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Simple, fruity, absolutely delicious: Grandma’s summery sponge cake with peaches is a great last-minute pastry that you won’t notice how uncomplicated it is

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Such a juicy peach cake from the tray is not only perfect when things have to be done quickly. It tastes so good that your guests are guaranteed to be delighted. Although the sponge cake with peaches is from the tray, so it makes significantly more pieces than a springform recipe, there are always far too few. I speak from experience ?!

My quick peach cake from the tray is very simple. But sometimes (often) the simplest goodies are also the best. As with the similar variant with apples or the round apricot cake. Incidentally, which I also used as a guide for today’s recipe. The basis: normal batter, but refined with ground almonds and desiccated coconut. You can replace both with (additional) flour. Almonds and coconut make for a particularly fine peach sheet cake that is extremely juicy and very aromatic. I also think that coconut and lemon always taste like summer. It’s not for nothing that I recently used this combination for the pineapple Swiss roll ?

Even if it’s peak peach season, I admittedly used canned fruit for baking this time. It’s just faster. Actually, that’s what I wanted Peach Cake Tray make with fresh peaches. However, I accidentally bought white-fleshed fruits that would have looked quite pale in the photos.


This is how the peach sheet cake is particularly fine

The convenience variant is simply cut into columns. For the juicy sponge cake with peaches, freshness must first be dipped in boiling water and then skinned. Not a huge effort either. But just one step more. And if you catch fruit that is not quite ripe, the result may taste a bit bland. I mean that Peach sheet cake After baking, usually add apricot, which provides additional aroma.

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Many other recipes that can be found on the internet and in baking books contain 50 percent more sugar than mine juicy peach cake with batter. And / or a lot more butter in relation to the flour. Both are absolutely unnecessary. And the quick sponge cake with peaches is (wonderfully ?) sumptuous too. Get pleasure? Then off to the oven! Finally, I would like to recommend some of my other summer cake recipes to you: the colorful sunken fruit cake from the tray, the one with cherries and sprinkles, the Fanta cake of course and the biscuit variant for topping.

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Peach cake from the tray

Sheet cake batter with peaches

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Ready super quickly, wonderfully juicy and summery-sweet: This simple sponge cake with peaches is a last-minute recipe that inspires!

preparation20 Min.

baking time30 Min.

Quantity: 1 sheet


For evidence

  • 1 Dose Peaches 480g drained weight, or fresh
  • 60 Gram apricot jam or peach jam
  • 2 tablespoon Pistachios chopped
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  • Cover a tray (depending on the desired height at least 40 * 30 cm to 42 * 37 cm external dimensions) with baking paper. Preheat the oven to 175 degrees top and bottom heat.

  • Drain the peaches well and cut into narrow wedges. For the procedure for fresh peaches, see tip.

  • For the dough, beat the softened butter with the sugar for a few minutes until lightly frothy. Gradually stir in the eggs one by one .; Mix the flour with the almonds, coconut, baking powder and salt and stir in briefly but vigorously in several steps. In between, always add a little milk and finally lemon so that the dough falls off the spoon with difficulty.

  • Spread the dough on the baking sheet. Spread the peach wedges over the top and press in very lightly. Bake the cake for about 30 minutes. Take out of the oven and, while still hot, spread smooth, slightly warmed jam and sprinkle with pistachios.


  • If you want to use fresh peaches, depending on how lavishly the cake is to be topped, you need about 600 grams. Alternatively peel.
  • For visual reasons, yellow-fleshed peaches are better than white ones.

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