Jose Tejas Menu Prices Updated 2022

Part of a franchise with favourites from Tex-Mex and a colourful place for sangria and margaritas.They also serve appetisers like guacamole, pastelito and chilli con queso in Louisiana Gumbo and Cajun Popcorn and Mexican stysis. Mexican staples such as tacos, enchiladas and empanadas are other favourites on the menu.

Elwyn CEO – Border Cafe & Jose Tejas | LinkedIn. Elwyn Murray.After 34 years at Harvard Square, Border Cafe permanently shut its doors in December 2019 after a double alarm fire caused the eatery to temporarily close for construction renovations.

Jose Tejas’ most known item is its FREE unlimited chips and salsa. When I say infinitely, I mean that “just finished with your first bowl before a blazing hot one is put over a new salsa before you can blink.” Oh, and great quality. They are quite good. These chips must be made by God as the saints mix the salsa because honestly there is no other reason how they taste so divinely. Not only do you have six baskets worth sitting down (remember, that is done there), but you also have free limitless chips and salsa at the bar even while your two-week wait for your table.




Chips & Salsa




Tejas Chicken


Blackened Chicken Fingers


Louisiana Gumbo



House Salad







Blackened Salmon Tacos


Chicken Bandera


Grilled Chipotle Salmon


Blackened Salmon


Blackened Chicken


Gaucho Chicken


Corn And Black Bean Empanadas



Chicken Fajitas


Beef Fajitas


Blackened Chicken Fajitas


Half & Half Fajitas



Bean Burro Veg


Corn And Black Bean Empanadas





Black Beans


Jose’s Rice


White Rice










Chicken Fingers



Margarita Grande

32 Fl Oz – $18.00

Our Traditional House Made Sangria

32 Fl Oz – $18.00

Take Home – 4 Pack Beer


Mix ‘N Match – 4 Pack Beer



The vision statement of a restaurant looks forward and helps offer direction to the company. They convey what you intend to be and what you want to be. A clear declaration of vision allows you and your staff to focus on what is most important and welcomes creativity to help you fulfil your goal.More menus are available on our website,which you are welcome to share with your friends.keep an eye on our website for  more menus.

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