Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea Menu Prices **April 2022**

If you’re looking for a new place to try out in Chicago, you might want to consider Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea Menu Prices. The coffee roaster and retail store chain is famous for their quality product and wide range of offerings, including coffee, espresso drinks, seasonal drinks and iced teas.

They offer a large menu with many different types of tea and coffee to choose from. You can choose between hot or cold beverages as well as several different varieties of each drink. The prices vary depending on what kind of beverage you order but all orders will be served with an accompaniment of complementary biscotti cookies and chocolate truffles.



Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea Menu Prices


Brewed Coffee $4.00
Brewed to Order $5.00

Iced Coffee

Intelligentsia Cold Coffee $4.25
Nitro Cold Coffee $5.00

Seasonal Drink

Limelight $5.00

Espresso (Black cat classic)

Espresso $3.50
Americano $3.50
Macchiato $4.00
Cappuccino $4.50
Latte $4.75
Angeleno $6.25

Chocolate (Philippines, Dovao)

Hot Chocolate $4.25
Mocha $5.25


Matcha Latte $6.75
Iced Matcha $6.00
Iced Matcha Latte $7.25


Steamed Chai $4.25
Iced Chai $4.25

Iced Tea

Iced Organic Blend 333 $3.50
Iced Yunnan Purple $3.50

Steeped to Order-Black

Yunnan Purple $3.50
Organic Earl Grey $3.50

Steeped to Order-Green

Organic Jasmine Green $3.50
Organic Emerald Spring $3.50

Steeped to Order-Oolong

Organic Iron Goddess of Mercy $3.50
Organic Spring Ruby Oolong $3.50

Steeped to Order-White

Organic White Peony $3.50

Steeped to Order-Herbal

Organic Turmeric Tonic $3.50
Organic King Crimson $3.50
Organic Blend 333 $3.50
Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea Menu PricesPin
Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea Menu Prices

Intelligentsia offers you some of the best quality coffee in the world. They also have an impressive selection of teas and other specialty drinks. You will find a wide variety of food options as well. They offer sandwiches and pastries that are made fresh daily. You can also grab something light like yogurt or fruit for breakfast or lunch at this restaurant or cafe if you prefer to eat something healthier than just a piece of cake or muffin from the bakery section at Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea locations around Chicago area suburbs such as Northbrook (North Suburbs), Oak Park (South Suburbs), Evanston (West Suburbs), River Forest (West Suburbs) etc..

If you’re not sure what type of drink you want yet then they have an extensive list of options available so you can decide what suits your taste buds best! They also offer several seasonal drinks throughout the year so you’ll always have something new to try!

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