of the most popular menu items at the Heart Attack Grill:

1. Quadruple Bypass Burger – $12.99 – This burger comes with four patties and contains over 9,000 calories! It’s topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Add fries or onion rings to complete your meal.

2. Flatliner Fries – $8.99 – These fries are deep fried in pure lard and served with five different kinds of cheese melted on top! They’re so good that you won’t want to share them with anyone else!

3. Tastes Like Heaven Milkshake – $5.99 – This is one of their most popular shakes and comes in chocolate or vanilla flavor (you can add bacon). If you want something a little lighter than ice cream then try ordering

Their Heart Attack Grill Menu With Prices is so bad for you, it’s dangerous—but it tastes great! The restaurant has become famous across the country for its extreme menu options and its waitresses’ revealing outfits.

The Heart Attack Grill Menu With Prices offers burgers, fries and milkshakes that are all designed to give customers a real “heart attack.” For example, one of their signature burgers is called “the Quadruple Bypass Burger” and has four patties and eight slices of cheese piled on top of it. It weighs over three pounds!

If you want to try something even more extreme than this, order the “Flatliner Fries.” These fries are covered in cheese sauce and deep-fried bacon bits! They’re served with a side of ranch dressing for dipping purposes. If you think these sound delicious (or disgusting), then head over to the Heart Attack Grill right now because they’re only available until 11pm on Friday nights!

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