Johnny Rockets Menu With Prices **April 2023 Updated**

Johnny Rockets Menu With Prices features a number of hamburgers and sandwiches, as well as salads, fries, and desserts. The restaurant also offers a kids’ menu with smaller portions and lower prices.

Johnny Rockets Menu With Prices is a great place to start if you’re craving a burger and fries. They have everything from the classic American cheeseburger to chicken sandwiches with waffles for buns. If you’re looking for something sweet, there’s always milkshakes or ice cream sundaes.

The prices are reasonable, and you can eat in or take out!


Burgers Menu Prices

The Original $7.99
The Original Double $9.99
The Impossible Original $10.99
Bacon Cheddar $9.59
Bacon Cheddar Double $11.59
Rocket Single $8.99
Rocket Double $10.99
Smoke House $9.99
Smoke House Double $11.99
Spicy Houston $9.69
Spicy Houston Double $11.69
Route 66 $9.79
Route 66 Double $11.79
Streamliner $9.19

Sandwiches Menu Prices

Grilled Chicken Sandwich $10.79
Chicken Club Sandwich $11.99
Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich $11.99
Philly Cheese Steak $11.99
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich $8.99
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $6.89

Other Favorites Menu Prices

Chicken Tenders $10.99
Rocket Chili Dog $9.19
Rocket Dog $7.19

Salads Menu Prices

Grilled Chicken Club Salad $11.99
Crispy Chicken Club Salad $11.99

Starters & Sides Menu Prices

Fries $4.19
Tots $5.69
Onion Rings $6.69
Chili Bowl $6.69

Kids Meals Menu Prices

Kids Mini Burgers $7.69
Kids Hot Dog $7.69
Kids Chicken Tenders $7.69
Kids Grilled Chicken Strips $7.69
Kids Grilled Cheese $7.69
Kids Original Shakes $5.29
Kids Deluxe Shakes $5.49

Shakes Menu Prices

Original Shakes $6.99
Deluxe Shakes $7.19
Craig’s Vegan Vanilla Shake $10.99
Craig’s Vegan Strawberry Shake $10.99
Craig’s Vegan Chocolate Shake $10.99

Beverages Menu Prices

Sodas & More $3.49
Coffee $3.29
Iced Tea $3.29
Bottled Water $3.29
Decaf Coffee $3.29
Hot Chocolate $3.29
Hot Tea $3.29
Milk $3.29
Johnny Rockets Menu With PricesPin
Johnny Rockets Menu With Prices

Johnny Rockets Menu With Prices

Johnny Rockets Menu With Prices is a great place to start if you’re looking for some delicious, affordable food. The restaurant offers burgers, fries, and milkshakes that everyone can enjoy.

The burgers come with fresh lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, and pickles. Some of their specialty burgers include the Santa Fe Burger, California Club Burger, and Cowboy Burger. They also have a build-up burger called the “Johnny Rocket’s All American” that comes with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions and pickles plus bacon or cheese!

They offer other items on their Johnny Rockets Menu With Prices such as chicken sandwiches (which comes with fresh lettuce), chicken tenders (which comes with fresh lettuce), onion rings (which comes with fresh lettuce), cheesy fries (which come with fresh lettuce), chili cheese fries (which come with fresh lettuce), and onion rings (which come with fresh lettuce). There are also salads available at this restaurant but they don’t come with any toppings so it would be up to you what kind of dressing or toppings you want added to your salad when ordering one from this place!

In addition to all those great options listed above there are also dessert options available too! This includes ice cream sundaes which are served.

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