McDonald’s Working on Improvements on Both Sides of The Counter

What’s up with McDonald’s? Well, one of the reasons why McDonald’s still remain as one of the top burger giants in the world is because they refuse to be contented. Yes, this fast food chain wants more and they know that better things will only happen if they constantly improve on what they can offer for the people on both sides of the counter.


Bigger Quarter Pounder

The Quarter Pounder currently weighs 4 ounces. Nobody is complaining. It’s been the same Quarter Pounder everyone has been enjoying for years. But, apparently McDonald’s management is not so satisfied. They are saying, “Why stop at 4 ounces when we can give more?” So out of the blue, they are going to make the Quarter Pounder larger. It will soon be 4.25 ounces. Why, because McDonald’s knows that their customers will love them better.

Aside from the improvement on the Quarter Pounder’s size, there will also be some changes on the way they are going to be seared and grilled and the net effect will be juicier and better tasting burgers. And along with these changes on the Quarter pounder patties, the buns will also be toasted 5 seconds longer than usual.

What will five seconds do? They probably tested and tasted the effect of the new bun on their new Quarter Pounder there at head office and as soon as they’ve proven it to be better, they find no reason in depriving the public of that extra five seconds.

The burger wars have always been about bigger and juicier and that’s the way it is. In this article’s opinion, any effort of compromising taste for a healthier burger is a losing game plan for any burger company. Burgers are for “cheat days” and on a these days, people deserve the biggest and juiciest burger.

McDonald’s Personnel will be Happier

We can expect sunnier smiles from the McDonald’s crew, as McDonald’s USA recently announced that they will effect improvements on the Employment Benefit Package for all company-owned restaurant employees. In the announcement, it was also revealed that the new package will not only include wage increases but will also include paid time-off benefits. In addition, McDonald’s will also extend the coverage of their Archways to Opportunities Education Program to all deserving part-time and full-time employees on both company-owned and franchised restaurants so they will have the opportunity to receive a grant for free high school completion and college tuition assistance.

Starting this July, the “Paid Time-Off” scheme will already be implemented for full-time and part-time employees. An employee who works for 20 hours a week for a year will accumulate 20 hours of paid time-off for the following year. And if the personnel does not use those 20 hours of paid time-off, the 20 hours will be converted to cash and will be given to that personnel.

McDonald’s Management knows that it is not only about the food. A burger is nothing but a bunch of ingredients. What makes the McDonald’s Magic is the people behind the counter and further beyond that; in the kitchen where all these patties are grilled and where every ingredient is piled to create a culinary masterpiece. The Magic also comes for the sincere and warm Hi’s and Hello’s which will be warmer and more sincere in the coming months to come.

Minions Mania in Singapore

With the global release of the “Minions Movie”, McDonald’s Singapore is having their share of fun chaos with the release of their Minions Toys promo. Every kid’s Happy Meal will be a lot happier and crazier with a Minion Toy give-away. A total of 10 Minion characters are already available and making a rampage at every Singapore McDonald’s store.

The Minion Toy Give-away has been a huge success that Singapore McDonald’s outlets are already limiting the promo to a maximum of 4 Minion Toys per transactions to accommodate the demand for these yellow critters. And for those who are so deep into the Minion Craze there are 7 Singapore McDonald’s stores that are carrying the Minion’s theme for the month.

Moreover, Singaporean McDonald’s customers have another reason to celebrate. The Spicy Nuggets are back due to popular demand. Plus, everyone is also delighted with the introduction of Banana treats on the Singaporean McDonald’s Menu.

One of the reasons why McDonalds’ has been successful throughout the years is because they were able to get the best partners for their oversea franchise; partners who are able to come up with products and innovations that fit their territories.

“There is nothing permanent except change.” For as long as McDonald’s Management is not contented and will remain on the lookout for every possible improvement and innovation in all areas of their business, the brand will remain to be a household name in all territories and we can expect better and greater things from this fast food giant.

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