Hula Hut Menu With Prices **April 2023 Updated**

Hula Hut Menu With Prices is a Hawaiian-themed restaurant chain with restaurants in various states across the US.

Hula Hut Menu With Prices includes a variety of dishes, including sandwiches, burgers, poke bowls, and salads. The prices for their food range from $6 to $15 per item.


Non-Alcoholic Menu Prices

Iced Tea $2.87
Lemonade $2.87
Dr.Pepper $2.87
MUG Root Beer $2.87
Pepsi Zero $2.87
Pepsi $2.87
Diet Pepsi $2.87
Sierra Mist $2.87
Mt. Dew $2.87
Stubborn Brand – Pineapple Cream Soda $2.87

Snacks Menu Prices

Chile con Queso* $7.80
1/2 Chile con Queso $4.31
Side of BBQ Sauce* $1.20
Texas Nachos* $6.00
Chicken Quesadillas* $10.31
Shrimp Quesadillas* $13.55
Coconut Shrimp* $14.39
BBQ Baby Back Rib Appetizer* $14.99
Papas Asadas* $4.74
Cheese Quesadillas* $9.00
Basket of Fries $4.19
Queso Compuesto $9.59
Side of Jalapeno Ranch* $0.90
Guacamole Salad* $9.59
Palm Tree Hugger Nachos* $5.40
Mango Poblano Quesadillas* $10.31
Chicken Flautas* $10.79
Mexonisian Shrimp Flautas $14.39
Kawaikini Stuffed Avocado* $11.99
Hatch Green Chile & Queso Fries $8.34
Beef Quesadillas* $11.51

Soup & Salads Menu Prices

Hula Hut Chopped Salad $11.99
Diamond Head Noodle Salad $12.35
Homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup – Cup $8.39
Salad Combo $14.15
Half Seaser Salad $6.35
Small Seaser Salad $3.59
South Bay Seaser $11.99
Surfer Salad $14.39
Homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup – Bowl $10.79
Half Chopped Salad $6.59
Small Chopped Salad $3.59

Sandwiches Menu Prices

Hula Hut Burger $12.59
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $11.99
Fish Sandwich $13.19
Veggie Burger $15.59
Hawaiian BBQ Pork Sandwich $14.99

Five – O – Fajitas Menu Prices

Shiner Bock Fajitas for 1 $17.99
Hawaiian Fajitas for 1 $19.79
Thai BBQ Fajitas for 1 $19.19
EXTRA Traditional Fajita Setup for 1 $3.60
EXTRA Thai Fajita Setup $6.00
Shiner Bock Fajitas for 2 $31.79
Hawaiian Fajitas for 2 $33.59
Thai BBQ Fajitas for $32.99
EXTRA Traditional Fajita Setup for 2 $6.00

Soft Tacos Menu Prices

BBQ Chicken Tacos $15.59
Grilled Chile Rubbed Salmon Tacos $14.99
Slow Roasted Pork Tacos $14.39
Fried Avocado Tacos $14.39
Montego Bay Shrimp Tacos $14.99
Grilled Mahi-Mahi Fish Tacos $14.99
Open Faced Tuna Tacos $17.99
Fajita Beef Tacos $14.99

Tubular Tacos Menu Prices

Chicken & Guacamole Tubular Taco $16.19
Veggie Tubular Taco $14.99
Steak Tubular Taco $17.99
Shrimp & Spinach Tubular Taco $17.99

Pipeline Enchiladas Menu Prices

Fajita Beef Pipeline Enchilada $17.39
Shrimp Pipeline Enchilada $17.39
Cheese Pipeline Enchilada $11.99
Roasted Chicken Pipeline Enchilada $16.19
Veggie Pipeline Enchilada $14.99

Pu Pu Platters Menu Prices

Huli Huli Luau Platter $44.39
Polynesian Pescado Platter $46.79

Kids Food Menu Prices

Hot Dog $5.99
Kid Cheese Dilla $5.99+
Kid Bean & Cheese Taco $5.99
Kid Fried Shrimp $5.99
Kid Cheese Enchilada $5.99
Chicken Fingers $5.99
Kid Chicken Taco $5.99
Kid Beef Taco $5.99
Kid Grilled Shrimp $6.59
Kid Bean & Cheese Burrito $5.99

Desserts Menu Prices

Hula Hut Dessert Nachos $10.79
Fried Ice Cream $10.79
Key Lime Pie $10.79
Tollhouse Pie Ala Mode $11.99
Flan $10.79
Tres Leches with Fresh Strawberries $10.79
Irma’s Tollhouse Pie $10.79
Kids Ice Cream $2.70
Hula Hut Menu With PricesPin
Hula Hut Menu With Prices

Hula Hut Menu With Prices

We know you want to eat at Hula Hut Menu With Prices, and we want to help you do it—but we also want you to be prepared when you get there.

That’s why we’ve put together this menu of our most popular items, with their prices so that when you’re deciding what to order, you can make the most informed decision possible.

Hula Hut Menu With Prices is a restaurant that specializes in serving fresh Hawaiian cuisine. They have a variety of dishes to choose from, including burgers, salads, and grilled chicken. The menu also includes vegetarian options and a kid’s menu.

Hula Hut Menu With Prices offers takeout and catering services for events such as birthdays, weddings, and corporate parties.

Hula Hut Menu With Prices is arguably the best place to eat on the island. The prices are reasonable, and the food is delicious. If you’re looking for a place to grab a bite after a long day in the sun or just want to have some fun with friends, then this is your spot!

Source: Ed Foodie

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