Jimmy John’s Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Jimmy John’s Menu Prices is here. Man cannot live on bread alone and, thus, the sandwich was created. While it may be a tongue-in-cheek view of sandwiches, we can agree that sandwiches are the most convenient way of getting carbs, proteins, and fat as well as vitamins and minerals with every bite. Jimmy John’s prices are higher than the industry-leader Subway, however, their quality is consider to be higher as well so the price may very well be worth it.

No wonder then that sandwich-centric shops like Jimmy John’s continue to thrive even in the dog-eat-dog worldwide food industry! Sandwiches aren’t just an American staple but a worldwide staple that will endure for as long as there’s bread, meat and vegetables to make them.

8′ Sub Sandwiches
Pepe $5.50 8 in.
Big John $5.50 8 in.
Totally Tuna $5.50 8 in.
Turkey Tom $5.50 8 in.
Vito $5.50 8 in.
Vegetarian $5.50 8 in.
J.J.B.L.T $5.50 8 in.


Plain Slims
Any Sub Minus The Veggies and Sauce
Ham & Cheese $4.00 8 in.
Roast Beef $4.00 8 in.
Tuna Salad $4.00 8 in.
Turkey Breast $4.00 8 in.
Salami, Capicola, Cheese $4.00 8 in.
Double Provolone $4.00 8 in.


Giant Club Sandwiches
Twice The Meat or Cheese
Gourmet Smoked Ham Club $6.50 8 in.
Billy Club $6.50 8 in.
Italian Night Club $6.50 8 in.
Hunter’s Club $6.50 8 in.
Country Club $6.50 8 in.
Beach Club $6.50 8 in.
Gourmet Veggie Club $6.50 8 in.
Bootlegger Club $6.50 8 in.
Club Tuna $6.50 8 in.
Club Lulu $6.50 8 in.
Ultimate Porker $6.50 8 in.
Other Sub Sandwiches
The J.J. Gargantuan $8.50 8 in.
Sides & Drinks
Soft Drink $1.39 Regular
Soft Drink $1.59 Large
Dasani Water $1.25 Bottle
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.50
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie $1.50
Real Potato Chips $1.25
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle $1.25
Jimmy John's Menu PricesPin
Jimmy John’s Menu Prices
Party Platters
Mix & Match Any Sub
5 Sandwiches Platter $28.50 15 Pc.
10 Sandwiches Platter $56.00 30 Pc.
Party Subs
Party Sub $40.00 2 ft.
Party Sub $75.00 4 ft.
Party Sub $110.00 6 ft.
Party Sides
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Tray $18.00 12 Pc.
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie Tray $18.00 12 Pc.
Six Of Each Cookie Tray $18.00 12 Pc.
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle $5.00 Bucket

* DISCLAIMER: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

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