Peet’s Coffee Menu Prices **April 2023 Updated**

Peet’s Coffee Menu Prices is a local, family-owned coffee shop based in California. They have a very unique and delicious menu, which includes their signature drinks and other products. Their menu prices vary depending on the location of the store, but you can expect to pay around $2-$4 for most items on their menu.

Peet’s Coffee Menu Pricesis a coffee company based in the United States. Their main focus is on selling coffee and other beverages. They have been selling coffee since 1966, and they have grown to over 400 retail locations. Peet’s Coffee prices are moderate, with most items costing between $3 and $5. The most expensive item on their menu is the signature iced latte at $6.50.

The company also sells a wide range of merchandise related to coffee and other beverages. These include cups, mugs, tumblers and travel mugs as well as clothing items like t-shirts and hoodies that feature the Peet’s logo in some form or another. Prices for these items range from $10-$30 depending on what type of product you’re looking for (i.e., mug vs. hoodie).


Warm Breakfast Menu Prices

Oatmeal $3.00
Egg And Cheese Sandwich $3.75
Bacon, Spinach and Swiss Quiche $4.95
Bacon And Cheddar Sandwich $4.95
Chicken Chorizo Flatbread $4.65
Roasted Tomato Quinoa Quiche $4.95

Grab ‘N Go Menu Prices

Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Parfait $4.75
Salami & Cheese Bistro Box $5.75
Vegetarian Market Box $5.75

Baked Goods Menu Prices

Butter Croissant $3.00
Almond Croissant $3.40
Ham and Cheese Croissant $4.25
Banana Nut Bread $3.05
Lemon Poppy Bread $3.05
Blueberry Crumble Muffin $2.95
Banana Blueberry Bran Muffin $2.95
Maple Walnut Scone $3.00
Berry Cream Scone $3.00
Cranberry Walnut Scone $3.00
Iced Lemon Scone $3.00
Cinnamon Twist $3.05
Kouign Amann Tart $3.75
Nut & Grain Bar $2.95
Guittard Chocolate Brownie $2.95
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $2.50
Spicy Ginger Cookie $2.50

Cocoa & Steamers Menu Prices

Hot Cocoa $2.10
Steamed milk $1.70

Bottled Beverages Menu Prices

Nitro Cold Brew $4.95
Arrowhead Still Water $2.15
Acqua Panna Still Water $2.25
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water $1.70
Black And White Iced Espresso $2.99
Caramel Macchiato Iced Espresso $2.99
Mocha Iced Espresso $2.99
Vanilla Latte Iced Espresso $2.99

Tea Lattes Menu Prices

Golden Matcha Tea Latte $4.80
Iced Golden Matcha Latte $4.80
Golden Chai Latte $4.20
Iced Golden Chai Latte $4.20
Chai Latte $3.90
Iced Chai Latte $3.90
Matcha Green Tea Latte $3.90
Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte $3.90

Iced Tea & Iced Tea Fog Menu Prices

Iced Summer Solstice $2.25
Iced Green Tea Tropical $2.25
Iced Green Tea Lemonade $2.95
Iced Black Tea Lemonade $2.95
Iced Herbal Tea Lemonade $2.95
Wild Berry Hibiscus Iced Tea Fog $3.60
Honey Black Iced Tea Fog $3.60
Green Tea Tropical Iced Tea Fog $3.60
Matcha Iced Tea Fog $3.60

Brewed Teas Menu Prices

Organic Breakfast Tea Pouch $2.55
Jasmine Fancy Tea Pouch $2.55
Organic Early Grey Tea Pouch $2.55
Organic Mint Melange Tea Pouch $2.55
Organic Green Dragon Tea Pouch $2.55
Chamomile Citrus Tea Pouch $2.55
Green Tea Tropical Tea Pouch $2.55
Assam Golden Tip Loose Leaf $2.90
Jasmine Fancy Loose Leaf $2.90
Sencha Loose Leaf $2.90
Organic Earl Grey Loose Leaf $2.90
Organic Darjeeling Kalimpong $2.90
Masala Chai Loose Leaf $2.90
Pride Of The Port Loose Tea $2.90
Jasmine Downy Pearls Loose Leaf $2.90
Longjing Dragonwell Loose Leaf $2.90
Snow Leopard Loose Leaf $2.90
Yin Hao Jasmine Loose Leaf $2.90
Genmai Cha Loose Leaf $2.90
Chamomile Citrus Loose Leaf $2.90
Ti Kuan Yin Loose Leaf $2.90
Organic Ancient Trees Pu’er Loose Leaf $2.90

