Hungry Jack’s Menu Prices in Australia **April 2023 Updated**

Hungry Jack’s Menu Prices in Australia is an Australian fast food chain that serves burgers, fries, and hot dogs. The company was founded in the 1970s by a man named Jack Cowin.

Today, Hungry Jack’s is one of Australia’s most popular fast food chains. It has over 800 restaurants across Australia and New Zealand.

In this article, we’ll go over the prices of burgers and other menu items at Hungry Jack’s restaurants in Australia. We’ll also tell you how much it costs to get delivery from Hungry Jack’s if you live in one of their delivery zones.



Turkish Brekky BLAT A$7.95
Turkish Brekky BLAT & Egg A$8.95
BBQ Brekky Stack A$6.95
Bacon & Egg Muffin A$5.45
Sausage & Egg Muffin A$5.95
BBQ Brekky Wrap A$7.45
Big BBQ Brekky Wrap A$8.45
Hash Brown A$2.45
BLAT Brekky Wrap A$8.45

Most Popular

Whopper® Cheese A$9.65
Whopper® A$8.65
Bacon Deluxe™ A$9.65
Ultimate Double Whopper® A$14.15
6 Nuggets Value Meal Large A$12.45
12 Nuggets Value Meal Large A$16.45
6 Nuggets & Sauces A$6.45
12 Nuggets & Sauces A$10.95
3 Nuggets & Sauces A$4.95

Box & Shared Meals

Family Bundle Large A$49.95
Family Bundle Small A$39.95
Bacon Deluxe™ Hunger Tamer A$17.95
Whopper® Cheese Hunger Tamer A$17.95
Grilled Chicken Hunger Tamer A$17.95

Whopper & Beef

Whopper® A$8.65
Whopper® Cheese A$9.65
Double Whopper® Cheese A$12.65
Triple Whopper® Cheese A$16.15
Ultimate Double Whopper® A$14.15
Bacon Deluxe™ A$9.65
Angry Whopper® A$10.15
Rebel Whopper® A$8.65
Rebel Whopper® Cheese A$9.65
Whopper® Junior A$7.15
Whopper® Junior Cheese A$7.65
Cheeseburger A$4.15
Double Cheeseburger A$6.65
Grill Masters Chicago Angus A$12.95
Grill Masters Smoky BBQ Angus A$12.65
Grill Masters Bacon & Cheese Angus A$12.15
Grill Masters Double Smoky BBQ Angus A$15.65
Grill Masters Double Bacon & Cheese Angus A$15.65


Grilled Chicken Bacon & Cheese A$10.65
Grilled Chicken A$8.65
Spicy Grilled Chicken A$8.65
Chicken Royale A$5.45
6 Nuggets Value Meal Medium A$11.45
6 Nuggets Value Meal Large A$12.45
12 Nuggets Value Meal Medium A$15.45
12 Nuggets Value Meal Large A$16.45
3 Nuggets & Sauces A$4.95
6 Nuggets & Sauces A$6.45
12 Nuggets & Sauces A$10.95
18 Nuggets & Sauces A$14.95

Plant-Based & Vegan

Rebel Whopper® A$8.65
Rebel Whopper® Cheese A$9.65
Vegan Whopper® Cheese A$9.65

Kids Meals

Cheeseburger Kid’s Pack A$6.95
6 Nuggets Kid’s Pack A$8.45
Hamburger Kid’s Pack A$6.95

Sides & Snacks

6 Nuggets & Sauces A$6.45
12 Nuggets & Sauces A$10.95
18 Nuggets & Sauces A$14.95
3 Nuggets & Sauces A$4.95
Thick Cut Chips A$3.45
Battered Onion Rings A$4.45
BBQ Dipping Sauce A$0.65
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce A$0.65
Spicy Dipping Sauce A$0.65
Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce A$0.65
Ketchup Packet A$0.10
Large Thick Cut Chips A$4.45

Cold Drinks

Coke® A$3.45
Coke® No Sugar A$3.45
Sprite® A$3.45
Fanta® Orange A$3.45
Mount Franklin® Spring Water A$3.45
Keri® Apple Juice A$3.95
Orange Juice A$3.95

Barista Coffee

Cappuccino A$4.95
Latte A$4.95
Flat White A$4.95
Long Black A$4.95
Hot Chocolate A$4.95
Mocha A$5.45
Chai Latte A$4.45


Sticky Date Pudding A$4.65
Storm Flake® A$4.95
Storm M&M’s® A$4.95
Storm OREO® A$4.95
Large Chocolate Sundae A$4.95
Large Strawberry Sundae A$4.95
Large Caramel Sundae A$4.95
Hungry Jack’s Menu Prices in AustraliaPin
Hungry Jack’s Menu Prices in Australia

Hungry Jack’s Menu Prices in Australia

Hungry Jack’s Menu Prices in Australia is a fast-food chain that offers a variety of burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries and milkshakes.

Hungry Jack’s Menu Prices in Australia you’ll find burgers like the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger and the Double Stack Burger, as well as chicken options like the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Hungry Jack’s also offers breakfast items like Pancakes & Bacon or Sausage & Egg McMuffin.

Hungry Jack’s has many locations throughout Australia, but most are located in New South Wales.

Hungry Jack’s Menu Prices in Australiais a fast food chain that originated in Australia, but has since spread to other countries around the world. This article will look at Hungry Jack’s menu prices in Australia and how they compare to similar chains like McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King.

There are several different ways you can order a meal at Hungry Jack’s. You can order a combo meal which includes fries and your choice of drink. The combo meals are smaller than regular meals, but they also have cheaper prices than regular meals because of this fact. If you want a largs with more fries than the combo meal does.

If you want something different than just plain chicken or burgers from Hungry Jack’s Menu Prices in Australia then there areer meal, then you can order a large meal which comes with two pieces of chicken instead of one piece like the combo meal does. The large meal also come other options available as well such as wraps or salads which come with either grilled chicken or crispy strips on them respectively plus some lettuce or carrots if you choose those options instead of fries!

If you are looking for something more filling then they have baskets full of chicken nuggets plus fries so that no matter what kind of mood you

Hungry Jack’s Menu Prices in Australia is a fast food restaurant that serves burgers, fries, onion rings, chicken nuggets and many other items. The restaurant is owned by Jack Cowin and his wife Bev. It was founded in April 1970 in Queensland, Australia.

Hungry Jack’s Menu Prices in Australia are very affordable. For example, a combo meal consisting of a burger and fries costs only $5.99. The same meal can be purchased for $4.99 if you are a Hungry Jack’s reward member. You can also get a combo meal with an extra drink for only $6.49 or $5.49 if you are a reward member. If you want to add onion rings to your combo meal at Hungry Jack’s then the price will be $6 more than what it would cost without the onion rings added onto it; however, if you have been eating at Hungry Jack’s for over five years then this cost will be waived off of your bill altogether!

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