MOS Burger Menu With Prices **April 2022 Updated**

MOS Burger Menu With Prices is a fast-food chain that specializes in hamburgers, hot dogs, and fried chicken. MOS Burger was founded in 1971 by Mitsuru Horie, who also owns the popular Japanese restaurant chain Mos Burger.

MOS Burger Menu With Prices features a diverse selection of burgers, including the signature Teriyaki Burger and Shrimp Burger. They also offer hot dogs, chicken fingers, fries and onion rings. To drink, you can choose from soda or beer.

The prices at MOS Burger vary by location but are generally between $3-$6 for most items on the menu. Some locations offer combo deals which include two burgers and a drink for around $8-$10.


MOS Burger Menu With Prices

Main Menu With Prices

MOS Burger $3.90
MOS Cheeseburger $4.20
Spicy MOS Burger $4.10
Spicy MOS Cheeseburger $4.40
Fish Burger $3.80
Teriyaki Burger $3.90
Teriyaki Chicken Burger $4.35
Chicken Burger $3.80
Hokkaido Croquette Burger $2.95
Ebi Rice Burger $4.30
Kakiage Rice Burger $4.30
Yakiniku Rice Burger $4.30
Tsukune Rice Burger $4.30
Natsumi Beef $3.70
Natsumi Chicken Teriyaki $4.30
Natsumi Fish $3.70
Premium Smoked Wagyu Burger $9.10
Premium Smoked Wagyu Burger with Cheese $9.40
Teriyaki Glazed Wagyu Burger $7.40
Teriyaki Glazed Wagyu Burger with cheese $7.70
Classic Impossible™ Burger $9.20
Pumpkin Mushroom Impossible™ Burger $10.15
XL Wagyu Menchikatsu Burger (Katsu) $9.90
XL Wagyu Menchikatsu Burger (Curry) $9.90
Cheezy Wagyu Burger $7.95
Hamburger $2.00
Cheeseburger $2.30
Chilli Dog $4.15
Spicy Chilli Dog $4.30
Plain Dog $3.45

Side Treats Menu With Prices

French Fries
French Fries
Butterfly Prawns
[5 pcs]
Butterfly Prawns
[15 pcs]
MOS Chicken $3.50
Green Salad $3.00
Chicken Nuggets
[5 pcs]
Chicken Nuggets
[15 pcs]
Croquette $2.35
Mussels Nuggets
[4 pcs]
Mussels Nuggets
[10 pcs]
Variety Pack $16.65

Soup Treat Menu With Prices

Corn Soup $2.90
Clam Chowder $2.90
Mushroom Soup $2.75

Dessert Treat Menu With Prices

Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream (Green Tea) $3.05
Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream (Sea Salt Caramel) $3.05

Drink Treat Menu With Prices

Drink Treat Small Medium Large
Coke Classic $2.40 $2.95 $3.25
Sprite $2.40 $2.60 $2.80
Fanta Grape $2.40 $2.60 $2.80
Coke No Sugar $2.50 $2.70 $3.00
Iced Milk Tea $2.65 $2.95 $3.25
Iced Lemon Tea $2.65 $2.95 $3.25
Iced Peach Tea $2.65 $2.95 $3.25
Drink Treat Price
Ayataka Green Tea (Non-Sugar) $2.90
Oolong Tea (Non-Sugar) $2.90
Cappuccino $3.80
Freshly Brewed Gourmet Coffee $2.80
Latte $3.80
Hot Lemon Tea $2.80
Hot Milk Tea $2.80

Breakfast Menu With Prices

French Toast Chicken Ham & Cheese $2.40
French Toast Teriyaki Chicken $2.60
French Toast Potato Salad $2.50
Morning Toast Plate $3.90
Morning Deluxe Toast Plate $4.95
Morning Croissant Plate $5.60
Chicken Ham & Omelet Burger $2.20
Egg Salad Burger $2.20
Tuna Salad Burger $2.20
Fish Burger $3.45
Hamburger $2.00
Cheese Burger $2.30
MOS Burger Menu With PricesPin
MOS Burger Menu With Prices

MOS Burger Menu With Prices

MOS Burger Menu With Prices is a Japanese fast food chain that has been around since 1973. Their menu is simple: burgers, fries, and drinks. However, the simplicity of their menu does not make it any less satisfying!

This article will provide you with detailed information about the MOS Burger Menu With Prices.

The first thing to know about MOS Burger Menu With Prices is that it offers three burgers: The Classic MOS Burger, the Teriyaki MOS Burger, and the Teriyaki Chicken MOS Burger. The Classic MOS Burger is their most popular burger because it comes with fried onions, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce on a sesame seed bun. The price for this burger is $4.50 USD.

If you are looking for something different than just a regular burger then try one of their other two choices; both come with fried onions but have different toppings as well as different sauces (Teriyaki sauce vs honey mustard sauce). Both cost $5 USD each so there is no need to worry about spending too much money on your food!

Another thing you should know about MOS Burger is that they offer some delicious french fries which can be eaten alone or paired with one.

MOS Burger Menu With Prices is a fast-food chain that specializes in burgers, fries, and shakes. It was founded in 1972 in Yokohama, Japan by Masayoshi Murakami. The first location opened in Tokyo.

MOS Burger Menu With Prices is simple; they offer a choice of hamburgers called “Burgers”, chicken sandwiches called “Chicken Sandwiches”, fries called “Fries”, and milkshakes called “Shakes”.

The burgers come with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayonnaise. You can also add cheese for a small fee. The chicken sandwiches come with lettuce and mayonnaise. The fries are regular french fries but can be made as curly fries for an additional fee.

The shakes come in chocolate and strawberry flavors and each cost ¥300 ($2).

Source: Paolo fromTOKYO

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