Coffee Javiva Menu Prices

Coffee Javiva $4.50
Mocha Javiva $4.00
Caramel Javiva $4.00
Chocolate & Caramel Swirl Javiva $4.50
Espresso Javiva $4.00
Chai Javiva $4.00
Matcha Green Tea Javiva $4.00
Coffee-Free Javiva $4.00

Coffee Of The Day Menu Prices

Dark Roast $2.30
Medium Roast $2.30
Decaf Dark Roast $2.30
Decaf Iced Coffee $2.80

Cafè Au Lait Menu Prices

Cafè Au Lait Dark Roast $2.90
Cafè Au Lait Medium Roast $2.90
Cafè Au Lait Decaf $2.90
Iced Cafè Au Lait $2.90
Iced Cafè Au Lait Decaf $2.90

Cold Brew Beverages Menu Prices

Golden Cold Brew Fog Latte $4.40
Baridi Cold Brew $2.80
Coconut Cold Brew Fog $4.05
Coconut Cold Brew Fog Latte $4.40

Cappuccinos Menu Prices

Iced Havana Cappuccino $4.25
Golden Cappuccino $4.55
Cappuccino $3.65
Iced Cappuccino $3.65
Traditional Cappuccino $3.30
Havana Cappuccino $4.25

Mochas Menu Prices

Caffe Mocha $4.15
Iced Caffe Mocha $4.15
White Chocolate Mocha $4.45
Iced White Chocolate Mocha $4.45

Macchiatos Menu Prices

Caramel Macchiato $4.45
Iced Caramel Macchiato $4.45
Latte Macchiato $3.65
Iced Latte Macchiato $3.65

Espresso Menu Prices

Espresso $2.25
Iced Espresso $2.25
Americano $3.15
Iced Americano $3.15
Caffe Macchiato $2.65
Caffe Con Panna $2.65

Lattes Menu Prices

Golden Cafe Latte $4.55
Iced Golden Cafe Latte $4.55
Caffe Latte $3.65
Iced Caffe Latte $3.65
Vanilla Latte $4.15
Iced Vanilla Latte $4.15
Sugar Free Vanilla Latte $4.15
Iced Sugar Free Vanilla Latte $4.15
Caramel Latte $4.15
Iced Caramel Latte $4.15

Signature Beverages Menu Prices

Havana Cappuccino $4.25
Iced Havana Cappuccino $4.25
The Black Tie $3.55
Coconut Black Tie $4.05
Original Cold Brew Fog $3.55
Cold Brew Fog Latte $3.90
Matcha Iced Tea Fog $3.60
Iced Wild Berry Hibiscus $2.25
Honey Black Iced Tea Fog $3.60
Coffee Javiva $4.50
Mocha Javiva $4.50
Matcha Green Tea Javiva $4.50
Coffee Free Vanilla Javiva $4.50
Peet’s Coffee Menu Prices Pin
Peet’s Coffee Menu Prices

Peet’s Coffee Menu Prices

Peet’s Coffee Menu Prices is a company that has been in business since 1966. The company has grown to be one of the largest coffee providers in the world, with over 200 locations and over 100 employees. They offer a wide variety of products, including specialty drinks, pastries, and sandwiches.

One thing that makes Peet’s stand out from other coffee companies is their commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Many of their stores are powered by solar energy and they use biodegradable cups made from recycled paper pulp. They also offer reusable cups for customers who want to help support this initiative.

Peet’s Coffee Menu Prices includes everything from lattes and cappuccinos to hot chocolate drinks like mochas and hot chocolate with whipped cream on top! There are also many different types of tea available such as chamomile or peppermint tea served hot or cold depending on whether you prefer warm weather or cold temperatures outside!

With so many different kinds of coffees and teas, it can be hard to choose what you want. We’ve got a few suggestions that we think might help!

We’ll start with the most popular order: the Americano. This is a classic drink that’s been around for years, but it’s still one of our favorites. It’s made with espresso and hot water, so it has a stronger flavor than other drinks. It’s also great for people who like their coffee black, but don’t have time to wait for an espresso machine to brew them a cup.

The next most popular drink is the latte—it’s also very popular because it tends to be less expensive than other options on Peet’s Coffee Menu Prices! It’s made with steamed milk, espresso, and foam (or foam substitute), which makes this drink taste rich and creamy without being too sweet or heavy on your stomach. This is one of our go-to drinks when we want something light enough not to weigh us down while we’re on the go but still indulgent enough that it feels like a treat!

Last but certainly not least are hot chocolate drinks! If you’re feeling chilly out there in wintertime, these are definitely worth trying out—they’ll warm.

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