Honey Dew Donuts Menu With Prices **April 2022**

Honey Dew Donuts Menu With PricesHoney Dew Donuts is one of the most popular fast food and bakery restaurant in the United States. They specialize in serving breakfast sandwiches, baked goods, hot beverages, iced beverages, frozen beverages, and many more items on their menu. They are famous for their donuts and coffee as well.


Honey Dew Donuts Menu With Prices

Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast Cup $4.27
Chicken Salad $5.36
Country Burger $5.36
Egg N Cheese $3.79
Hashbrowns $1.67
International $5.36
Mac n’ Cheese $3.89
Maple Pancake Sandwich $5.36
Western Omelet $5.36
Yogurt Parfait $3.88
Egg n Cheese with Meat $5.05


Coffee Roll $2.34
Donuts $1.63
Hashbrowns $1.67
Dewdrops $2.65
Muffins $2.34
Bagel $2.16
Crossiants $2.34
Cinnamon Sticks $2.34
Raspberry Sticks $2.34


Coffee $2.55
Cold Brew $3.75
Iced Red Bull $6.40
Nitro Cold Brew $4.40
Sparkling Water $3.12
Hot Chocolate $2.95
Iced Coffee $3.12
Iced Tea $3.12
Smoothie $4.31
Milk $2.60
Juice $2.60
Bottled Water $2.36
Honey Dew Home Brew $9.16
Hot Latte $3.65
Iced Latte $4.31
Hot Cappuccino $3.65
Iced Cappuccino $4.00
Honey Dew Donuts Address Honey Dew Associates, Inc. 2 Taunton Street Plainville, MA 02762
Honey Dew Donuts Phone Number (1-800-946-6393)
Honey Dew Donuts Email Address customersupport@honeydewdonuts.com
Honey Dew Donuts Contact Form Fill Here
Honey Dew Donuts Menu With PricesPin
Honey Dew Donuts Menu With Prices

Honey Dew Donuts is a donut and coffee chain in New England. They offer hot coffees, sandwiches, and freshly made donuts in several flavors such as chocolate, maple and cream cheese etc. Their menu includes something for every taste bud.

Honey Dew Donuts is a bakery and café. They offer donuts, muffins, and more. Their products are both sweet and savory. They have over 200 different items on their menu including hot beverages, sandwiches, iced drinks by the hour, frozen beverages and much more. They also serve breakfast sandwiches for customers before 11:00 AM

Honey Dew Donuts offers a wide range of products that include donuts and coffee. Their menu prices are reasonable. Their locations are spread across the United States. You can easily order your favorite food items through their mobile app or website.

Honey Dew Donuts is mainly a donut shop that operates donut and coffee shops throughout the United States. It is run by Richard J. Bowen, who is the chief executive officer of this company. The headquarters of Honey Dew Donuts, Inc. is in Plainville, Massachusetts and was founded by Dick Bowen in 1973.

They came in partnership with many charities such as National Breast Cancer Foundation, Rodman Ride for Kids, and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. They also open original locations to their customers like Dutch Bros Coffee, Black Rock Coffee Bar and Caribou Coffee. If you are thinking of having a cup of coffee then you can try these companies as well.

The Honey Dew Donuts menu contains all types of donuts and items that are different from the others. If you are looking for a delicious pastry, then you can visit Honey Dew Donuts. The main motto of this restaurant is to provide the customers with the best quality products at affordable prices. They have been providing us with many other varieties like cakes, muffins and cookies as well.

Honey Dew Donuts has been a part of the breakfast routine of millions of Americans for more than 40 years. Started as a small donut shop in 1973, Honey Dew quickly became a beloved brand around the world. Today, Honey Dew is known for its delicious treats and a wide selection of wholesome hot and cold beverages that keep you energized throughout your busy day.

Honey Dew Donuts has added a new range of donuts in their menu. These donuts are available at all the chains of Honey Dew Donuts. The new line up offers delicious flavors like strawberry chocolate fudge cookie, maple-cinnamon old fashion, raspberry glaze and chocolate sprinkle cookies, salted caramel and chocolate chip crunch cookies, and cinnamon sugar cake doughnuts with frosting. All these doughnuts taste like heaven!

Decided to grab a donut today? Check out this great new shop in town. We have the best selection of fresh donuts and great coffee, too. Honey Dew Donuts is a chain of donut shops based in Plainville, Massachusetts. There are many other chains of donuts such as Dutch Bros Coffee, Caribou Coffee and Black Rock Coffee Bar that you can try if you are planning to have some hot coffee after getting the taste of the delicious donuts of Honey Dew Donuts.

Are you looking for the Honey Dew Donuts menu with prices? If yes, then you are at the perfect place. Here, you can check out the entire menu and all the other things related to it. We have listed many more such places where you can find a variety of food items, snacks and drinks including coffee. Read more about these places to know about them in detail.

The Honey Dew Donuts menu is packed with a huge variety of items. Presenting the Breakfast Menu, along with offering different types of Donuts and Pastries, it offers delicious breakfast sandwiches as well as various beverages such as Coffee & Tea. If you are on a diet plan then most probably you won’t be able to grab a donut but there are plenty of other options for you here at the Honey Dew Donuts menu such as sandwiches and Breakfasts Sandwiches.

Honey Dew Donuts is one of the oldest established donut shops in America. They also have take-out locations and mobile truck stops that serve fresh hot donuts, coffee and delicious beverages.

The coffee shop chain offers fresh and tasty coffee at an affordable price. People can get specialty coffee drinks in the morning, ice cream in the afternoon and donuts for dinner.

A delicious menu of donuts, coffee, bagels and treats. We want to be your one stop shop for all your favorites and beyond.

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