Kiwanda Café Menu Prices **April 2023 Updated**

Kiwanda Café Menu Prices is a restaurant that offers a variety of food and beverage options. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu includes a wide variety of foods such as sandwiches, salads, desserts, coffee drinks, and alcohol. Kiwanda Café also serves vegetarian meals for those who prefer not to eat meat. The prices for the items on the menu range from $4 to $13 dollars per item depending on whether it is an appetizer or main course meal.


All Day Breakfast

ROSTI BREKKY BURGER (Crispy potato rosti, fried egg, local bacon, topped with spicy hollandaise sauce, on a charcoal
Optional extras: Avo Cheek $5
SHED BENNY (V) (Two (2) free-range poached eggs served on grilled sourdough; fresh baby spinach topped with house
Optional extras: Local Bacon $4, House Southern Fried Chicken $6
AVO AND DUKKAH SMASH ON SOURDOUGH (V) Sourdough topped with avocado smash, grilled halloumi, and beetroot relish with a poached egg, dusted
with locally made dukkah.
Optional extras: Poached Egg $3, Local Bacon $4
SWEET CORN AND ZUCCHINI FRITTERS (V) (House-made sweet corn zucchini fritters (2) topped with crispy bacon, poached egg, and a side of relish.) $16.9
Maple FRENCH TOAST (V) (French toast served with house whipped maple butter and local bacon.)
Optional extras: Ice Cream $1

Lunch Menu (All Day)

Pear Salad $16.9
Thai Beef Salad $20.00
Pork Belly Nasi Goreng (gf/vo) $17.9
Calamari And Chips $16.5
Kiwanda Shakshuka $16.9

Factory Burgers And Sandwiches

The KC $22.00
Kuku $19.00
Down To Earth (VG) $18.00
Southern Fried Chicken Wrap $19.5
Steak Sandwich $22.00

Kid’s Meal / Something Light

BOWL OF FRIES (DF, VG) (Your choice of seasoned sweet potato fries or crispy potato shoestring fries served with your choice
of sauce.)
Sauces: hollandaise, aioli, house sauce or Smokey BBQ
Bowl Of Sweet Potato Fries (GF, VG) $8.00
Bowl Of Wedges (GF, VgO) $9.5
Kids Slider $10.00
Chicken And Chips $10.00


House Spirits

Smirnoff Vodka $9.5
Bundaberg Rum $9.5
Tanqueray Gin $9.5
Johnnie Walker Red $9.5
Bacardi White Rum $9.5
Makers Mark $9.5
El Jimador Tequila $9.5

Back Bar Spirits

Jack Daniels $10.5
Jameson $10.5
Belvedere Vodka $10.5
23rd St Gin / Rose Vodka / Hybrid Whiskey $10.5
Beenleigh White Rum $10.5
Beenleigh Spiced Rum $10.5
Beenleigh Dark Rum $10.5

Top Shelf Spirits

Roku Gin $12
Herradura Silver Tequila $12
Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey $12
Hibiki Harmony Whiskey $25



King Valley Prosecco 200ml $10
Woodbrook Farm Cuvee 200ml $12
Chandon Brut NV 750ml –/$70
Piper Heidsieck Cuvee Brut 750ml –/$115
Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial 750ml –/$120
Veuve Cliquot 750ml –/$140


Young Poets Pinot Grigio $9/$39
Oyster Bay Chardonnay $12/$55
Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc $12/$25


Rose Rose 200ml $12
Marquis De Pennautier Rose (France) $10/$45


Wild Oats Shiraz 187ml $12
Young Poets Cabernet Sauvignon $8/$35
Pocketwatch Pinot Noir $10/$45
Rymill The Yearling Shiraz 750ml $45


On Tap

Burleigh Brewing Mid Tide $9
Burleigh Brewing Twisted Palm $9.5
Burleigh Brewing 28 Pale Ale $9.5
Burleigh Brewing Blonde $9.5

From The Fridge

Burleigh Brewing Bighead $9
Burleigh Brewing Fig Jam $10
White Rabbit Dark Ale $10
Asahi Superdry Black $10
James Squire Zero $7.5


James Squire Orchard Crush Apple $9.5
Somersby Pear $9.5
Somersby Blackberry $9.5


Espresso Martini
Old Fashioned
Bourbon/Orange Bitters/Orange Twist
Lychee Martini
Paraiso/Apple Juice/Vodka
Kiwanda Spritz
Kiwanda Margarita
Herradura Silver/Triple Sec/Lime Juice
Amaretto Sour
Amaretto/Lemon Juice/Apple Juice/ Passionfruit
Bloody Mary
Vodka/ Tomato Juice/ Worcestershire Sauce/ Lemon/ Tabasco


Orange $5
Apple $5
Pineapple $5
Cranberry $5
Tomato $5
Kiwanda Café Menu PricesPin
Kiwanda Café Menu Prices

Kiwanda Café Menu Prices

Kiwanda Café Menu Prices is a small local restaurant in the city of [city name], where you can get great food and a pleasant atmosphere. Their menu is diverse and features a wide variety of dishes, including pasta, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and more.

They offer breakfast all day long with options such as eggs benedict and pancakes. For lunch they have sandwiches like grilled cheese or meatball sub; they also serve soups and salads made from scratch daily. For dinner they serve pasta dishes like baked ziti or fettuccini alfredo; they also have steak dinners which come with potatoes or rice pilaf. They even serve baked goods like cupcakes and cookies!

Source: Tonkin Cottage

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