Max’s of Manila Menu With Prices **April 2022**

Max’s of Manila menu with prices is a restaurant chain known for its delicious Filipino cuisine, including noodle dishes and fried chicken. Their menu includes appetizers, soups, rice, noodles, desserts, fried chicken, sides, breakfast items and beverages.

Max’s of Manila offers a wide variety of delicious dishes on their menu. The meals are affordable and they offer discounts throughout the week. The restaurant also has several locations around the country and it’s open until 2 AM every day of the week!



Max’s of Manila Menu With Prices


Lumpiang Shanghai $9.95
Fried Calamares $10.50
Max’s Teaser $11.50
Tokwa’t con Lechon $11.95

Max’s Fried Chicken

Max’s Fried Chicken – Whole $16.50
Max’s Fried Chicken – Half $10.25


Nilagang Baka Soup $12.95
Sinigang Milkfish (Tyan na Bangus) Soup $13.95
Sinigang Pork Spareribs (Baboy) Soup $12.95
Sinigang Shrimp (Hipon) Soup $12.95
Sinigang Beef Soup $12.95
Tinolang Manok Soup $11.95
Bulalo (Osso Bucco) Soup $17.95
Singang Lechon Kawali and Shrimp Soup $15.50

Side Orders

Fresh Lumpiang Ubod $8.95
Fried Lumpiang Ubod $8.95
Tossed Salad $4.95
French Fries $3.75
Arroz Caldo $9.95

Ruby’s Favorites

Kare Kare $15.95
Filipino Bistek $12.50
Crispy Pata $16.95
Dinuguan $11.95
Lechon Kawali $15.75
Inihaw na Liempo $14.50
Pork Sisig $12.50
Beef Sisig $14.95
Bicol Express $16.75
Lechon Kawali Sisig $16.25
BBQ Pork Skewers $13.25
Pinatuyong Adobo $13.50
Chicken Adobo $11.95
Chicken Sisig $12.50
Daing na Bangus $16.50
Bangus Sisig $17.50
Fish Fillet in Black Bean Sauce $13.75
Asparagus and Tofu $11.75
Chopsuey Guisado $10.75
Ensaladang Talong $8.95
Pinakbet $11.50
Ensaladang Kangkong $9.95
Laing $9.95
Sizzling Tofu $11.25
Ampalaya con Carne $10.95
Pork Binagoongan $13.25
Pork Binagoongan (Ruby’s Favorites) $13.50
Pata Tim (Holiday Special) $17.50

All Day Breakfast

Tapsilog $10.25
Bangsilog $10.50
Longsilog $9.25


Pancit Canton $10.95
Pancit Bihon $10.95
Pancit Palabok $10.75
Miki Bihon $11.95
Filipino Style Spaghetti $9.95

Combo Meals

Max’s Chicken Dinner $11.50
Max’s Platter $10.95
Max’s Fiesta Plate $10.95
Max’s Chopsuey Meal $10.50
Max’s Budget Meal $9.25
Max’s Basic Meal $7.50


Steamed Rice $3.95
Garlic Rice $4.50
Brown Rice $4.50
Crab Fried Rice $13.50
Adobo Fried Rice $13.50
Salted Fish Fried Rice $13.50


Halo Halo $6.75
Buko Pandan $5.50
Mais con Quezo $5.50
Leche Flan $4.75
Banana Lumpia with Ice Cream $6.25


Sago’t Gulaman $4.95
Mango Juice $4.75
Calamansi Juice $4.75
Pineapple Juice $4.75
Buko Coconut Juice $4.95
Pepsi $2.95
Diet Pepsi $2.95
Raspberry Iced Tea $2.95
Unsweetened Ice Tea $2.95
Mist Twist $2.95
Oranta Crush $2.95
Fruit Punch $2.95
Cofee Regular $2.95
Coffee Decaf $2.95
Green Tea $2.95
Chamomile $2.95
Orange Garden $2.95
Earl Grey $2.95
Mint $2.95
Lipton $2.95
Bottle Water $2.25
Mango Mojito $5.50
Pineapple Mojito $5.50

Party Platter

Maxs Teaser Platter $67.50
Fried Calamari Platter $75.50
Lumpia Combo Platter $98.75
Mini Lumpia Ubod Platter $108.00
Mini Lumpia Gulay Platter $108.00
Ensaladang Talong Platter $52.50
Ubod Salad Platter $69.50
Tossed Salad Bowl $45.00
Seasonal Fruit Platter $45.50
Menu A $86.25
Menu B $91.50
Menu C $101.25
Menu D $106.50
Max’s of Manila Menu With PricesPin
Max’s of Manila Menu With Prices

Max’s of Manila is a restaurant chain known for their delicious Filipino cuisine and delectable fried chicken. Offering a wide variety of dishes on their menu, the meals are affordable, with discounts throughout the week. Open daily until 2 AM and located in a vast majority of locations nationwide.

Max’s of Manila can provide your family with an amazing array of food options. Their Filipino menu includes noodle dishes, fried chicken, appetizers, soup and both cooked and uncooked rice to make sure everyone in your party finds something tasty.

Imagine this scenario: you’ve just had a great day at work and are looking forward to a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant. But, instead of being able to relax and enjoy it, you find yourself standing in line complaining about the lack of seats, the small portions or the fact that all of their best dishes are sold out! That’s why we’ve put together this article, which will provide everything you need to know about Max’s Restaurant prices.

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