Is Pre-Ordering the Best Way to Shorten Fast Food Service Time?

Fast food chains are termed fast food simply because people expect them to prepare, cook, and present their food at the quickest time possible. This is also the same reason why people prefer to do fast food take-outs or deliveries rather than wait in line in a sit-down restaurant.

However, due to whatever reasons, it is now taking a lot of time to have a food delivered right away and in order to solve this, fast food chains are now thinking about pre-ordering online or through mobile apps. But, the one question remains – will it really shorten a customer’s waiting time?


How Pre-Ordering Works

This method has taken the world by storm simply because it is easily accessible and easy to use. A customer can just download the app or go online, place their order and specify a time when they will pick up the order, and presto, the food items are ready to be picked up or delivered.

Benefits of Pre-Ordering

Since Starbucks has released an app in 2014, allowing a customer to place an order and pay for their coffee all without needing to fall in line, many big names in the food industry have followed suit. Taco Bell, Burger King, Wendy’s and the latest addition, Subway, have made their own apps to cater a faster service for their clients.

Due to the convenience and availability, people are drawn to using the apps because there is no need to get up, fall in line, think about what you want to eat for a very long time, then order just to wait again for your food to be ready. It is simply, a lazy person’s dream way of ordering food.

Besides being helpful to the clients, pre-ordering is also noted to be able to improve the business, help in increasing the sales, and speed up the service process. This will eventually boost the popularity of the business because word of mouth will play an integral part in the success of the business.

The Existence of the Secret Menus

Besides the exclusive coupons, promo codes, and discounts these apps offer, the fact that a customer can see almost everything about the food chain can lead to the discovery of calorie information, healthier options, and the much-coveted secret menu.

The secret menu is the stuff urban legends are made off but with the invention of the pre-ordering apps, leaving to the clients a power to customize what they want to eat. Of course, customized meals can also be asked when ordering in a store but the hassle-free promises that mobile and online sites bring makes the app an even better option for food delivery or pick-up.

Imagine inventing a new menu item, this is probably why people still try to use the apps or the sites because they see information that is usually off-limits to customers.

Take Starbucks for example, where the original Secret Menu came from. Besides being one of the most sought after drinks in coffee shop, customers begin to feel that the food chain is giving them importance because it is letting them decide. It also tries to combat the monotonous and habitual routine of getting the same coffee everyday when you can now obviously spice it up.

Secret menu and coupons are the best things that can probably happen to fast food chains and if you wish to avoid the long lines, then the apps and sites enhancement is probably the best idea for you and your lifestyle.

Dealing with the Limitations and Glitches

As the pre-ordering app is still fairly new, there are still a few setbacks that companies may need to add. There are locations that pre-ordering doesn’t cover, some apps may not be as easy as they look, the possibility of incomplete menu, glitches in the system and poor user interface are still some of the mostly complained about problems in the apps.

In conclusion, although pre-ordering is barely heard of by most people, it has already shown some potential into being a full-blown useful tool in making service and waiting time in fast food chain shorter. As it is easy to use and mostly quicker to navigate than calling up a delivery number, customers may be encouraged to use it. The only problem that can possibly arise is if the food chain can’t cope up with the demand coming from the app or site.

It is also best to look for better ways to improve the apps or the websites because this will be where the big names will get their customers from. Fast food will always mean easy and fast for clients and if the client waits, it will be a point deducted from customer service and client satisfaction.

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